Tuesday, November 8, 2016

68 121 337 | Clinton will not speak tonight November 8, 2016 closing election headlines


Revelation =  121; 7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121 (NY date establishment)

Donald John Trump = 68


  1. I can't stay in this country anymore. I'm not even a citizen yet.

  2. Not... Anybody factor in the "17 Min Delay". And the fact that the series went into Overtime... The tenth inning...

    This was just an announcement that regardless, they are "not conceding"

    1. My thought exactly I believe tomorrow will be an interesting day and of course it is 11/9 reflection of 911.

    2. 11/9 is when the country destroyed itself. Already, lifelong friendships and families are ripping apart.

  3. Zach,
    She's at 218.
    You mentioned something about 218 yesterday

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    2. I wrote a comment on one of Zach's earlier posts.

      Two hundred eighteen
      Gematria Jewish 1570
      Gematria Reduction 97
      Gematria Summerian 1230
      Gematria Ordinal 205
      Gematria English 1510

      Two eighteen (2 x 18 = 36)
      Gematria Jewish 1229
      Gematria Reduction 59
      Gematria Summerian 786
      Gematria Ordinal 131
      Gematria English 1049

      2/18 > 2/6 + 6 + 6 = 2/666's
      or 2 suns (magic squares)

      Sol (111 constant/666 sum of squares)
      Gematria Jewish 160
      Gematria Reduction 10
      Gematria Summerian 276
      Gematria Ordinal 46
      Gematria English 190

      Gematria Jewish 330
      Gematria Reduction 9
      Gematria Summerian 324
      Gematria Ordinal 54
      Gematria English 450

      Two suns > Two sons?
      "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life". John 3:16 (KJV)
      But what if God had another son whom he didn't recognize... and that son is hell bent on destroying the earth. It happens.

      Two one eight (2 + 1 + 8 = 11)
      Gematria Jewish 1274
      Gematria Reduction 60
      Gematria Summerian 846
      Gematria Ordinal 141
      Gematria English 1104

      218 in Jewish Gematria =
      Policeman, Hidden Agendas, Infinite, Made in America, Teeth, Timeline, Go to Bed

      Factors 2, 109
      Dividers 1, 2, 109, 218
      Sum of Divisors 330

      218 is not a prime number but it falls between two significant primes: 211 and 223.

      211 is the 47th Prime (211 > 112)
      223 is the 48th Prime (223 > 322)

      "As of 2008, 218 votes are required in the US House of Representatives to achieve a majority."

      Area code 218 covers northern Minnesota.

      218 > BAH > HAB

      BAH (HAB)
      Gematria Jewish 11
      Gematria Reduction 11
      Gematria Summerian 66
      Gematria Ordinal 11
      Gematria English 11

      Abbreviations for BAH include "Big A** Hole" and "Business After Hours".
      Abbreviations for HAB include "Hot Air Balloon" and "Harvard Alumni Bulletin".
      There are others. Look up here: http://www.abbreviations.com/

      From Webster's:
      Definition of "bah"
      1 Used to show dislike or disapproval of something.
      2 Used to express disdain or contempt.

      Definition of "hab"
      Abbreviation for Habacuc; Habakkuk
      1. a Hebrew prophet of seventh century b.c. Judah who prophesied an imminent Chaldean invasion.
      2. a prophetic book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture

      "Habakkuk is unusual among the prophets in that he openly questions the working of God (1:3a, 1:13b). In the first part of the second chapter, the Prophet sees the injustice among his people and asks why God does not take action: "1:2 Yahweh how long will I cry, and you will not hear? I cry out to you 'Violence!' and will you not save?"

      2/18 = February 18 is the 49th day of the year with 316 days remaining in the year (317 days in a leap year).

      8/12 = August 12 is the 224th day of the year (225 days in a leap year with 141 days remaining in the year.

      Just in case 218 should be read 812...

      Eight hundred twelve
      Gematria Jewish 2200
      Gematria Reduction 93
      Gematria Summerian 1260
      Gematria Ordinal 210
      Gematria English 1830

      Eight Twelve
      Gematria Jewish 1859
      Gematria Reduction 55
      Gematria Summerian 816
      Gematria Ordinal 136
      Gematria English 1369

      Eight one two
      Gematria Jewish 1274
      Gematria Reduction 60
      Gematria Summerian 846
      Gematria Ordinal 141
      Gematria English 1104

      812 in Jewish Gematria =
      Committee on Foreign Affairs, The Periodic Table of Elements, The Pot Calling the Kettle Black, Publicized, The Punishment of God

      Area code 812 covers southern Indiana.

