Thursday, December 28, 2017

98 | Tom Benson, owner of Saints, hospitalized October 29, 2017, 98-days before Super Bowl 52

This happened October 29, 2017, 98-days before Super Bowl 52.

*Super Bowl 52 concludes the 98th season of the NFL.

It reminds of how Dan Rooney of the Steelers died 98-days before his 85th birthday this past offseason.

Recall, I said at the beginning of the season, look for the Saints to have a special year because they had the 98 connection, as well as the "flood" narrative from years past, where they won Super Bowl 44 not long after Katrina.

2/4/2018 = 2+4+20+18 = 44 (Super Bowl falls on 44 date this year, again)

He was hospitalized 109-days after his 90th birthday (span of 110-days).

109, the 29th prime; Football = 29

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