Friday, February 27, 2015

114 322 | The 322 Page Net Neutrality Bill, and Its Passing on February 26, 2015

The 114th Congress has helped pass 'Net Neutrality', exactly 114 days after the Congress was voted on, November 4, or 11/4/14.  This is also a span of 3 months and 22 days.  Making matters more interesting, the bill is 322 pages long.  Are we to think Bonesmen didn't have anything to do with this?  The numbers 114 and 322 have a lot to do with destruction, and something tells me net neutrality will be destructive for many.
  • Bonesmen = 2+6+5+5+1+4+5+5 = 33
  • Alumni of Yales Skull and Bones, 322, are "Bonesmen"
With this bill, the United States Government has gained more control over the internet, meaning in the near future, I would expect more people being prosecuted for internet crimes and more laws being made so that more "internet criminals" will exist for prosecution.  How long will all this take?  Time will tell.  The internet is now considered a public utility.

Let us close by looking at the English Gematria of 'Net Neutrality', and the mirrored date of February 26 on the calendar, which happens to be November 4.

Notice how 'Net Neutrality' sums to 1104, much like the date 11/04.

Also notice how February 26 and November 4 are reflections of each other.

  • Scottish Rite = 1+3+6+2+2+9+1+8+9+9+2+5 = 57
  • Jews = 10+5+23+19 = 57

Last, let us examine 'internet' Gematria.
  • Internet = 9+14+20+5+18+14+5+20 = 105
  • Internet = 9+5+2+5+9+5+5+2 = 42
  • TV = 20+22 = 42
    • Blood Moon = 42/105
    • Equinox = 42/105


  1. Hey Zach. I think this Net Neutrality thing is really gonna hurt people like us down the road. BUT I just wanted to point out that Congress didn't have a say in this one. The FCC wrote/passed the new rules, and its not the 114th FCC ;)

    No worries. We all know ur not trying to mislead. There's an over whelming amount of info out there, and you are doing a great job breaking it all down!

  2. On Christmas Day The Golden Gate Bridge turns 1104 lunar sidereal months old. Just so happens to coincide with a solar eclipse.

  3. On January 7th 2020 Amazon turns 1331 weeks old which is 1776 days after the February 26th, 2015 when the FCC ruled in favor of Net Neutrality


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