      Ate one too...

      Now I will go to work on "289".

  4. The Angle number calming everyone that it will be OK

  5. "Isaac Sandoval" posted that Hillary was at 218.

    TRUMP (all caps) in Bacon Gematria is ... 218 ... (long form).

    (Medium) Reduced = ... 47 ... ... (Short) Reduced = ... 20

  6. Interesting that Podesta said go home we have to count every vote, yet know they are saying Hillary called to concede..... So who we will see what the morning brings

  7. One interesting thing I noticed while watching the Walking Dead on Sunday night. The episode began with a very prominent 39 on a sign. Made me think in that instant = New York = Trump. Wish I brought it up sooner.

  8. Also, to call Alex Jones a fraud and use gematria there, he called Trump win the whole time.

  9. How did you get this one so wrong Zach? Neither tho you do a ton of predictions and get some correct, if there was one where you should've figured out for sure, it should've been this.

    I don't get it!!

    1. He did say if Trump gets elected something will bad will happen to him.

    2. Trump won through sheer mobilisation of voters, which voter fraud machines can't sway (when the difference is too great). Hillary is just too odious for Demodupes to get behind and give the Dibold machines the ability to swing it.

  10. He mentioned Secretariat in his victory speech.

    "Secretariat" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    1. "Horse Race" in the English Reduction system equals 47

  11. I'm not mad at Zach. All the evidence pointed straight to a Clinton presidency... but it turns out she was the Warriors and the Indians as a presidential candidate

    1. I believed the numbers too. I thought that Clinton was the 45th president, but nope it's Trump. But why is my question?

    2. He is not president yet. He does not take office till January. The 'Trump' Illuminati card says:

      "Enough is Enough" = 168
      "ISIS Sleeper Cell" = 168

      "Donald J Trump Murder" = 227 <===
      Pi = 22 / 7

      "Twenty Two divided by Seven equals Pi" = 144
      "Kill" = 44 [Trump the 44th person to be President]
      "Forty Four" = 144
      "Time" = 144

      What is interesting about the term:
      "Donald J Trump Assassination" = 308

      Kind of like the Rifle round .308.
      If you write out:

      "Three Zero Eight" = 88
      "Trump" = 88

      I will believe Trump will be the President, when that day actually comes. Until then, Obama is still the President. They didn't do those mock campaign attacks on Trump for nothing. They are telling us something.

  12. Zach. CNN said it. The Berlin Wall came down this day in 1989. Trump is president today and he is obsessed with walls.

    1. Yep. I heard it too. And everybody knows when you build walls it's about creating division. This election result was purely about creating more division.

    2. "Walls" in the English Sumerian equals 402
      Trump's Initials-"D.J.T." in Eng.Sumerian equals 204
      "Freemason" in the English Reduction equals 42
      "President Elect Donald J Trump"in Eng.Sumerian equals 1818
      "Master Builder" in the English Sumerian system equals 882

    3. These 2 topics relate in Gematria as well:

      "Martial Law" = 110 & 1162
      "Border Wall" = 110 & 1162

      "President" = 110

      This connection goes deeper, let's look at 1162:
      "One Thousand One Hundred Sixty Two" = 138 & 156
      "Donald Trump" = 138

      "False Flag" = 156 [911 is the 156th Prime]

      Here is where we missed the clue that it was going to be Trump the entire time...Stay with me:

      2016 Election:
      "Two Thousand Sixteen Election" = 2324 J [23+24 = 47]

      If we write that number out:
      "Two Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Four" = 457

      457 [88th Prime]
      "Trump" = 88
      "Goy" = 457 [88th Prime]

      It is all massive mocking!

  13. So ... WHAT Are All Those Party-Goers Going To DO?? Just get drunk(er)? Lol

    Should we take that to mean that HILLARY WASN'T EVEN THERE TONIGHT?
    Her "MOTORCADE" was reported "en route" ... But that doesn't mean SHE was necessarily IN IT ... Lol

    You gotta laugh at the wacky antics of these goofy kids -- it's like watching "The Real World -- Season 45" ... Lol

    (Lotta LOL's here ... but this screwball comedy has (finally) gotten me tickled!)

    1. I am interested to see what happens tomorrow. Fox and CNN still say they project Donald to win but have not declared him the winner. Kinda feels like some extra innings going on hmmmmm.

