Wednesday, November 9, 2016

February 24, 2016, the potential Donald Trump presidency (YouTube)

The light was talking to me.


  1. We live within a wheel within wheels. The outside is always talking to us. Kinda like opening your eyes to the truth, you have to open your "ears" to another truth. Much love, Z.

    1. He is not president yet. He does not take office till January. The 'Trump' Illuminati card says:

      "Enough is Enough" = 168
      "ISIS Sleeper Cell" = 168

      "Donald J Trump Murder" = 227 <===
      Pi = 22 / 7

      "Twenty Two divided by Seven equals Pi" = 144
      "Kill" = 44 [Trump the 44th person to be President]
      "Forty Four" = 144
      "Time" = 144

      What is interesting about the term:
      "Donald J Trump Assassination" = 308

      Kind of like the Rifle round .308 [Death = 38]
      If you write out:

      "Three Zero Eight" = 88
      "Trump" = 88

      It is just a future book from Bill O'Reilly:
      "Killing Donald Trump" = 212

      The foundation is complete:
      "Foundation Completed" = 212
      "Foundation Completed" = 777
      "Order out of Chaos" = 777

      In Reduction:
      "Killing Donald Trump" = 86
      "Foundation Completed" = 86
      "Southern Border Wall" = 86

      And again:
      "Killing Donald Trump" = 95
      "Southern Border Wall" = 95

      I will believe Trump will be the President, when that day actually comes. Until then, Obama is still the President. They didn't do those mock campaign attacks on Trump for nothing. They are telling us something.

    2. If that happens, Trump will be the 5th Presidental Assasination while in Office:

      "Fifth President Killed" = 212
      "Foundation Completed" = 212
      "Foundation Completed" = 212
      "Foundation Completed" = 777
      "Order out of Chaos" = 777

      If we write out 777:
      "Seven Hundred Seventy Seven" = 314 [Pi]
      22 /7 = 3.14 = Pi

      "Donald J Trump Murder" = 227 <===

    3. Somebody is going down 2-27. It has been foretold.

    4. Maybe I had it backwards, thinking Hillary would eat it before inauguration, a la the president-elect in Jeff Greenfield's (with the 10/6 prophecy birthday) novel The People's Choice. The president-elect who dies in that book is named MacArthur Foyle = 166, the book's ominous tagline “Read this while it's still fiction” = 166, Trump has the 66 life number and 166th day birthday this year, the year of 666. Foyle = 63, Donald John Trump = 63 (jew. reduced, you better be using it).

      The People's Choice = 164/83, Jeff Greenfield = 164, and Donald Trump = 138 and was born 6/14/46.

    5. Lord -- did you see where Taylor Swift threw an onstage 20th b-day party on Monday for her friend "Lorde" (!! ... lol) -- & they sang a duet called "Royals"??

    6. I did not, Lorde is very reveling in her lyrics. Go look up Royals, and better yet, look up TEAM. Tells it all.

      Apparently Tay-Swi is working on a series of duets with other other ladies of POP. Gotta cash in when they cash you in.

      That is 1 month 6 days till Tay's birthday or 52 days with the end day.

      Also, 16 weeks perfectly till her death.

      Here we go again=118

    7. Then if you go from Tay-Dogs bday to Lordie Lordie's 21st in 2017, that is a demobic 329 days(9-23 all over, ask Tal Golden!!), or 47 weeks.

      Even better, from the day of death 2-27 to Lady Lords's 21st on 11-8-17 is the other demonic 253 that likes to show up or 8 months 11 days, back to the 88 which holds this whole thing together.

      Oh, and I am coded into it too, it seems, as my own birthday matches up crazily with all the players involved and I will be 38 years, 3 months, and 3 days old on 2-27.

      Yelchin-Swift-Shaughnessy- Trinity =3267J

      3267J=February Twenty Seventh


    8. Lorde is actually a 11-7 bday, so add a day to all that, but the fun remains. 330 days between taylor and lords birthdays. 6 years 10 months 26 days with the end date.

      Which gets me thinking about isosceles triangles. Two 27° angles(Anton and Taylor)require a 126° angle to close. That is a god confirmation number. Lorde's birthday is 1 month 26 days before TS with the end date.

      I have been looking for the 126.

    9. From Antons birthday to Lordes is 7 months 27 days

      From Lords to Anton is 4 months 4 days.


    10. Fucking hell, from Anton's actual birthday is 7 years 7 months 27 days. Lol.

      Her birthday is commonly the 311th day of the year, Anton is a 3-11 baby. Expect big things for Lorde.

