Friday, March 3, 2017

Miracle on the Hudson was destined for Seattle? +Sully (film) and March 11, 2017 +Tom Hanks and Seattle

The speculation is that Seattle might be the next false flag destination on March 11, 2017.

The film about the Miracle on the Hudson came out on the day that leaves 113-days left in the year, September 9.

September 9 is the day that leaves 113-days left in the year.

Chief Seattle = 113; Belltown = 113 (Reverse); March 11, or 11/3

The date of release also connects to the date of the incident, January 15, 2009.

1/15/2009 = 1+15+20+09 = 45 (Trump the 45th President)

Notice the film was released on 9/9, or September 9.

The date of release had a numerology of '54', a reflection of '45'.

9/9/2016 = 9+9+20+16 = 54

From the release of that film, September 9, 2016, to March 11, 2017, is a span of 184-days, which reminds of the 184 meter tall Space Needle.

It is Tom Hanks who stars in Sully.  He also starred in Sleepless in Seattle.

Notice 'Hanks' and 'Sully' sum to 17, like the year we're in, 2017.

The film Sleepless in Seattle released June 25, 1993, the anniversary of George Orwell's birthday.  The year '93 always pops too.