    2. I remember Gore being "Declared the Winner" by the media -- on Election Night in 2000 -- followed by weeks of WTF? ... & Bush's eventual "Win".
      This is just Act II ... This "Play" is FAR from over! ;D

    3. Exactly man its not over yet I have just been waiting for a crazy finish to this election following all that has gone down in pro and college sports. I hate seeing people trying to discredit all of the great work Zach does to help us. I cant even explain how much I have learned from his videos. Regardless if Trump does win Zach also showed why that was possible lol I just hate the trolls we should all be working together!! Finding the truth is not a competition its a revolution.

    4. Pinto -- well said!! And same here -- Zach's method of teaching Gematria finally made it accessible to me. I'd tried to learn it before -- but all the other videos & sites talked in circles & were confusing as shit. In hindsight, I don't even think ALL of that was deliberate ... I think SOME of them truly didn't understand how Gematria is being used ... & therefore couldn't begin to comprehend what Zach had managed to figure out on his own.

      Ever since then, it's led to one interlocking discovery of Truth after another.
      That's why I'm such a staunch defender of Zach & F2FT. Those who haven't "seen" the Truth here ... haven't been at it long enough. Sometimes it takes awhile. Just like babies don't pop out walking & talking ... first they have to Observe & Learn. ;D

    5. Well said. A repeat of the Gore/Bush scandal psy-op.

  14. Nope, plumb, compass and square. Freemason presidency. He will swear in on the same King James bible, George Washington did 240 years ago. Zach is diluted with west coast dabs.

    You believed Zach, not the numbers. He's great but that's only an 8 on a scale of 10's. 88 = Trump, jmontz said 11 × 8 = 88, couldn't be more basic. President Trump = 888. Go divisive divisor Wisconsin #44!

    1. Green Bay Packers just went to 4-4
      Milwaukee Bucks are going to 4-4 on Thursday and the 44th parallel goes straight through Wisconsin (and Michigan)
      44th Man to be president won with Wisconsin.

      Guess my numbers were dead nutz, kool-aid drinkers.

      Upset number 3 this year.

      Starting at Cavs (1-3), Cubs (1-3) C C = 3 3 and now trump 88, to round it out like two infinity symbols.

      Think I'm done here, maybe time to join a lodge.

    2. So why did you not decide to speak out until now?

    3. Secretariat won triple crown after 25 year drought, flip it for a 52 prophecy style, everyone forgot about the second and third shifters this election, so fuck off hillary.

    4. Look around bitch it's in the blogs buddy

    5. I got trump shit at least 9 months back kid.

    6. LOL I was just asking a question no need to call me a bitch by my understanding we are all on the same team trying to decode this I have been following Zach for a few months and have not seen anything just wanted an honest answer. What I have seen is people trying to bash him when he is off. But thanks for the response.

    7. Oh and I am not a kid but nice try.

    8. and lastly he was not off he explained numerous times the narrative for Trump to win but he just favored Hillary's. Also it is not over all the major networks have only "projected" him the winner we will see what happens! Dont get cocky yet bud.

    9. Cooky is my online persona. In real life I am quite reserved. Name calling, is sour on my end, its hard to hear the sarcasm in my stuff like I was saying yesterday.

      Looking back Zach was thinking Trump early this year pretty often, but he was all in on Clinton these past two months.

      Honestly, how about the Belichick Brady letter, etc. That's definitely our next big clue.

      Trump will not change much of our lives, guns will be fairly safe, free speech is the debatable freedom, no partial birth abortions.

    10. Looks like Milwaukee Bucks lost, like I said, rounding out the 4-4 44 tribute! How could I know that a 4-3 team was going to lose to a winless 0-8 team without watching nba basketball for years?

      Trump's code. Coincidence.

  15. Trump is only the 44th person to be president because of grover Cleveland. Cleveland's last year as president was 1897, 119 years ago. Like 11/9. The 44 could be key.

  16. Trump is only the 44th person to be president because of grover Cleveland. Cleveland's last year as president was 1897, 119 years ago. Like 11/9. The 44 could be key.

  17. This is a good thing regardless if you hate Trump, everyone knows she will start WW3, I still think she's gonna be president in 4 years like the simpsons predicted, but now we have time to mount up and start the real takeback of this country. Zach's movement will be the change we need in this country, but for now Trump has stalled the cliff jump.