    11. Lordy, Lord!! What HAVE you uncovered here? These connections are piling up "Swift-ly"!

      Do think Swift's death will be the passing of the celebrity-baton (or something else ...) to Lorde? I never even heard of Lorde before -- that's how much I've avoided the Pop Scene.
      Every single time I see that name though -- Lorde -- 2 things pop into mind: Tracy Lordes the (underage) porn star turned actress, & Madonna's daughter Lourdes.
      Tay-Dog (HAD to say it -- LOVE it!) ritually passing on "something" to Lorde reminds me of that creepy tongue-kiss Madonna gave Britney Spears (I think at the VMA's?). After that it was all downhill for poor Brit-Brit. There were claims that Madonna was "passing the baton" to Britney ... but in retrospect it definitely WASN'T that. More like a Kiss Of Death -- of Brit's Career!

      That's absolutely weird about your birthday. If I were you -- around 2/27 I'd avoid ANYTHING named Swift -- & take care not to move too Swiftly! When their Spell is Cast out into the Universe -- you sure don't want to get caught up in it.
      Wouldn't THAT be some shit -- if "regular people" could get "caught up" by these rituals -- & die from what APPEAR to be "Random or Natural Deaths" -- just because of the "Numbers" attached to them?? Factor in the Gang's affinity for Dead Peasant Insurance & you can't really dismiss it altogether.

    12. There is no such thing as "regular" people. Not in this place. As "unimportant" a life like mine or yours may look to a Taylor Swift or a David Bowie or even an Obama, the Truth is they all Live through a construct of Lies, and thus do not truly Live at all. They may experince, but they can not truly feel anything, for nothing around them is real. It is the reason they live so extravagantly, they are trying so hard to feel something. So our lives, with all their pain and sorrow and misery and love and joy and happiness, is an actual Life, experinced and felt and REAL. They know how fake their lives are, but they can not even feel sorry for themselves. The only reason they cause pain and misery is because they know we hate it the most. They do not know thia because they feel it, they simply know it.

      So think that we are not connected in actual personal and fabricated coded ways to these fake ass mother fuckers is a correct assumption. We have so much more than they, and we are much more important then we could possibly know.

    13. That is the truth Lord! I wouldn't trade places with a celebrity for anything. Theirs must truly be a life of misery. I feel sorry for them. I honestly do.

    14. Thank you Lord -- you have a gift for doling out wisdom & soothing the frazzled soul. Everything you said will help me keep things in their proper perspective. You are right -- no normal person, like us -- could do the things they do. And yeh -- even though our lives have a lot of struggle & hardship -- we do actually FEEL the happiness & joy too.

      I'm definitely off kilter right now because I never thought this fucking election bullshit would faze me in the least ... yet today I was actually shocked & -- I admit it -- kind of depressed. "Idiocracy" isn't funny to me anymore -- it's fucking PROPHETIC.

      Something different happens when you're a grandparent. You WORRY about the world you're grandkids are going to inherit as adults. And hardest of all -- since you're no longer "The Parent Who's In Charge Of Things" -- you lack any Power to take (real) Action. All you can do is advise & offer up the knowledge you've gained -- but believe me, grown-up kids don't want to hear it any more than they did when they were teenagers ... (so brace yourself for the future!).
      It all wouldn't seem so dire if this were 20 or 30 years ago. But today's generation of parents are so complacent about what's being done to their kids that it's downright scary. At least in the '80's we weren't AFRAID to butt heads with "authority figures" & we would've rallied against idiotic rules & over-involvement of the system into EVERY facet of a kid's life.
      Now though, the mantra is: You have no idea how little it takes for "Them" to call in CPS." That fearsome specter is hung over GOOD parents' heads like an axe -- even for "discrepancies" ... such as a kid forgetting to have BOTH parents sign their ridiculous "Daily Log".
      I understand their fear ... but not their failure to comprehend the absolute insanity of it all -- & the fact that NONE of these totalitarian "regulations" have ANYTHING to with LEARNING.
      I can't even believe how literally fucking retarded the shit they're teaching now has become. My grandkids aren't stupid -- but they ARE being MADE DUMB. Which makes me so damned mad I can't even process it. I try to teach them what I can ... but they're also being TAUGHT (get this): "Don't listen to your parents & grandparents about this ... they don't understand how things are done now." Can you BELIEVE that propagandistic BULLSHIT?!?

