Sunday, January 7, 2018

16 45 68 111 | Georgia Bulldogs beat Alabama Crimson Tide, 65-46, college basketball, 2-days before football championship

Basketball = 68; Championship = 68

This will be 68th game all-time between Alabam and Georgia in football for the National Championship... how perfect...

Remember, Nick Saban is 11-0 against assistants.

If he beats Kirby Smart, he will be 12-0.  If he loses, he will be 11-1.

Alabama and Georgia played in college basketball January 6, 2018, and Alabama lost, with a game combining to 111-points, not far off from 11-1.

Notice also this game was January 6, or 1/6.

Alabama has 16-championships, they are going for 17.

Also, it was on a date with numerology of 45.

1/6/2018 = 1+6+20+18 = 45
Thirteen = 45
Nicholas = 45
Alabama = 13

Alabama can pick up 13th win by winning Championship.

If Alabama wins tomorrow, remember this, because the tribute seems to be for Georgia winning the football game (which might be a purposeful "false clue").  The riggers know people are watching and on to the code now, so they're trying to throw bones to make us fetch the wrong things.