Saturday, August 12, 2017

If anyone wants to help promote the work ...

I've been hoping someone would start turning my blog posts into videos since I don't have the time right now.  If anyone wants to do so, I'll be grateful.

And please, if you do, hit the home runs early and often.

What I mean by that is this...

Derek, while I love him for gematrinator, makes these long videos, connecting all the numbers of the gematrinator calculator, while often skipping over the meat of the story.  He recently put out a 30+ minute video on the deaths of Daulton and Baylor, and didn't nail the points for either of their deaths that he should of.

For Baylor, it was that he died 79-days before the start of the World Series, when he was the '79 MVP.  For Daulton, it was that he has a book about numerology, and wore the #10, and died at 55, a span of 79-days from the World Series.

Make sure when you present the information, you present what is most logical and easily understood.  Most people are not good with numbers, don't like numbers, and become overwhelmed easy.  So stick to what is easiest to grasp.  And remember if you show too many ciphers, people will say you're just cherry picking.  That was the criticism I got from almost everyone when I used just TWO CIPHERS, reduction and ordinal.