      Excuse my (seemingly random) curse-filled tirade ... lol ... maybe tomorrow will be brighter now that I've vented a little. Actually, I'm already starting to feel quite a bit better! :D

      Thank you most of all for your last sentence. I sure NEEDED that reminder. You're timing was impeccable, & your wisdom & kind words are appreciated much more than you can possibly know. ;D :D

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  4. Really good video Zach. You and LoA are right, the narrative was there for DT all along. These 2 were always one in the same candidate. The result was going to be decisive all along. Listening to these guys now pander to him is so disgusting. You are 100% correct he's nothing but an entertainer and is just another member of the elite. It baffles me that people can't see that. Thank you for your work. Stay positive and keep it up the movement for true change.

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  7. What is most infuriating about Trump is that people act like he's the champion of the he our saviour or something. They are so blind. Who can possibly think that this man is not part of the ELite? How can anyone in the truth community not realize that he's a "builder"...hello...freemason! My husband was going on last night about how electing Trump is like a big eff you to the establishment and I was just trying not to laugh in his face. People have been played so hard. The elite did not get fucked...they never do. Now we probably have Hitler 2.0 coming our way. Whatever...this country was screwed either way. This election was merely a litmus test to see just how successful the elite have been at brainwashing the masses into being completely and bafflingly ignorant. Well..I think it's safe to say that they have been successful. The light was speaking to you Zach...keep listening to that. The darkness can't survive in the light. Their time is coming to an end...

    1. That is what kills me about it all too. People feel like a coup just took place. Nothing took place. Nothing changed.

    2. Exactly. I just turned on some healing frequency binaural beats and I'll be damned if the dark side is going to get to me today. Because you are exactly right...nothing has changed. The struggle continues...and so does our mission to spread truth.

    3. Most people are "Brainwashed Idol Worshiping Puppets" you can't even have an intelligible conversation with most.

    4. "Two Thousand Sixteen Election" = 457 = "Goy"

      "Goy" = 457 [88th Prime]
      "Trump" = 88

      If we write out 88:
      "Eighty Eight" = 69
      "World War III" = 69

      What's atop of the Freemasonic Arch? 69 <===

      It is pretty interesting that:
      "Forty Fourth President Elect" = 138
      "Donald Trump" = 138

    5. Butler -- you're so wise! You nailed it with Hitler 2.0 -- EXACTLY.
      The man who wrote Trump's "Art of the Deal" recently wrote an article saying that if he'd known where it would lead, he NEVER would've have assisted with that SCAM.

      Most interestingly -- he noted that ALL past presidents have been big readers ... but that Trump NEVER read.
      EXCEPT -- he kept One Book with him at ALL TIMES. (And remember, he's talking about a time in the '80's!!)

      It was a book full of HITLER'S SPEECHES -- & analysis of what made them so SUCCESSFUL.

      Just read the transcript of Trump's "Victory Speech" -- & damned if it didn't have the EXACT same tone & cadence as Hitler's ... though honestly -- Hitler was probably More Eloquent (& how depressing is THAT?!)

      I think we're about to get our comeuppance for demonizing the German people after WW2. Everyone said "How could they have NOT known?"
      Well ... I think we're getting a REPLAY to show us.

  8. Light and darkness are the same. Matter and dark matter. Duality folks . Trump is Hillary and vice versa.
    Truth and lies same thing.
    Love or EvoL
    Man or woman
    This shit is a figure a 8 folks trump is 88. You guessed it the parall-EL

    I think I mentioned this before. Takes a certain type of Awakening to finally realize this. I fought it at first.

    Neo defeated the Matrix by doing something simple. DISCONNECT. DISC( wheel) Con (deception) ect( everything)

    Glad you found the mirror Zack.

    1. It is hard to come around too. Good words Mr. Butt.

    2. The light and the dark of the material world yes...but I am starting to see that there is something outside of all of this. Outside of time and space...and that is the light that I'm aspiring to. I love your analogies though...I agree. It's quite freeing once you realize everything is a cycle of lies. You don't have to physically escape in order to be free...only mentally. Turning off the tv was the first step. If you don't watch it...the matrix almost ceases to exist completely. Now if I could get off the internet! That is harder...because I enjoy learning from you all so much!

