Monday, February 19, 2018

47 74 93 | An observation about the day I moved into my house, and the day I began my Gematria blog (Free to Find Truth)

From the date that I moved into my house, to the day I started my blog was 93-weeks...

93-weeks... Saturn = 93

Saturn is the keeper of time.

10/24/13 = 10+24+13 = 47... Time = 47

That really weirds me out.

What else weirds me out is as I was writing this, I heard a loud bang in the house which seemed strange because I'd been sitting here for a couple hours writing and I didn't know what other force besides movement could have caused something to come smashing down.  Well, it turned out it was just the broom, that last time I checked hadn't been touched for at least a week... so not sure what would cause it to fall from the wall as it did...

Speaking of which, have you ever seen "the lightbulb video"?  If not, look it up, it's the strangest one I've recorded to date because it captured the lights turning on by themselves.

Also interesting, this house I live in is a giant rectangle, that is truly '74 long, in 'Bothell', WA.  Again, this is where I discovered 'Gematria'.

Bothell = 74 (Ordinal)
'74-long house
Gematria = 74 (Ordinal)
English = 74 (Ordinal)

*I was born in Oregon.  Oregon = 74 (Ordinal) (No other state sums to 74 in Ordinal)