Sunday, May 31, 2015

26 33 62 | Utu, The Sun, the Masons and the Calendar

A fellow truth seeker tipped me off to this knowledge the other day, saying the band 'U2' derived their name from Utu, the Sun God.
  • Sun God = 1+3+5+7+6+4 = 26
  • God = 7+15+4 = 26
  • Utu = 21+20+21 = 62
Notice that Utu also goes by the name 'Shamash'.  This name has a Gematria of '33', as well as 24 and 42.
  • Shamash = 1+8+1+4+1+1+8 = 24/33/42
  • The Sun = 2+8+5+1+3+5 = 24/33
These numbers being coded; 26, 33, 62; trace directly to the Masons, who might have stolen this knowledge from another party once upon a time.  Notice that on the current calendar, March 3 is the 62nd day of the year.
  • Mason = 4+1+1+6+5 = 17/26
  • Mason = 13+1+19+15+14 = 62

Some say that all things trace back to 'Sun Worship'.



    seen this yet?

    1. Thank you 45nut, I just made a blog post on what stood out to me the most. I wish I had more time, I would make a point to read all of his books.

  2. Yes it seems as though Masons have hijacked knowledge from the ancients, especially sun worship. There were stellar and lunar cults to(lunatics) but they are always throwing the light at us. Sacred knowledge in the wrong hands.

  3. Who's the bull god? El is, wiki it. El is also Marduk, who is Satan. El is Cronus, Cronus is Saturn. Saturn is the Black Sun. That's why in Nazi Germany, they had a black sun in the middle of the SS castle floor. It all goes back to the same thing every time. It's all about Saturn. That's why the Masons and the Jews go to a TEMP - EL, to worship the TIME - GOD, or the serpent, etc.


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