Wednesday, February 15, 2017

46 51 98 118 | Tom Brady and Patriots, a Gematria Match in Heaven +Reverse Ordinal Gematria Revelation

Notice what a match Tom Brady is with New England.

Remember, it was January 18, 2017, Carl Cheffers, #51, was named as the head referee for Super 51.  That date, January 18, or 1/18.

Georg Herbert Walker Bush, #41, did the opening coin toss for Super Bowl 51.

The Patriots would go on to win Super Bowl 51, in their franchise's 51st playoff game, in Tom Brady's 51st career game winning drive, again, with the head ref, #51.

Notice Tom Brady was the 199th pick out of Michigan in 2000, a year before he would steal the attention of the league in the ongoing scripted Patriots narrative.

He just won Super Bowl 51 by the numbers, achieving something no other QB has.

The Patriots won in Houston in Super Bowl 38 as well.