Thursday, May 23, 2019

39 42 107 118 142 223 | Tornado slams Missouri late, May 22, 2019 +Day after St. Louis Blues make it to Stanley Cup Finals

This tornado hit on May 22, the 142nd day of the year, leaving 223-days remaining.

NATURAL DISASTER = 223 (HAARP and 223...)

Read about HAARP and 223 here:

Missouri = 42; Forty-two = 142 

Golden City, MO got the worst of the storm.

Missouri is in the area of the country known as 'Tornado Alley'.

Keep in mind the St. Louis Blues, of Missouri, just made it to the Stanley Cup.  As we know, the narrative of tragedy and triumph in sports is a common one.

Keep in mind this is the Blues 42nd year in the playoffs...

Storm = 22 / 85
113.  Scottish = 113

Notice how Jefferson City, Missouri connects to 'earthquake'.

Read about Jose Canseco and the 1989 World Series earthquake:

This incident came 118-days before the Governor's birthday.

Recall the November 8, or 11/8 fires, in Paradise and Los Angeles:


  1. More earthquake references. Preparing us to think earthquakes are normal, just another daily thing to expect.

  2. I'm a patron sub. How do I get my free copy of letters and numbers book?

  3. Bruins captain Zdeno Chara is 42 years old.
    Former Blues captain David Backes now wears #42 for Bruins.
    Somebody be winning this series 4-2

  4. The Rams left, so the Blues make up for financial loss with post season


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