Sunday, May 14, 2017

35 38 47 106 137 153 213 | Coach Mike Brown's March 5 birthday, and the NBA Finals Game 7 being on June 18, 2017, Father's Day, 35-days after Mother's Day, 106-days from Mike Brown's birthday

Let us begin with 'Mike Brown', who is 47-years-old.

Ohio = 47; Akron, Ohio = 47; Columbus = 47 (Mike Brown from Columbus)

This is the Cavs 47th season.
Warriors won first NBA Championship in '47 (Philadelphia Warriors)

3/5/1970 = 3+5+19+70 = 97 (97, THE 25TH PRIME) (FINALS = 25)

Notice Mike Brown is born March 5, or 3/5.  That's the King James number.  And this year, the Warriors have #35, Kevin Durant.


***From Mother's Day to Father's Day is 35-days.
***Part of NBA Playoffs ritual last year, and probably this year...
***In 2016, LeBron won on Mother's and Father's Day
***In 2017, Steph Curry has won on Mother's Day

From Mike Brown's March 5, or 3/5 birthday, to Father's Day, is a span of 106-days.  Keep in mind Mike Brown began coaching the Cavaliers at age 35, in 2005, his first head coaching job.

106 is the magic number.  If the NBA Final go to Game 7, they'll be in the 106 foot tall Oracle Arena, where Mike Brown will be the home head coach.

Steph Curry and LeBron James born in Arkon, Ohio.

Mike Brown born in Columbus.

Warriors originally from Philadelphia, named from Book of Prophecy and Destruction.

Can you say Trilogy?  Warriors vs Cavs III....

Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38

Read about the looming death of Bill Russell at age 83:

Last year Warriors went down in 106th game of the season, Game 7, on the real King Jame's birthday, born June 19, 1566.

6/19/1566 = 6+19+15+66 = 106
It was the 106th Father's Day All Time

And for the icing on the cake, his name Gematria, '213'.

See my video on the death of Len Bias, for the '86 NBA Finals.

Again, Mike Brown is from Columbus, Ohio.

Let us close out with the Cavs vs Warriors games in 2016-17.

On Christmas, the Warriors lost 108-109.

Golden State Warriors = 108
109, the 29th prime; Ohio = 29
Christmas = 38; Finals = 38

Then on Martin Luther KING Jr. Day, the Warriors blew out the Cavs by 35.

Remember, a black man was once 3/5 of a man during slave times.

From the blow out by 35 to Mike Brown's birthday was 49-days...

From the 35 point blowout to the start of the NBA Finals is 137-days, the 33rd prime.

137, 33rd prime

NBA Finals = 33; Cleveland = 33; Golden St. = 33; LeBron = 33; James = 33; Stephen = 33
*Michael = 33 (Mike Brown...)

From the 35 point blowout to Game 7 on Father's Day, is 153-days...

That is also a span of 154-days...

From April 24, the date Brown took over as head coach of the Warriors, the former coach of LeBron, to the start of the Finals, is also 55 days later, one of the 'King James' numbers.

From his 47th birthday to the start of the Finals is a span of 89-days... recall the Warriors lost Game 7 with 89 points, on the real King James's birthday.

Final piece... their all-time records.

Notice the regular season, 109-games played all-time.

109, the 29th prime; Ohio = 29 (Curry and LeBron's home)

57 wins for Warriors.... NBA Finals = 57
52 wins for Cavs... (Last year they broke 52-year drought)

Then if you count the playoffs, the two teams have played each other 122 times.

Remember the riddles going on with Cleveland and Seattle, on the 122nd Meridian.
*Durant was drafted by Seattle.

Notice in the NBA Finals, the Warriors lead 7 to 6.
*The Warriors finished with '67' wins this year.

If one team were to sweep the other, they would have played 17-times in the NBA Finals.

NBA = 17
Ohio is the 17th State

That said, I'm not sure the NBA wants to do that.... it looks like it is going to Game 7 on Father's Day again, meaning they will have played each other 20 times.

In this very Pi oriented season, the Warriors could reach win #11 in the Finals against the Cavs.

Dell Curry will be 52 when the NBA Finals conclude, possibly on Father's Day.