Tuesday, December 26, 2017

33 | 33-year-old 'Swedish' journalist who was about to "expose George Soros" found dead (bullshit reporting for sheep in the truth community)


33-year-old Bechir Rabani, who was Swedish, eh?  Swedish = 33

Notice the reporting, clearly written by an Alex Jones follower.  Alex Jones = 33

"George Soros"
"Muslim invaders"
"minority rule"

As I always say, when I hear someone start blaming things on George Soros, I know they're an idiot.  George Soros is responsible for zero of the world's problems.  He is nothing more than another media puppet and personality, that in recent years, has become the target of Alex Jones and the legions of retards who follow him.

And yes, I've seen the headlines of George Soros funding Black Lives Matter to the tune of $33-million.  Headlines like that only prove my point.  Black Lives = 33

The people who run this world, their names aren't out there.

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