    1. Rapid onset of Parkinsons Disease means Hillary has to get in now, or Obama pulls something to stop the Donald.

    2. How is Zach's movement going to change anything? If the results do not wake you people up, then you are "mad". All gematria does is spread negativity. When one always focuses on negative words and the media, all one will do is attract problems. If a person wants to beat the powers that be, then spend time doing something that brings you joy. Get out in nature, create some art, exercise, play music, read a book, make love to your significant other....do anything joyful. Stop with the numbers and stop clicking links that give the jerks more hits. Stop using programmed words that hurt people. Gematria, unwittingly perhaps, spreads negativity. Trump winning should at least wake some people up to the fact that this serves NO purpose. And people stop connecting to the gambling world--it is full of gangsters. Perhaps Zach has good intentions, as do others, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

  18. I said earlier that this election result was about creating division. What I am reading in news headlines and Facebook posts is that it is really creating something far more powerful: FEAR

  19. Uh oh ... are the trolls coming out -- or am I detecting Sour Grapes here?


    Before anyone discounts the Gematria --

    Odds are ... THAT'S who we'll REALLY find taking the oath in January ... or at least ... Serving Out The Bulk Of The Presidency.

    So just calm the fuck down & be PATIENT ... I can't even remember how long it took for Bush Jr. to "officially" be declared the winner in 2000 ...
    "Great Plans" are NEVER intended to unfold "Overnight" ... like wine or whiskey, they must be Nurtured before Reaching Their Full Potential. ;D

    1. give it up man just accept the L

    2. Just an FYI you sound like the fans of every team this year that were up 3-1 by saying take this L because its still not over. Don't get cocky yet. Not saying it will happen but much crazier things have happened lately.

    3. All the major news networks say they still "project" Trump to win. Not over yet

    4. he has 274 official electoral votes, apart from straight robbery to incite riots, it's over, division is coming, but at least WW3 is stalled.

    5. Yep -- Britain was EXPECTING to go to vote in a new Prime Minister.
      Then -- the DAY BEFORE -- one of them prematurely CONCEDED --

      So they were told: "Sorry Chaps -- But No NEED To Vote -- You've just been HANDED your new P. M."
      ANYTHING is a Possibility -- it's the Nature of our Scripted World.

    6. Well there can always be a recount but yeah I am just being optimistic because after all the crazy shit in sports that went down this year you truly never know.

    7. Pinto -- I kind of feel like however it turns out is actually irrelevant. Those who TRULY run things remain behind the scenes from one regime to another. WE never hear -- or even know -- their names. Occasionally we'll stumble upon proof of their existence -- but only after-the-fact ... in a historical context ... long after the generations they controlled are dead & buried.
      I bumped into one such family while looking up Cubs owner (?) Theo Epstein's wife -- Marie Whitney Epstein. The Whitney family have their OWN Wiki site -- with links to over 50 family members with their own pages. They've been key players -- mixing in with the Harriman's, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts & Roosevelt's, etc. -- but who's ever REALLY heard of them? Same with the Clinton's (since way back) & the Bundy's (of recent "angry rancher" fame ... Lol).

      That's why I don't get too worked up about this shit. It's ALL Bread & Circuses for the Masses. ;D

  20. Didn't everyone get the 3 F.E.M.A. test alert mobile phone messages yesterday? I did. That alone should have said prepare for Trump win.

  21. Great connection to the Berlin Wall Zach!

    IF a wall were to go up -- it WON'T be to Keep People OUT ... It'll be to KEEP PEOPLE IN.

    Because it WON'T be the unwashed masses escaping this madness -- It'll Be The Upper Middle Classes. They've been heading "South" in droves for nearly 2 decades now.
    And with them goes THEIR TAX DOLLARS -- which ALL politicians are determined to KEEP HERE. I'm talking about those who've earned too much to get any "benefits" -- but don't have enough to get all those cushy tax breaks (that Trump, Hillary, et al. enjoy).
    The gov already works overtime at "Retrieving" these "Lost Tax Dollars" -- yearly -- from people who haven't even set foot in the states for YEARS. Turns out that -- until you Officially RENOUNCE Your U.S. CITIZENSHIP -- you "Owe" the government.
    (And if you renounce it before being Accepted As A Citizen Of Another Country -- you're TOTALLY SCREWED. You will be an "Illegal" WHEREVER you go. With no Legitimate Passport -- you'll literally become A Person Without A Country. Which is NOT a "good thing".)

