Thursday, April 20, 2017

61 88 110 187 420 | Marijuana, '420', Heil Hitler & the Jewish State, Israel +Israel decriminalizes marijuana

It's funny to think that April 20, the Marijuana holiday, is also Hitler's birthday, a man remembered by the number '88'.  That's because of Heil Hitler, or HH.  H = 8, thus HH = 88

Also crucial, Hitler is the 'Jewish' enemy.

His existence is the historical reason for the Exodus of Jewish people from Europe for Israel.

ALSO, for good measure, let us never forget the synch with Hitler's birthday being on April 20, the 110th day of the year.

In modern U.S. history, the two biggest boogie men are Adolf and Osama.

Osama knocked down the 110 story World Trade Centers.

The Rockefeller family is responsible for the construction of the WTCs.  Notice how their name connects.

Remember the 187 name connection as well.

To bring this back to Hitler, let us examine the publishing date of Mein Kampf.

July 18 is written 18/7 in most parts of the world.

Read about 187 and the United States of America here:

So what's the link between Adolf Hitler and the World Trade Centers?

Adolf Hitler is blamed for a war that resulted in Jewish people leaving Europe to create a nation state in a part of the world they did not belong.  The WTCs came down and their demise was blamed for a man in a cave that led to more wars in the same region of the world Israel now exists. Remember, citizens from Israel were arrested in New Jersey and sent back to Israel for filming and documenting 9/11 because they had foreknowledge.

In other words planned agenda (lies) are being used for Zionist gain.

The numbers further prove the obvious lies.

Notice Hitler's birthday, on the 110th day of the year, April 20, 1889.

4/20/89 = 4+20+89 = 113

As for today, April 20, 2017, we'll see what the headlines bring.

4/20/2017 = 4+20+20+17 = 61

There's a lot of 61 in Christianity...

Jesus, Cross, Christmas, Church, John, and more...

Mein Kampf, Christian, and Osama bin Laden also share the '47' Gematria.

All of these things and more are part of the same agenda, world domination through deceit.

Remember, Israel was created in '47, on the 333rd day of the year.