Friday, May 31, 2019

32 59 136 277 | DeWayne Craddock named as suspect in Virginia Beach shooting, May 31, 2019

Of course, in the year of the 400-years of slavery prophecy coming true, in Virginia, the mass shooting is blamed on a black man.

Notice the name Craddock sums to 59.

He is said to be a 'public utilities worker'.

Don't forget the Justin Fairfax 59 riddle:

Or the Virginia Governor, blackface, 59 riddle:

Or the Virginia AG, Kurtis Blow, blackface 59 riddle:

That's the shortlist.

The name DeWayne Craddock connects to the location as well.

136, the 16th triangular number
Virginia = 53 (16th prime number)
*Recall when Virginia became the first #1 to lose to a #16 --- that was the 136th match between a #1 and a #16 in March Madness, and it was played on the 16th of March

I should note, the name DeWayne also equates to negro.

And if this doesn't say drill, I don't know what does...


  1. Mental Illness = 47
    Roles Reversed = 66
    Outcry = 33
    Gun = 29 & 42
    Racial = 44
    Slavery = 42
    Biblical Laws = 42
    Dark Skin = 33 & 57

  2. I haven't viewed the news footage of this, but I'm pretty sure that he's going to be called every negative name in the book, as opposed to how a white shooter is coddled up as usual.


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