    So to anyone Cheering at the prospect of a Wall -- please consider the TRUE ANALOGY with Berlin. IT WAS THE COMMUNISTS IN EAST BERLIN WHO BUILT THAT WALL -- TO KEEP PEOPLE ... IN.

  22. Trumpets sounding off in revelation.

  23. And of course idiots will celebrate this bs as usual. This guy isn't a politician but he has already sold out to get where he's at. They already cloned this man put him under mind control etc,. World war 3 will kick off anytime soon now. Smh. To me in my eyes donald trump was already chosen. The elite already knows the agenda they want this man to serve. I mean he could be shot before he even takes office and then obama takes over. Obama did say he wouldn't be president. Strong possibility.

    1. cant say i believe in cloning 100% but u right about the other stuff. the coding was there for trump as well. the thing about it is theres always coding for both sides. it just depends which one has more and even if one side has more these fucks can hand pick who they want. its like the nfl. theres coding for the giants, vikings, and colts TO WIN. not just make the game but to actually win the game. the phrases are all there but its a matter of who has the most with the most significance and who these fucktards want.

  24. germatria works both ways.

    They gave you Cubs, weed, Lebron and Obama to dumb down the masses.

    The result is Biff Tanner in office

    Today will go on as every other day.

    The sun will rise tomorrow =293
    Revelation 23=293

  25. Patriots going all the way with trump in the box vs Dallas

    No wonder trump mention belichik and NFL network said they should change the Lombardi to the "Belichik"

    1. Agreed, you and I have been saying Patriots all along.

  26. Great Gematria (for events) on 8/11 - when Trump won:


  27. This right here for me is further proof this shit is scripted.

    I've documented 5-6 sporting events were the teams that have had a parallel to Hillary clinton have won and the losing team has linked to trump this past week or so. Everything worldwide seemed to be aligning for Clinton to take presidency by the numbers.

    However Trumps pulled out a shock win, without much connecting back to him.

    Based on what im seeing it looks like the numbers had naturally manifested themselves for a clinton win, however this election was rigged for Trump and the powers intervened, like i said the natural manifestation of numbers were pointing towards Hillary...

  28. Its not over, expect another Bush/Gore voting scandal. Clinton will still win.

  29. Today, 11/9, is 227 days since the Trump Tombstone was found in New York. 9/11, 227. Is the assassination happening today?

    1. We are coming up on the 52nd (52) anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. (11/22)

  30. it s called collective consciousness....stop the divisiveness..numbers aren't everything..just part of the puzzle..Zach you are very talented..but your ego is getting in the way.

  31. People have to step back and realize this... This shit is a movie. Ever watch a movie and get surprised by the ending? This was the presidential election in a nutshell. Yes, we were wrong, but does that instantly discredit all of this work? No. We are in the type of business that where if we're wrong 2 times out of 100, those 2 misses are highlighted, and people start going ape shit, calling you a fraud over those 2 misses. If you are one of these types, you're a fucking moron, straight up.

    A Trump win could be for various reasons...

    - Confirms to the sheep that elections are legit.
    - Divide and conquer multiplied by 10. Yes, Clinton would divide, but not on the level of Trump. I'm already hearing it here in New York, and it's just begun.
    - Future "assassination" planned (remember, Trump's really #44, not #45)

    Let's see how this plays out. He doesn't take office until January. Still lots of time for something to go down.......

    1. We still have a month until the electoral college.

    2. I feel the reason people are getting so annoyed is that gematria wise this victory for Trump wasn't on the cards. All the numbers pointed to a Clinton victory and it didn't happen.

      Thus leading people to then question how much solidity does this work have and i can understand their point. I've been there myself over the past year or so where ive questioned the whole practice.

      For me personally i think we're looking at gematria all wrong. The powers clearly know and understand gematria and what its essence is and they clearly use it as well. But when something like this happens you do wonder why have they been coding Hillary all this time and have her lose? Especially when the public dont have any idea about gematria and can't read the coded headlines.

      Now im starting to think Gematria is a far more NATURAL occurrence of numbers - So all this stuff thats happened over history isn't scripted to the day by people that control us its naturally occurring itselfs by the numbers that the universe works. Through now i think over time the rulers of this world learnt and understood gematria and thats what the occult knowledge is and they then use it to play god and by that i mean they intervene into events to change the outcome for their desired result.

