Monday, February 19, 2018

Synchronicity by The Police, June 17, 1983 & songs Murder by Numbers & I'll Be Watching You

*Murder by Numbers was not on the initial release of the album Synchronicity, but the second and thereafter.  If you're familiar with album releases, the second release will often have another song.

Now with that said, here are the lyrics to the songs mentioned in the comments.

The lyrics to a Masonic killing game, by "The Police".

The lyrics to a Masonic police state, by "The Police".  They're really creepy when you take a look around.  I could tell you some stories.

6/17/1983 = 6+17+19+83 = 125 (Numerology = 125) (Spiritual = 125)

*I would be born 34-days later.  Murder = 34
*It was also a span of 35-days.  Eye = 35; *Zachary = 35

Now remind me, who is exposing the police state and murder code like no other?  Ha!