Saturday, May 30, 2015

33 93 96 | Evan Almighty's September 22nd Warning

  • Evan = 5+4+1+5 = 15/33
  • Almighty = 1+3+4+9+7+8+2+7 = 41
  • Evan Almighty = 56/74
In the film Evan Almighty, the date of September 22 plays much significance.  In recent times, there is much speculation about the dates of September 22 and September 23 in 2015.  Notice that this film released on June 22, or 6/22, a number of curiosity.  From June 22 to September 22 is a span of 93 days if you include the end date; or from June 22 to September 23 is a span of 93-days with traditional counting.  It should be noted that September 22 falls on a Tuesday, a date of tragedy often.

One last point, the date 6/22, has some resemblance to September 23, the 266th day of the year, the same day the 266th Pope is visiting.


  1. And September twenty three is 266 in simple Gematria.

    Mr.Cati's channel on YT is almost exclusively dedicated to exposing the huge, disastrous, hoax planned for the Sept 21 - Sept 28 period.

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    3. His videos are interesting to those with a more conspiratorial mindset. I've seen most of his videos lately. I don't know enough about him to say he's dead on or a complete shill. I cannot see things in his "code" nor do I care to. He does speak highly of a "9Nania" chick who I think is a paranoid nut job.

      I stumbled on FTFT through the Hellwarz news channel. Can't listen to that guy for very long either.

      Sometimes I think Zach goes a bit too far with some of his rants but I have utmost respect for his work.

  2. According to Gematrix....September twenty three does equal 266. Sept 23 is the 266th day of the year with 99 left - flipped 66. And its Yom Kippur as you have noted. Plus the final blood moon of the Tetrad. Also the Fall equinox. The Pope will be in the DC, NYC, Philly area at that time as well.

    Mr.Cati may very well be a Shill. He is on the unofficial Shill list that floats around (you are not on it). I wasn't recommending his channel, but more wanted you to investigate as his last dozen videos have all had the same conclusion....All pointing to Sept 23/24 for something epic to happen.

    F2FT is rising to the top. Keep up the great momentum - your vids & blog posts have been of the highest quality. We all really appreciate all the time & effort you're putting in.

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