Monday, October 10, 2016

13 | Giants 13th hit wins Game 3 of NLDS, in the 13th inning


  1. Panik hit the walk off hit in the 13th inning, dude has a 10/30 birthday a lot like 13.

    The Giants had 6 runs 13 hits which also reads as 613, the 112th prime.

    Cubs had 5 runs 10 hits like 51, Panik = 51 O

  2. Espn's coded article:

    The writer 'Bradford Doolittle' = 81 R
    'Joe Panik' = 81 O
    The game finished on the 11th on the east coast, Oct 11 leaves 81 days left in the year.
    The article title 'Giants walk off in 13th inning to force Game 4 with Cubs' = 2850 Sumerian, October 11 is the 285th day of the year.

    Panik wears #12, 'twelve' = 24 R
    Panik = 24 R

    Montgomery came in when the score was 5-5, 'Montgomery' = 55 R

    His full name "Michael Paul Montgomery" = 102 R, game came 102 days after his birthday. In the article it even mentions Chapman registered a few pitches at 102 mph.

    1. Shut up u homo to bad u can't ask ur master y the panthers didn't when puppet

    2. Idc that they lost, the games are rigged so why the fuck would I be mad lol. Use common sense, I know it's difficult for you, but try it.

    3. yeS GeoRgE PanTeRs KnOW WHEN!

    4. Haha I ain't spend time decoding but still bet Buccs fag

  3. Former NY Basesball Giants. 13th year for Eli. Three 13s with the hitters birthday. Three 1-3 teams will make the NFL playoffs.

    1. Fairly telling that Eli is going to win his 3rd in his 13th season. Even had that shot on ESPN with 3 and 13 cerebrating together.

    2. Maybe now win it, but atleast be in it. I like him losing the big game to make the Mannings 4 for 7.

  4. John Lackey is pitching today for the Cubs
    He wears #41
    "Game four" = 41
    "John Lackey" = 41
    81 days left in the year
    He is 180K
    "Cubs" = 18
    Today is the 11th
    Lackey has 11 wins
    The sum of last nights score is 11
    "Game four" also = 86
    If you add up both starting pitchers jersey numbers (Lackey and Moore's) 41+45 = 86
    "Thirteen innings" = 86/95
    If Giants loose, Matt Moore will be 13-13 like his initials
    (M M = 13 13)
    Moore last pitched 13 days ago!

    1. Correction:
      Moore last pitched a span of 1 week and 3 days ago (13)

    2. Moore last pitched on 10/02, like (12)
      Does Lackey get his 12th win today?
      "Tuesday" = 95 1310
      "The Comeback Cubs" = 59 131

    3. Its comical that they have someone named "Lackey"
      (Lacking) facing someone named "Moore" (More)
      (Pyschological mind fuckery)
      One is "Lacking" and one has "More"
      Subliminal programming at its best, now lets see if it foreshadows a Giants win with "Moore to come" or if it is reverse psychology with the team that is "lacking" winning.

    4. Good work. Cubs weren't winning 11 straight. They need them to lose a few to keep some suspense. I fully expect them to advance today.

  5. Here's another nice little piece of info:
    Today is Bill and Hillary Clinton's 41st wedding anniversary
    We know of the Chicago connections with them there.
    "John Lackey" = 41 wears #41
    "Game four" = 41

    1. They were married in 1975 in Fayetteville Arizona.
      "Fayetteville Arizona" = 91
      "Chicago Cubs" = 91

    2. A Cubs win today could be a tribute to the Clinton's 41 year wedding Anniversary.

    3. Wow... Great find. Cubs are probably a lock to win tonight. No way they make the Giants fly from the west coast back to Chicago for a game 5.

    4. Thanks man. Yeah, that's true.

    5. Yup all the numbers have an obvious line for The Cubs Today.

      10+11+16= .. 37 ..

      10+11+20+16= .. 57 ..

      10+11+(2+0+1+6)= .. 30 ..

      1+0+1+1+(2+0+1+6)= .. 12..