    3. @LOA
      You and I are on the same wavelength. @butler I agree with you. It feels lonely at first, but you have to master the force! , I grew up without internet, was afraid at first. Now I spend a lot of time here as well. I found like minded people or did I? Someone else mentioned that our awakening is sort of done to fulfill the duality. It's either everyone is awake or none at all. This becomes tug of war. I've mastered following the script and independent thinking. I realized it's a full circle. Oroborus !
      Find something that you love to do and DO it!
      Be passionate we cannot fix this matrix or decode it. It dissolves once you do not exist in it.
      This program is ALIVE(A.I) this program can rewrite itself and it knows all we do except one thing! FUN!! Children are the key( fun times) I spend time with my 7 year old playing soccer and I feed off that energy. There is a reason the Elite want to corrupt and harm kids or baby goats!

    4. Go back to your best memories, they probably all include childhood, unless you got abused. Even then licking an Ice cream cone was great. My grandmother is 92. I get plenty of advice from her. She's the real Oracle! We talked prior to election and she was always worried. That her grand children would endure more PTSD from this election. 9 decades is a LONG time.
      Lots of wisdom. She's healthy, never drank or smoked, married once, had 8 kids only 2 left.
      She works out, does yoga and watches cartoons.
      Laughs all day and praises god but hates religion. She's my hero. When she passes I know that there is one light being that lived love laughed. Good day all.


    5. You don't have to cut off from/ never watch TV or use the Internet again. All you have to do is realize it's fiction, and not allow yourself to get caught up in the drama no matter how many other people are. That's when u can say you are a master, I think. When you can view it as light (in every sense of the word) entertainment, or background noise. Cultural wallpaper maybe. Performance art.

      Trying to ignore the matrix won't do any good. All artists want to be appreciated, and I think it would just keep banging on our door, growing ever more shocking until it gets attention.

      I was thinking of how Donald Trump reminded me of the kind of used car salesman, pull-my-finger, annoying uncle everyone has who teases the kids unmercifully, making them cry until they wise up enough to quit falling for his bull shit.

      Light Entertainment
      37/73 reflection
      35/53 numerical
      Middle ground would be 36/63

    6. YES...thank you...those are wise words. Learning and playing brings us to life. That is what they cannot steal unless we let them. You made me smile! I'm so glad I have 2 little kids...they remind me the point of all this craziness.

    7. Grandmother's are where it's at. I have a great one as well. She keeps me sane. I'm about to buy a farm and move her in with us actually! We are going to get chickens, goats and get some food independence. I'm really excited. Going to teach my kids how to LIVE!

    8. There's so much wisdom in these words -- from all of you! I took screenshots of this exchange so I can print it out. These are Truths I want to hold onto! I realize these are points we must grow to "know within ourselves" ... but sometimes -- especially when the shit's flying hard & fast around you -- it's hard to mentally articulate them as well as you guys have.

    9. Ya'll are right about Grandmothers (& grandfathers too ... Lol) It's important to absorb their wisdom while we can, & be grateful for it. Too many don't realize this until it's too late.
      Grandparents also hold our ONLY link to the TRUTH about the past. Their memories are Oral Histories -- & they're the ONLY source we can trust 100%.

    10. I liked what you said Pru -- about the futility of ignoring the matrix. How it's an artist that wants attention & appreciation. That really got to me. It's something I'd never considered before. But it DOES seem to be True.

      I've periodically "checked out" when the Overlords have been screwing with me -- & you're right ... things just get worse. Until I reach the point of saying, "Fuck This Shit All To Hell & Back Again!" ... & go back to doing my thing. I honestly think embracing the "Fuck It" attitude has something to do with restoring balance.

      Maybe ya'll can tell me why that would be? I just know it's happened pretty consistently. "Letting Go" just isn't a sufficient "answer" for me ... I need more clarity than that. Hoping you guys can expound & pass on your words of wisdom about this ... Life's been a Pressure Cooker for me lately -- & I'd REALLY like to End The Loop! :D

    11. Misyy I find the way to balance is to disconnect from all the electronics and be in nature even for a short while. Butlers idea about buying a farm is perefect - disengage as much as possible while existing within. For me personally meditation and yoga are a fantastic source of balance. Peace.

    12. Sue G -- thanks for your helpful words. It's funny -- I've given similar advice to others ... but honestly, sometimes it's hard to remember & apply it to yourself when everything's going wrong. I appreciate your words & encouragement so much -- sometimes we NEED another's voice to call out through the darkness & remind us where The Path is. Thanks ... :D

    13. I try to just remember to look around me and notice what's going while I'm just sitting there, listening to the song on the radio, looking out the window, admiring the colors and how well they blend with the music and background sounds, the smell of my coffee, the aftertaste of my sandwich, all these things happening and competitive for my attention at once. It's kind of a miracle really and I like to tune in and pay attention regularly throughout the day inturupt my grown up concerns to just appreciate the glint of shiny toenail polish peeking out of my sandles, and admire the way I can be aware of myself in so many different ways. It's like an opera on many levels, my own personal show within a bigger show called society.