      If we take it back to sports there's nearly always a narrative for both teams to win a game and i dont think thats because of gambling purposes either its because most of these games are being played out naturally so theres naturally going to be a path for each team to win, you then start factoring in birthdays and other variables and fate can line up very well with one team or person, when you can spot this you give yourself a better chance of picking the winning team by the numbers surrounding themselves with them.

      In true numerology certain numbers hold more power than others, we already know about pairing of certain numbers and how they appear together often.

      Now im not saying sports arn't rigged, i think they are but most games i feel are played out naturally to the athletes but our whole lives are pre scripted - gematria lets us see this.

      Next time you have an important event coming up in your life see how far away your birthdays are and see what you find.

    3. The games are almost certainly not being played naturally. All you need to see that is the clearly shanked field goals, and the clearly purposeful missed tackles lol.

      We'll see... Gematria is definitely being used on a day to day basis, but I think we have to go back to basics with number pairing (like you said), and not over analyzing things.

    4. The Zionist used the numbers against everyone. The deception was in everyone's face.

      Hillary collapse on 9/11
      Hillary collapse on 11/9

      Trump will be easier to control and the agenda continues.

      Bozo is in and we get the media to talk about him for the next 4 years.

      The elections look real, the sheep get fucked and
      The pain and fear continues.

      So relax, the air is the same , the beaches are still fine and now we get the TRUMP reality tv show.

      This is a repeat of the Regan era! Same slogan , same actor and Hinkley getting out was the CLUE !

      But when I have a different opinion than lord Zack, I'm a faggot and shill and blah blah blah.

      Pence being from Indiana could be the reason Colts were a hint same with Minnesota coming in late.

      The tie by the cardinals was signifying the 12th hour 6-6. Like the clock in back to the future.
      12th man that's why cards tied the Seahawks

      Sherman no call like Sherman tank, Rob carpenter was JESUS!

      Sacrificed the Bills/ Lamb cause Hillary was the Buffalo.

      I could be wrong in my weird non germatria explanations and I came here to learn but also give a different perspective because we must question EVERYTHING!

      Trump said it "RIGGED" biff went and changed the future by going into clintons past!

      E-Male. Dummies cmon man!

    5. This is not a shot against germatria or ZACK!
      We ALL need to work together and build on the ideas. I said it before. THANKS to Zack and the rest of you, I now understand a part of the puzzle. WE need an insider a Zionist who finally

      Had ENOUGH ! The only way to defeat them is infiltrate them. TROJAN HORSE!

    6. What people fail to realize, this and sports included, their is no fucking WINNER when they all ultimately play for the same TEAM. The numbers are for participants and what they symbolize. If these sudden results should teach you anything, it is that there is only one real competition going on in this world. Good vs Evil, and the Good NEVER gets coded in the MEDIA. Those codes are natural and personal. Get over the fighting, and fight the real fight, people.


  32. Yes, it's very important to have a discussion about this. The best lessons come from mistakes, so there is no need for in-fighting. Let's keep learning as a team.

    Personally, I have found when using gematria that it pays to keep things simple, and to never over analyze.

    Over analyzing leads to confusion & information overload.

    Also, gematria always favors the yearly storyline & you must factor that in. This was a year of the underdog (Broncos,Cavs,Cubs,Trump).

    Always focus on the big events that are broadcasted heavily such as Clinton fainting on 9/11 rather than the gematria of a 10 word phrase which leads to over analyzing.

    Remember, If the majority don't notice it, it doesn't matter.

    Focus on what the majority is being broadcasted, but look for the hidden meaning behind it.

    Hilary fainting, Wikileaks, Pence plane @ Laguardia, etc etc

  33. So now, look for clues in Hilary's concession speech, something everyone will be watching

    1. Yes yes yes.

      I like everyone on here even Mike Manning at times. The names I call are the ones I use with my friends. Brush them off as high fives.

      Excited to turn the page, now the REAl conspiracies c a n emerge.

  34. A few news 'stories' are slowly trickling in about a possible recount and parallels to the 200 election.

  35. What shocked me was the sporting tributes that all seemed to favor Clinton.

    Cubs winning the world series - 8-7 final game.
    Colts and Bills going 4-5.
    SeaHawks winning = 87.
    Murray winning 73rd Match. Hillary Clinton - 73. In the 45th Tournament.
    Chicago Bulls beating Magic and getting win 52.
    Cavs losing at home 110 (President) - 106 (Prophecy) In the arena were Trump started his campaign.

    All these wins had Hillary connections and she went and lost so you could say they were tributes to her losing not winning, the problem then is how do you ever tell the difference in a tribute?

