Monday, October 10, 2016

93 | October 9, 2016 Presidential Debate began at 9:03 PM EST, and ended 93-minutes later +Other 93 references in VP & 1st Presidential Debate

One website wrote that Donald Trump sniffled 93 times.

From the VP debate, Kaine and Pence, this was said:

Also, notice this article from USA Today just before the first debate.  A mention of '93', in your face.


  1. There is a part in the debate where Trump was bashing Hillary about her 33,000 emails and he actually says "with you deleting 39,000 emails, again, you should be ashamed of yourself." and it made me instantly think of when he say's "711" instead of "911" of course I refer to 911 as 711 myself because Sept means 7, like building 7 and two Elevens.

    Also this just came to me as well, remember the commercial for the Arnold Palmer, the Lemonade and Ice -t commercial, at the end of that commercial the fake customer holds up a sign that says how much she saved money and it says $711 saved

    There is another commercial that was playing recently and I forget who the product is but they are in an office building and the building is going "nuts" people going crazy lights flickering and what I noticed on the back was a digital clock that was hanging on the wall and a bunch of number patterns flashing over and over and in the middle it writes out "help me" and then goes back to flashing different numbers.

    It makes me think of that movie "1408" with Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack where Samuel plays a character who works at a famous hotel that has a haunted room number 1408 and Cusack is the curious Ghost writer who wants to prove it wrong the "traveling fool" and its based around a digital clock in the room and every time it freaks out and switches numbers different affects happen to Cusack in the room.

    I am kinda rambling but I also wanted to mention this too, the Number 1408. There is a guy by the name Hermes Trismegistus, he is the purported author of the Hermetic Corpus, a series of sacred texts that are the basis of Hermeticism. The phrase "as above so below" He is also referred to as the Egyptian god Thoth or Tehuti, a lord of wisdom and learning. Said to have created our language math science astrology

    well anyway, Hermes Trismegistus = 1408 in English Gematria

    1. I saw that. He went from 33,000 to 39,000 in the same sentence, and Clinton had a big grin on her face during it.

    2. I caught that too. We know why he included 39 with 33.

    3. Did you hear Clinton mention how she'd go after Al-"Bag Daddy"...hahaha. This made-up al-Baghdadi character has already been reported dead at least 3-4 times. It's hilarious. I guess we have to get him 5 more times to finish him off.

  2. They are making a big deal about that fat guy in the debate audience with the red sweater...his name is

    Kenneth bone = 50/113

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  4. Finally some good political meat to chew on.

    I'm getting bored of incorrect breakdowns of sports games by 'some' of the free to find sheep. Its good for the community, but no wonder Progressive is making fun of truthers.

    A lot of amateurs are posting in comments, which is good, but I learned for over a year and a half, with a conspiracy trodden background back to McVeigh and Koresh, before posting on the site at all. You gotta put your time in and study. In sports there are too many insignificants,

    "oh, in the first quarter the clock was at 1:33 and #93 made a tackle, is that significant Zach? 93 and 93? Are my shit stained browns going to win? Can you do a breakdown of my team so I can make a bet, too?"

    Keep breaking it down, Zach is a great mentor, but even he runs a narrative, he's from the west coast, which is not at all like the east coast, south or midwest. Hence why our narratives and guesses often can be much different.

    The Decent Exposure is what we're all after. But after their pants are down, then what? What's the next step?

    1. In a way, I hear you... I do feel like the obsession over proving that sports are rigged, can get the better of us. It's important to expose it, but I do tend to think that sometimes we might over analyze the box scores, stats, etc... I also noticed that it's definitely much easier to predict a championship than a single game. It's kinda annoying to see people use this great knowledge for betting purposes only. So yeah, there are times I feel like we are playing into their hands.