Monday, February 23, 2015

47 Days | My Own Life, and Pondering the Way Things Work

Hold on, I'm sweeping up my teeth.  I just got this idea that possibly I was robbed on November 15, because God wanted to punish me for what I did on September 29 (a much lesser offense than what happened on November 15, by an immeasurable amount... at least in my opinion).  When I plugged it in the two dates to the day calculator, my jaw hit the floor.

I've noticed the numbers 47 and 74 have been quite significant in my life...  That span of one month and seventeen days is also interesting, I was born at 7:11 or 19:11.

I'll probably never forget this, or what happened on either of these two dates.

Life is strange.


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  2. Definitely a message. Did you see my comment I posted on one of your video's. Sidebar. I was going to order a total gym1100 from finger hut and I was filling in the info and the numbers made me pause. Page 69 item # x6392. I am waiting on an answer from God to tell me exactly what he means. Satanic is the author of confusion so I know it's a message but from who? And what? My thoughts go to slave=debt but I usually get more than thoughts

  3. Well, this is whole money/consumer system is the plan of Satan I'm quite certain... consumer products are full of Occult Numerology... a tough one to get around in this world.


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