Saturday, March 25, 2017

33 39 74 79 134 | Oregon advances to Final Four for first time since 1939, with 74-points +Oregon vs Kansas Oregon Trail salute? +74-days from Dana Altman's birthday

Again, Oregon is the only state in Simple English Gematria, that sums to 74.

Also, Oregon is the 33rd State, and this was their 33rd win of the season.

In 1939, the Oregon Webfoots (now Ducks) won the men's tournament, 46-33, a sum of 79-points.  This is the first time Oregon has returned to the Final 4 since 1939.  We're seeing a lot of 39 symbolism right now.

The April 3 championship is 74-days before Oregon's coach's 59th birthday.

*This game was on the 84th day of the year, and his birthday is a span of 84-days from the game.

As for his birth year of '58...

Last points, I think the final score of 74-60, is a tribute to the Oregon Trail, which began on the border of Kansas.  74+60 = 134 = Oregon Trail

Oregon = 74; Trail = 60 (Kansas lost with 60)

Also, Phil Knight is 79-years-old, and this is the 79th men's tournament.  Phil Knight is credited with the gains to the University of Oregon athletics program.  He is the former head of Nike.

Knight = 33 (Oregon, 33rd State)