    Im not to concerned with getting this wrong because to be hoenst i spent literally 0 time decoding this, my knowledge is from what Zachs broken down and general opinion. The sports tributes did have me thinking it was a wrap though.

    Question now is what kind of sports tributes will we see in the coming days? I had earmarked UFC 205 as a big tribute event for Clinton as well with McGregor making history there but ill have to revise it with this new outcome.

  36. Forget gematria people!!

    SIMPSONS are the best way to predict future

    1. We all hate the electoral college, who goes to school there anyway. I like popular vote, now both popular parties have been burned by it.

      Simpsons this week had the 9-11 reference of Milhouse's father saying 'jet fuel can't melt steel', I put that out there 3 times and no one wanted to talk about it.

      People dislike me on here and I can Never Ever get a reaction out of Zach, no matter how hard I try, lol. So far I can tell he's our hardwire into the matrix.

  37. im amazed at the smart people on here don't realize I pet goat 2 shows you what is to come. Forget Gematria it always has code for both sides but I pet goat shows you are future..Donald is cleverly hidden in the graffiti on the wall within psalms 23, Folks everything happens under the Donald timeline, The next months are gonna be Hellgate opening........

    1. Going to the library for a king James bible...

  38. Alec Baldwin does an amazing impression of Trump!

  39. So people think Trump is just gonna have a clean 4 years, and exit gracefully? Lol... Not a chance. This man was chosen for a reason. The "inexperience" narrative will be used to push many things in this country. Expect war, expect a devaluing dollar, and expect an "assassination". I repeat, NO CHANCE, this man goes a clean 4 years.

  40. Lets start to look at the MAP.
    And a republican congress.
    The Blue states will get HIT HARD!
    We need to focus on the upcoming events.

    Possible earthquake in Cali or Seattle
    Black out on the north east especially NY.
    Growing up I remember escape from NY and the sequel escape from L.A.
    I recall there was threat of Sears tower and in transformers Chicago was invaded.
    New Mexico (alien crap, project blue beam)
    Colorado river could flood.
    Tsunami in Hawaii

    Anyone else think this is not possible?

  41. They're saying Wisconsin hasn't gone to the GOP since 1984. Wisconsin helped him seal the deal. 1984 eh lol.

    1. 1984! Was a clue and the Obama lynching by trump at the Wisconsin game.

    2. Russel Wilson qb Wisconsin they won on MNF!

    3. NC lost the title game to philly
      That was a trick.
      Trump made fun of the pope and Hillary of the Catholics.

  42. Orange is 33 right? Trumps face =33
    Orange is the new black.

    Hillary was a republican turned democrat
    Trump was a democrat turned republican
    Not sure how anyone missed that too.

    Benjamin Franklin elementary since 68 has predicted the elections correctly and they picked
    Hillary at 54%. Hmm

    I think Hillary is the one that passes away. 69!

    1. Sadly, I been calling the orange is the new black thing for a minute. Trump clues were mostly ignored.

  43. Hillary dies and trump goes to jail for fraud tax evasion / trump university / sex crimes/ pedophila like the subway guy/ patriot act treason with Russia?

    Hillary said trump is puttin horse!

    Pence remains the president or the skid off the runway opens up the door for something else in his past?
    Cmon folks start decoding !!!


  45. CERN and the satanic churches popping up.

    Trump was owner of the NJ generals.
    " I know more than the generals believe me"
    " don't believe the Polls were on the lead by a lot"
    " Hillary is going to jail, lock her up"
    " not going to say much , remain calm WE will win"
    " I am brave in another way , Financially brave"
    " going to drain the swamp" Florida win
    " going to build that wall" divide and concur
    " I'm going to be the president for all people" no choice folks
    " I'm going to END all these bad deals Obama got us into" no more hand outs
    " we're going to make America great again"
    Going to turn the clock back to police state full of slaves
    " going to get rid of all the Mexicans, immigrants
    And Muslims" one world religion coming
    " I'm the least racist person I know" the KKK
    Is funding this agenda.

    Anyone else think trump was playing around??

    1. Pure Gold, Harry!! Pure Gold ...
      Crap -- now I'M repeating myself like Trump. By this time next year, everyone will be Speaking In 3's -- repeating everything at least 3 times in rapid succession. I don't know if my brain can take it en masse ...

  46. Watch for Obama going down well before 1/20/17.

  47. Trump , Brady , Belichick (Patriot Games)

    Go back and watch the movie Zack!