      37+57+30+12= .. 136 ..

      Hundred Thirty Six" in the English Reduction system equals 91

      Chicago Cubs" in the English Ordinal system equals 91

      Cubs Win" in the English Ordinal system equals 91

      Lackey Comes into Today with 29 GS's in the 2016 Season. At Age 37.

      Thirty" in the English Reduction system equals 37

      Chicago" in the English Reduction system equals 37

      Cubs Win" in the English Reduction system equals 28/37

      Thirty Seven" in the English Reduction system equals 57

      Lackey" in the English Ordinal system equals 57

      Could the Total Date Numerology Addition number also connect with an obvious Final Score?

      Chicago Seven San Francisco Three" in the English Reduction system equals 136

    6. If Cubs are winning, I'm thinking Washington closes out today too.

    7. I think so as well. Washington's pitcher is #41 like what I mentioned above about 41.

  6. Zach i would like your opinion on this,

    Do you know if in numerology you dropped the 0? For instance 107 becomes 17. or 40 is actually 4.

    I've used this practice for sports decoding a few times and its seemed to of held true, i might just be getting lucky though.

    Have you found success by dropping it? I seem to remember a long time ago you spoke about dropping the 0 in a video.

    Im going to keep persisting with this method, i think it could be key to decoding events. One that got me today was a tennis match, 26th win = 101 prime. 101 - 11? Match was 11 days after the guys birthday.

    1. Correct. 0 don't count for shit.

    2. Sweet, think this is going to help me a ton if it holds true. Thanks for your insight, as blunt as it was haha :)

    3. For a Lord of Allusion, I can be pretty straight forward. Now, there are times when 0s stay, like 106s showing up for prophecy, etc, but at the same time these 106s are popping in '16, so it can be interchangeable. I find they usually lead down similar paths to sports answers, whether the 0 stays or not that is, and often are playing off one another.

      Keep doing what you do, you got a great mind for it.

    4. Yeah i understand the importance of certain number sequences. Do you find the 0 holds true if its at the end of the number e.g 40? My research is drawing me to the conclusion that it only drops in the middle of other numbers but holds significance at the end?

  7. Haven't had the chance to break it down yet, but would be good to look into the NLCS start date and see if we can find anything to determine today's games outcome.

  8. 10/11/2016
    10+11+20+16 = 57
    10+11+2+1+6 = 30
    1+1+1+2+1+6 = 12
    10/11/16 = 37
    10+11 = 21
    1+1+1+20+16 = 39

    Today to Yearend - 81D, 2M 20D, 11W 4D. End Date 82D, 2M 21D, 11W 5D
    Today to WS - 14D, 2W. End date 15D, 2W 1D

    Joe Ross #41 Age 23 5/21/1993
    Season Record 7-5 93 SO 1.30 WHIP ERA 3.43
    Career Record 12-10 162 SO 1.22 WHIP ERA 3.52
    Bday to GDay 143 D, 4M 20D, 20W 3D. End Date 144D, 4M 21D, 20W 4D
    Gday to Bday 222D, 7M 10D, 31W 5D. ENd Date 223D, 7M 11D, 31W 6D
    Joseph Andrew Ross = R74/R83/R92/R101, O209 S1254 G1253
    Joseph Ross = R45/R54/R63/R72, O144 S864 G603
    Joseph = R28/R37, O73 S438 G253
    Andrew = R29 O65 S390 G650
    Joe Ross = R29/R38/R47, O101, S606 G425
    Joe = R12, O30, S180 G75
    Ross = R17/R26/R35, O71 S426 G350

    Last start vs dodgers to today 111D, 3M 19D, 15W 6D. End date 112D, 3M 20D, 15W 7D

