Thursday, February 15, 2018

43 54 57 131 149 612 | Nikolas Cruz, Stoneman Douglas shooter, reported to be 5'7", 131-pounds +Super Bowl 52 tribute?

They are reporting the weight of this shooter, just like Sandy Hook.

And in light of the parallels to their logo and the Philadelphia Eagles who just won the Super Bowl, there is something about 5'7" and 131...

131, the 32nd prime; NFL = 32; America = 32; 7/4/1776 = 32

17 dead + 14 injured + 1 shooter = 32 people

Remember, the Eagles just won their first championship in 57-years...


2/14/2018 = 2+14+20+18 = 54


Recall the spelling of his name changed from Nicholas to Nikolas.

Killer = 67

In light of the parallel to the Super Bowl, don't forget it was 'Nick Foles' who won it.

149, the 35th prime; Super Bowl on 35th day of the year..

Remember, Philadelphia is named in Revelation.  The Church of Philadelphia is written to about the Synagogue of Satan.  These days, much of that "Synagogue" lives in Florida...

*Yesterday when I was decoding, I know I came across a 131 in relation to the shooting, but I'm having trouble figuring out what that was.  If you know the connection, please share.

*We also know they coded 112 all over this incident.  Super Bowl = 112 (RO)

Check out this interview, and notice the names of the students, "Nick", and Ms. "Cruz".

Nick Hayman

Alaina Cruz

Alaina = 43; Alaina Cruz = 43; Stoneman = 43; Massacre = 43

'43 was the year of the Eagles and Steelers, and a big number in the Eagles Super Bowl season.

IN LIGHT OF THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES HAVING JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL IN THE (612) AREA CODE... it is worth noting that this shooting came 612-days after the Florida Pulse Night Club shooting of June 12, or 6/12.

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