Friday, January 30, 2015

82 322 | Tiger Woods Foreshadows Seahawks Loss In Super Bowl +So Does Mickelson

So Tiger Woods shows up beaten on the streets and missing a tooth.  Then next thing you know, he is entering a tournament he hasn't played since 2001, but with his tooth back in place.  In no time flat, he is shooting the worst round of his career, in a curious 322 tournaments.  The number of his worst score?  A number having much to do with 'Seattle'.
  • Seattle = 19+5+1+20+20+12+5 = 82
  • Tiger Woods Shot an 82, or 11-over
It was the 'Waste Management' open.  The Gematria of 'Waste Management' has much to do with football.
  • Waste = 5+1+1+2+5+ 14
  • Management = 4+1+5+1+7+5+4+5+5+2 = 39
  • Waste Management = 53
  • NFL 53-Man Roster
Mickelson shooting '76 also seems like a little tribute to the Seahawks, who joined the NFL for the '76 season.
  • Mickelson = 4+9+3+11+5+3+1+6+5 = 47
  • Seattle is on the 47th Parallel
  • Seahawks established '74
  • Seahawks joined NFL '76
Unfortunately for the Seahawks, all these tributes are negative.

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