Thursday, November 9, 2017

Do you see what is going on with the "sexual harassment" headlines? +Bullshit media for shit-for-brains

Do you see what is going on with the "sexual harassment" headlines?  And what is this about Trump turning down free Russian pussy to grab in 2013?

Remember, the pussy grabber is the President, and his opponent in the election was a woman, who is married to Bill Clinton, who has a history in the media of sexual misbehavior as well.  This whole thing is part of an ongoing narrative, and it is likely setting up the next President, who will be a female, and she'll ride in on the coattails of "enough of the misogynist!"

Now we got Roy Moore the cowboy stooge front and center, replacing Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and the rest of the men who came before him.  And how do these stories even make any fucking sense?  He is defending himself so that puts the Republicans in a tough spot?  I fucking hate how people pay any mind to the media which makes no fucking sense in any of the narratives they create.

"Oh, defending yourself, big problem for entire political party!"

I guess the message is "fall over and die" when accused.

How about the part about Illuminati written in blood on the wall?  Where did that story go?  Not this made up CTE thing that is meant to pussify the men.

What the fuck is a college basketball team doing in China anyway?  That should be the story.

Military = Hate

Take it from the Jew, CC, who is also a fag.