Monday, April 10, 2017

33 42 47 61 74 93 | NASA announces 'Cassini's Grand Finale' mission to Saturn, April 7, 2017 +Saturn the Keeper of Time

Notice this article was written on April 7, or 7/4.

The date can also be written 4/7, and 'Saturn' is the keeper of 'time'.

The name 'Saturn', as well as 'Freemason', has a connection to '74'.

Read about '42' and space here:

Here's the connect between '42' and '74'.

The moon landing came in the time of 'Cancer', in '69, the astrological symbol for Cancer.

Keep in mind that 'Saturn' is the keeper of 'time' and Saturn has much to do with death, judgment and conclusion.  Here is the story of the conclusion of Cassini.

This is real?  Nice shadow.  I feel like they made this in Microsoft Paint.

Is the mocking this thick?  Or am I just a foolish asshole?

Remember, Saturn is the keeper of time to the Occult.

They tell us the sun is 93 million miles away.

ALSO, that word 'backlit'...

Go back and check the headline...

It really did?

July 19 can be written 19/7.

197, the 45th prime
'45', the sum of the magic square of Saturn...


7/19/13 = 7+19+13 = 39

What a perfect day to see Phoebe!

6/23/04 = 6+23+04 = 33


Saturn, the end, destruction... these people.


The destruction date is September 15, 2017.

9/15/2017 = 9+15+20+17 = 61 (Time)

Read about '61' and Christianity:

That date can also be written 15/9, something like '159'.

42 Generations to Jesus.

Christianity = 930

Christianity = 74

Christian = 47

From the April 7 news story to September 15 is 161-days, something like 1.61, the Golden Ratio, related to the Fibonacci Sequence and the mathematics of God.