Friday, August 11, 2017

113 | Divorce and Infidelity gematria +Programming the masses through Hollywood couples

This headline made me want to point out something that I don't think I have before.

Divorce = 113
Infidelity = 113 *58

Dishonest = 113; Mainstream = 113

Technically it is dishonest to get divorced, because it isn't following through on a promise.

Divorce is also very mainstream, more common than not.  Think about it...  think about it...

Everyone lies to themselves about everything, almost.  That's why almost every is a truth denier, from 9/11 to everything else.  The root of the mainstream world, is the lie.  Lie = 26; God = 26

"Our collective hearts were broken".  Doesn't it make you sick how the sheep live through celebrities?  From day one, my attitude has always been, "I couldn't care less" about celebrity related news.

I personally don't recognize either of their faces, but I do see the 'Hollywood couple'.  Chris Pratt?  Anna Faris?

Hollywood = 33
Wedding = 33
Marry = 33

It's all programming.  Imagine if you were born in a world where there was no concept of marriage, just community and care taking.