Sunday, October 2, 2016

NFL Week 4 Discussion Thread, September 29, 2016-October 3, 2016

All NFL Week 4 Discussion Welcome Here!

October 2, 2016 leave 126-days until the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017.

*Next week, 119-days until the Super Bowl.  Look for CBS's tribute next week to '119', the 'all seeing eye' network.

Below, quick observations for the games (not predictions).

COLTS & JAGS IN UK- The last three years, the Jaguars have been blown out in Week 3, and lost often in Week 4.  The Colts and Jags met 13-13 in overtime last year, the Week Luck didn't suit up.  Two years ago, the Colts blew out the Jaguars.  That was the season ending in Deflate Gate.

TITANS @ TEXANS- The old Houston team vs the new Houston team, minus JJ Watt, 126-days before the championship.  The AFC South could be 1-3 and 3-1 by days end, all four teams.

BROWNS @ REDSKINS- 'Ohio' in 'President' land.  Obama has a '13' connection.  Will both teams be 1-3 by day's end?  RG3 will be back in Washington as well.

SEAHAWKS @ JETS- Pete Carroll, coach of the Seahawks, first coached in the NFL with the Jets in '94.  He is looking for his 96th win all-time.  Will he get it with the Jets, who employed Rex Ryan for 96-games?

BILLS @ PATRIOTS- This will be the '112th' game all-time between the Pats and Bills.

PANTHERS @ FALCONS- If the Panthers fall, they'll be 1-3, something like '13', a number connecting to '41', the Super Bowl number.  Of course last year they represented the NFC in the Super Bowl.  At the same time, the Panthers will be trying to earn their 18th win all-time against the Falcons in the regular season, 18-weeks before the Super Bowl.  "18", the number that got them in Super Bowl 50...

RAIDERS @ RAVENS- In the regular season, the Ravens have wont 6, the Raiders 2.

LIONS @ BEARS- If the Lions lose, they will have lost for the 97th time all-time in the regular season to the Bears.  This is the 97th season of the NFL.

BRONCOS @ BUCCANEERS- The Broncos lead the series 6-2 in the regular season.  If the Bucs fall to 1-3 at home against the Broncos, remember that '13' connects to '41', the Super Bowl number, which the Broncos have been riding.

RAMS @ CARDINALS- The Rams and Cardinals are tied at 37-37-2 in the regular season heading into today's game.

SAINTS @ CHARGERS- When the Saints win this game, both teams will be 1-3, a lot like 13.  The tribute will be to Drew Brees, the former QB of the Chargers.  San Diego leads the series 7-4.  San Diego = 74

COWBOYS @ 49ERS- 49ers lead the series 15-11-1.  Can the 49ers get #16 for 2016?

CHIEFS @ STEELERS- This will be the 31st game all-time between the two teams.  Steelers = 31  This game also comes 84-days after #84's birthday in the Steelers 84th season.  United States of America = 84  I expect big things from Brown today.

DOLPHINS @ BENGALS- This game was a Saturn ritual for Andy Dalton and the Bengals won as predicted, by the numbers.  See my TNF Preview and Review.


GIANTS @ VIKINGS- The Giants trail the Series with 10 wins and 14 losses.  That means their next win will be their 11th.  Again, New York is the 11th State.  At the same time, Minnesota is looking for win #15 all-time.  Minnesota = 38; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38; Fifteen = 38

I'll put something together for MNF and probably SNF too.