Monday, September 11, 2017

68 93 113 337 | Mike Pence in Shanksville, Pennsylvania for 16-year September 11 anniversary, 2017

Mike Pence was in Shanksville, where on the day of 9/11, reporters theorized that since the plane couldn't be found, it must be buried underground.

Notice 'Vice President Mike Pence' sums to 113.

Mainstream = 113
Dishonest = 113
Not True = 113
Fiction = 113
Bullshit = 113

Mike Pence couldn't have looked anymore full of shit as he lied about the events of 9/11.

As for why Shanksville, PA was the site of the hoax, its in the gematria.

337, the 68th prime

CIA = 68
Mathematics = 68
WTC Construction began in '68
9-1-1 made national emergency dialing code in '68
George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones in '68

66, the 11th triangular

September 11 is New Year's Day of Coptic Calendar - Coptic = 66
New York is the 11th State

United States of America = 132

Don't forget it was Flight 93 either.

Propaganda = 93
One World Trade Center = 93
'93 WTC Bombing
Blink Sheik = 93 (Blamed for '93 bombing)

In this crowd were two jerseys.  

There was a college jersey of Odell Beckham, from Louisiana.  (He now plays in New York)

There was also a #32 Steelers jersey.  America = 32

I'll have to look at the history of Steelers and Giants.

Listening to these military people and looking at this ridiculous scene made me want to vomit.