Sunday, September 10, 2017

98 | Tom Brady and Eli Manning humiliated to start 98th season of NFL

I've called it "falling on your number" in the past.

Sometimes when too much lines up, things don't go in one's favor, as we have seen numerous times in the past, including for Tom Brady and Eli Manning to start this 98th season of the NFL.  Tom Brady was beat at home by the Chiefs.  The Cowboys made short work of the Giants.  Don't forget in history the Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs.  Also, both of these humiliation rituals were primetime games.

Eli Manning = 98
Tom Brady = 98

I heard ESPN say Eli had 26 yards of offense in the first half.

Eli = 26

If the AFC wins the Super Bowl it will be 26.

Last, as I have always said, '39' is the number on SNF.

SNF = 19+14+6 = 39 (G-Men = 39) (Cowboys = 39)

Dak Prescott had 39-passing attempts in the 19-3 win.  Win = 19 (9/10 = 9+10 = 19)