    Clayton Kershaw #22 Age 28 3/19/1988
    Season Record 12-4 172So .72 WHIP ERA 1.69
    Career Record 126-60 1918SO 1.01 WHIP ERA 2.37
    Bday to Gday 206D, 6M 22D, 29W 3D. End date 207D, 6M 23D, 29W 4D
    Gday to Bday 159D, 5M 8D, 22W 5D. End Date 160D, 5M 9D, 22W 6D
    Clayton Edward Kershaw - R86/R95, O230 S1380 G2372
    Clayton Kershaw - R58/R67, O175 S1050 G1768
    Clayton - R27, O90 S540 G1044
    Edward - R28, O55 S330 G604
    Kershaw - R31/R40, O85 S510 G724

    Joe Ross
    Bday to GDay Include End date 144 Days. Time = 144, Mark of the Beast = 144, which relates to Revelation 14:9,10 and Revelation 13. There are 14 days until the start of the World Series, LA = 13. Revelation = 121. Joe Ross Record 12-10. L = 12, A = 1
    First 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666.
    Joe Ross possible career record with win 13-10. Revelation 13:16-17. (13:1).6+17 = 23 like his age.
    Joe Ross has 93 Strikeouts on the season. Saturn = 93
    Gday to Bday 222 Days (222). 7M 10D (71). End Date 223D Masonic = 223, The Synagogue of Satan = 223, 7M 11D (711)
    Joseph Andrew Ross = R74/R83/R92/R101. Masonic/Jesus/Cross = 74. Kershaw Career WHIP 1.01
    Todays date numerology 12. Both starters have 12 Win parallels.
    144 is the 12th Fibonacci Number.
    57 date numerology. Fifty-Seven = 131, Joe Ross could be 13-10 for his career
    Washington = R49. Revelation = 49
    Kershaws 23rd start
    Ross 20th start
    Kershaw 2-1 in postseason on short rest. Today to Yearend 2M 20D. 2-2 post season short rest record or tie this series up 2-2 for #22.
    I also noticed Kershaw is 28 years old and born in 88. That's the last time the Dodgers won the World Series and Dave Roberts was the 28th overall pick in the draft.
    I'm too burnt out to find Kershaw parallels that hold any water.

    1. All that bullshit to say what fag nothing

    2. if you are going to insult,at least make a clear point and sound literate about it.All your quote proves is you are another American cattle who cant think deeply about anything

    3. Ross got some crazy numbers working for him today, but I'd hate to go against my Dodgers vs Giants NLCS prediction.

    4. Joey - Oh and if you forgot,

  9. did you say something earlier about thinking 39 and new york teams had something to do with anything? Maybe the Dodgers were that part of it? an ex NY team

  10. Last time Kershaw pitched in the post season on short rest was 52 weeks. Prophecy = 52

  11. 1st inning Nats 1 Run 1 Hit, Dodgers 2 Runs 1 hit. What I see here is L=12 A=1. Revelation...

    The last time kershaw pitched on short rest in the post season, Gonzalez drove in the 1st run and they won the game. Todays game Gonzalez drove in the first runs.

    1. Looks like a Dodgers win. Nats pulled their pitcher in the 4th inning so he won't get the win or lose. Career Record will stay on 12-10

    2. He still would get the lost.

    3. Ok must not be the same if they were to win since he didn't pitch 5 innings

    4. pitching 5 innings is only to determine if you can get a chance for the win.

  12. Last time Kershaw pitched on short rest in the post season, Daniel Murphy drove in the first run, todays game does the same thing. You can't make this shit up, considering Murphy was on the METS last year.

  13. Kershaw hit a double. The last time a Dodgers pitcher had an extra base hit in the playoffs was in 1988. The year they won the World Series.

    28 Years ago.
    Kershaw Age - 28
    Dave Roberts - 28th draft pick
    1988. Kershaw born in 88, Vin Scully 88 years old.

  14. Score 2-4, Joc Pederson age 24, drove in a run to make it 5-2, 52 prophecy.

    Joc born on 4/21. Prince said all we could go by was 'prophecy'. He also had a song I would die 4 U. Let us begin with "4 U". 'U' is the 21st letter, so 4 U is 4 21, a lot like 4/21, or April 21, the day prince died.