Wednesday, October 16, 2019

52 110 133 | Zach Brown, #52, released by Philadelphia Eagles, after game at Minnesota, October 13, 2019

#52, of the Philadelphia Eagles, was released after playing at the Minnesota Vikings, where the Eagles won Super Bowl 52...

The NFL is this big of a JOKE.


  1. Can't wait till he gets back into writing music. His shit is fire!

  2. Dies that help as a sacrifice for dallas game? Another team with star in logo, like pats/Cowboys helmet logo

  3. Eagles prevented Minnesota from reaching super bowl 52
    The Vikings won the previous week on #14 diggs miracle

    If the Vikings were to win in Miami they would go to 1-4
    In Super Bowls
    Their QB #8 cousins was a redskin
    The skins lost Super Bowl 7 and Vikings Super Bowl 8
    To Miami Dolphins
    87 Gronk retired but is rumored to comeback week 14
    Super Bowl =41
    Season started on 9/8
    Brady lost a Super Bowl to #9 foles
    Could he lose to #8 cousins ? A rival from MSU

    These Jews have scripts and history for all teams

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