Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seahawks Super Bowl 49 Media Day Curiosities, Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson

First, Earl Thomas seemed out of place, and went on a rant how he cared more about high school football than winning Super Bowls.  What?  On Super Bowl media day?  Did someone tell Earl Thomas the game is rigged or what?  In the past I have heard athletes makes curious, similar remarks, hinting that something is amiss in pro sports...

I mean... how can Earl Thomas be thinking about how much more he cares for high school football than the Super Bowl which is just days away?

Second, Russell Wilson, went into an immediate sales pitch, using an "Amazon Selfie Stick", "out of Seattle", to promote the product.  He also made more consumer pitches for other products in the time he was up there.

Russell Wilson has been brimming with bullshit since he showed up to Seattle.  Let us not forget this kid went to college in Wisconsin, where the Seahawks parent team is located, the Green Bay Packers.

If you really pay attention to what these guys say... much is given away.

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