Sunday, January 14, 2018

42 43 45 52 77 87 | Jacksonville Jaguars beat Steelers & are perfect AFC Championship opponent for Tom Brady

Read what I wrote about last night regarding the Patriots possibly facing the Jags:

The Steelers went down with 42-points, to end the season where Dan Rooney died by the numbers.

Consider Dan Rooney died on April 13, or 13/4, and Steelers became 13-4 on the season.

The Jaguars are going on to face New England, winning with 45-points.

As for the combined 87-points, it reminds me of the Gematria of 'Philadelphia Eagles'.

Remember, in '43, the Eagles and Steelers joined teams, becoming the Steagles.

Notice how 'Jacksonville' factors in... two different ways...

191 is the 43rd prime number.

Next week when Patriots beat Jaguars, the Jaguars will be 7-7 in playoffs all-time.  They are currently 7-6 after beating the Steelers.

Remember, Tom Brady was born in '77 and is 40-years-old.

If the Patriots beat the Jaguars with 37 points next week...

157 is the 37th prime; Patriots = 37
*167 is the 39th prime

Super Bowl 39 was hosted by Jacksonville Jaguars.

Super Bowl 39 Patriots over Eagles.

That game was February 6, the 37th day of the year.   Patriots

February 6 can be written as 2/6 or 6/2

AFC can win 26th Super Bowl, Brady can become 6-2.

FURTHER, if the Patriots beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl, the two teams will be 7-7 all-time...

United States = 77; Power = 77; Secret Society = 77; Theater = 77

Eagles lead regular season 7-5
Patriots lead playoffs 1-0

*If Pats became 2-0 in Super Bowls... Two = 58; Patriots 58th Season

*Big Ben fell to 5-2 in the Divisional Round, in the year of Super Bowl 52

26 attempts for Bortles, the magic number this year.  AFC going for 26th Super Bowl win.
Big Ben was 37 of 58... Patriots = 37 (Patriots in 58th season)

35 carries for Jacksonville...
109 yards for leading rusher; 109, the 29th prime; Football = 29
Fournette came out with 82-yards in fake injury... New England Patriots = 82

83 yards for Steelers... Football = 83; 83, the 23rd prime; Jaguars in 23rd season

And last, these will be the QBs Tom Brady advances over on his way to Super Bowl 52...

Both QBs are from the AFC South...

Remember, last Super Bowl, the Patriots had 93 offensive plays, 62 of which were passing.  I said after the game, remember how those numbers connect to 'Minneapolis'.

Also worth mentioning, Dan Rooney died a span of 277-days from the end of the Steeler's season.

277 is the 59th prime; 59 is the 17th prime; he died in 2017, emphasis on '17

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