    Snowden went to Russia for that very reason.

    With access to nuclear codes get ready for

    Red dawn and the zombie apocalypse will occur
    Once the sheep smoke that new medical marijuana that cause Peopke to bite faces.
    Florida is the place that the test were conducted just like the 9/11 flight school just like NASA
    Same reason Reno is dead!

    1. if the patriots win i will cry. please pray for the colts to win. i need the money lol

  48. We all got punked.

    We assumed that Trump was being used to get unlikable Hillary into the White House, but really it was the opposite. She - drab, uncharasmatic, unpopular Hillary, the focal point of Clinton era hate - she was the one being used to make HIM a legitimate candidate, and their phony excrutiatingly boring and ridiculous public presidential race/wrestling match was the means to help transition the public into accepting something that would have been unthinkable 4 years ago - Donald Trump in the White House.

    An M. Night Shylammadamadingdong plot twist.

    Although we were given the clue from the beginning since a Trump card always wins. Orange faced TV star President Trump and his soft porn model, Slavic wife Melania are the thru the fun house mirror reflection of President Kennedy and his glamorous wife Jackie.

    These next few years are going to be crazy interesting.

    1. Pru -- Love this post! You nailed it. That M. Night Shama-- thing is hilarious!!
      Hillary being the REAL Straight Man of the Comedy Duo is an unexpected plot twist. A hard reminder that we live in Bizarro World -- where Everything Is Upside-Down ... & NOTHING Is As It Seems ... EVER.

  49. Reno 911 someone else brought it up and they also did a movie in Miami !

    New Star Wars movie ( rogue1) Lucas films

    Same reason CP30 has a red arm signifying the RED ARMY

    Same reason the OAK tree falls on the Rover
    And they must stop the trail blazers

    Its a gift folks ! The IPhone has no EAR POD
    We've bitten the rotten Apple. Steve Jobs was the messenger.

    Now get ready for the IPhone 8 that is built like the IPhone 4. Lmao

    Don't forget the Drones like in terminator and Arnold saying he would have run for president
    But he TERMINATED Cali, and his Wife who is a Kennedy lost him to a Mexican maid. Mexico will supply our drugs and terror.
    You think that show was for nothing.., ha NEW MEXICO (breaking bad)
    Or did you forget that the Guns that ERIC Holder lost in MEXICO were never recovered?
    Operation fast an furious.

    Connect the DOTS folks ISSIS is dead. Get ready for border wars

    1. Harry -- these posts are mind-blowing! Love it!

      (I saw there were "113 comments" -- will see if this breaks that "spell")

    2. HA! It STILL says 113 comments!!

      But you STILL produce AMAZING insights Harry -- INCREDIBLE!!! :D :D

  50. Juliani will control the Jails and Christy will control the bridges and tunnels.
    Mark Cuban will run the I.T / yeah he's a hacker by trade and also Russian
    Don't worry Obama is on the pay roll too. He's staying in a suite in DC at the NEW trump property. He is the voice of the people, the new Muhammad Ali ! Controlled opposition.
    Michelle is not going away either she's the female Jesse Jackson.
    20 dollar bill with Tubman and Jackson
    It's 20 years of the underground tunnels.
    Black woman serving her master TWICE!
    The Bush family is still in Florida and JEB son will be the president in the near future. Rubio is
    The test subject " little Rubio " same reason Ricky Rubio was not traded from wolves he's the Point GUARD

    I can go on and on. Cut the bullshit folks and open your minds!!!

  51. Sam Cooke 1964 ( long time coming)

    When you play vinyl records it spins clock wise
    When you hold the record it skips, when you swipe a record it scratches , when you turn it over there is the B side. If you play it in reverse it has a message. You need a NEEDLE and a Weight to keep the ARM on the surface. The grooves are filled with data.

    It's more than music folks. Become a deep thinker, not a REACTIONIST.

    Don't forget the UCLA flood or how the Dodgers in blue lost. They were from Brooklyn NY.
    Durant went from DC to Seattle to Oklahoma and now Oakland. Durantulla. Lost in 2012 (212) and back in 2016(216)
    I'm working on this part of the riddle.

  52. lets see if the truth community has the BALLS to start doing the leg work or we are back to Thursday night football predicting wins (AKA clues) rolls eyes.

  53. Curt cousins redskins qb " You like that!"

    Message received from Sparta aka ROME.