Thursday, October 10, 2019

33 87 | Jacob Lemay, the 9-year-old transgender boy at CNN's LGBQT Town Hall, October 10, 2019

Jacob Lemay introduced himself as a 9-year-old transgender.  *Jacob became Israel

The Democratic Party = 87
Federal = 33 
Order Out of Chaos = 183
Scottish Rite = 57

The crowd went wild when he introduced himself as a 9-year-old transgender.



    November 3rd (11/3)
    2018(11) 10:17(9)
    Remember 117 from Cobain article
    117 popping up alot

  2. Deliberately confusing little kids about their gender. That's probably the most evil thing I've ever seen anybody do.

    1. It is horrible! It's as bad as baptising a child into a cult before the child can.... The fact that "they" block natural hormones to later introduce the opposite hormones while blocking the natural hormones is Criminal and ABUSE. Even my "Liberal" thinking associates see that!

    2. The picture above is creepy too. Other than the "Woman in Red" standing beside the Child, the others in the back ground all look like predators.

    3. I know and the hormones are screwing them up. His parents said he "came out" when he was 2 1/2.. Like a baby would know if he's trans or not! Down right demonic.

  3. "Clinton" = 87 (English Ordinal)
    "Clinton" = 33 (Full Reduction)

  4. So sad......
    Creepy, stupid, freaky-er than most anything.

  5. Meanwhile ,women are topless at public pools in Russia and most of europe/ at beaches. No one sexualizes it to the children. It's just the human body. But here we sexualize "everything.

  6. The insanity will continue until the Normies decide they've had enough.
    If you want to take the wind out of the Left's sails, do what THEY have done to normal, traditional culture for years: MOCK THEIR ICONS. Ridicule them. Look up 'Critical Theory'. It's straight from the Marxist 'Frankfurt School.' Criticize everything they hold dear.
    They say "Love is love!" you reply "Gay buttsex is not 'love', you pervert!"
    Insist that the belief in anything OTHER THAN two genders is "mental illness"

    Whoever has the strongest frame will prevail.

  7. The Nephilion agenda,see video it's a mad,mad,mad world video on scratch my head productions on YouTube.It tells and shows it all of children being manipulated in being girl or boy and a whole lot more!

  8. Sexual Innuendo Hidden In Anagram?
    > "Lemay" ~ "Lay Me"

    Death Annivesary Ritual for USAF General Curtis Emerson LeMay?
    > Gen. Curtis LeMay died 10/1/1990
    > 9 year old "Jacob Lemay" appears on CNN, 9 days after the anniversary of Curtis LeMay's death.

    Jacob's Ladder Reference?
    > "Jacob's Ladder" has both biblical and nautical (therefor military) significance.
    > The phrase in Hebrew is "Sulam Yaakov"

    JACOB LEMAY = 33

    Jacob's Ladder in the biblical sense is the ladder to heaven from Jacob's dream. Heaven, like The Air or "Space", the domain of the Air Force.

    Consider the Nature of the Mayfly?
    The Mayfly is the only insect where a winged form undergoes a further moult. This 'extra' stage of development is called the "Subimago"; a word which has 2-cipher overlap with "Jacob Lemay"

    SUBIMAGO = 87 33
    JACOB LEMAY = 87 33

    The Transgender Agenda Against Children is either attempting to extend the definition of adolescence to include younger children, or it is attempting to partition the "CHILD" stage of development in to a newly defined stage of adolescence, which includes exploration of sexuality previously reserved for quite a bit later in a person's development.


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