Tuesday, December 26, 2017

14 30 32 38 113 163 | Rockets win streak ending at 14-games, December 20, 2017 +113th World Series and 72nd NBA Finals

End = 5+5+4 = 14

This streak ended December 20, 2017.

12/20 = 12+20 = 32 (Houston = 32 (RR))

Remember the retards in the comments saying there was no evidence of things ending at 14?

Think about how many examples there have been just since that latest failure from the trolls.

The streak ended a span of 163-days before the start of the NBA Finals.

163, the 38th prime

That was the 30th game of the season for the Rockets.

113, the 30th prime

Houston had just defeated LA in the 113th World Series.

Beards = 113

The World Series was full of beards, and Harden of the Rockets has the biggest one in the NBA.

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