Saturday, April 22, 2017

33 113 187 | Saint George of Lydda, Christian martyr, dead April 23, 303, the 113th day of the year

So, Saint George of Lydda died in 303 AD, on April 23, what on our calendar is the 113th day of the year.  He is the ultimate example of a Christian.  Golden Rule = 113 (Ordinal)

He was born in present day Syria.

4/23/303 = 4+23+(3+0+3) = 33 (CC, 33)

Notice his name Gematria.  He is celebrated by the Catholic Church?  What about the Jesuits and the Society of Jesus?

Notice the '187'.

Also, I noticed this by chance...

July 21?

Want to know something funny I found out about my house, #6, on 232nd Pl... it's exactly 74-feet-long, in Bothell.  Bothell = 74

I didn't know 'Gematria' until I moved here, and only after meeting a girl who I first met on July 4.