      I also smoke a lot of weed and I've been known to enjoy a drink or ten :-)

    14. I once road this huge roller coaster called The Goliath. It didn't have any flips or corkscrews or hang upside down, so it is conventional. But this fucker is huge, and on of the perks is that your bottom and feet float up and press you against the safety barricade in your seat. The real fun is when you also let go of the safety bar with your hands and just allow the resistance to hold you in. It is a great ride that I describe to people as feeling like an egg in God's Hand.

      It is that feeling that I try best to remember at all times, and the reason I don't take alot of this seriously or let fear in my life.

      We are all just an Egg in the Hand of God. One which He will not let break. Growth takes pain, ask any toddler,

    15. Weed is one of the best remedies for the stupid as i call it. Along with taking walks, dogs and cats, reading, playing guitar or listening to music, and anything else that makes u happy.
      I like to drink and be a social butterfly sometimes but truthfully I prefer hanging out with stoners because they know how to hang out and just be quiet together only talking occasionally, very chill.

    16. I gots some good good right now, follow the Devil and come on down ta Georgia.

    17. THANK YOU -- All Of You! Your advice is SO helpful & so beautifully written. I will do as you suggest & remember the wonder of the simple things ... & how we really are an Egg in the Hand of God. Perhaps I still want to engage in The Fight too much -- when what He really wants me to do is RELAX ... & let Him take the Worry from me. You're right -- to let that happen ... first I've got to Be Still -- INSIDE.

      You have NO idea how bad I wish I COULD partake of the bud. I KNOW that would "center" & calm my soul. But -- the system has me in a bind. I have a lot of severe pain (from my MS & numerous old injuries) & to receive ANY kind of medication that helps with pain requires that you regularly pass drug screens. One dr told me that he knows marijuana helps with MS, but as long as it's FEDERALLY "illegal" -- testing positive for weed will result in NO more medication for pain. And here in KY it's not even an Option.
      Even though I've ALWAYS complied -- not long ago I was put in a Double-Bind when they Claimed I tested positive for weed. Which was IMPOSSIBLE. But I found out that the patient has NO recourse when so Accused, & was "Fired" -- by a dr I'd seen without ANY prior "problems". Looking on the Internet, I discovered that this is happening All Over The Country. Bogus "test results" are being used to dump patients who's conditions are expected to deteriorate over time, It's part of the Obamacare mandate that penalizes Drs based on "Outcomes". If their patients don't "Show Improvement" -- eventually the dr won't get paid & could be fined. No one in the health field gives a damn about the PATIENT anymore. Their concerns are the DEA, their license & keeping that Money Train on track.

      Meanwhile I've got one last hope for relief -- an upcoming appt that (luckily) was made last Spring (!). If they don't help me, I may be "heading to GA" for a relaxing chat with the Lord! Prior to finding a med that actually helped, I hadn't found weed all that effective for pain ... but when all else fails ... they Force you to do what you gotta do. Which is EXACTLY (I think) why their REALLY denying help to those in legitimate pain. Gotta drive the Black Market somehow. One way or another, they'll eventually make "criminals" of us all.

      Probably TMI for online ... but it's hard to give a shit about stuff like that anymore when you KNOW that Nothing's Private Anyway.
      Thanks again for your support guys -- like I said, it's VERY much appreciated! ;D :D

  9. Today is the 314th day of the year = Pi Day? Matt Corey mentioned it being 227 days since the Tombstone incident.

    Today leaves 52 left in the year, 52 = Prophecy, Infinity, Heart, Ordo (priest of sacred heart?), L. Ron Hubbard, Six, California, Akron Ohio

    Also, NicksRSR mentioned that we are coming up on the 52 year anniversary of the JFK assassination

    1. Oh wow! Today has some wicked interesting numerology. I'm going to go back and watch all of Zach's video's on the Trump assassination predictive programming...

  10. We are on their timeline. Don't forget Taxi Driver. Trump card.

    1. Trump will be the 45th President?

      "Forty Fifth President Murder" = 322
      "Military Industrial Complex" = 322 [Skull and Bones]

      How about:
      "Forty Fifth President Killed" = 1776 [National Birth]

  11. Just heard another test of the Emergency Broadcast System. There sure have been a lot of them lately.

  12. Dude the Mexicans at work are blaming the blacks for secretly voting for trump and the blacks blaming the Mexicans I fuckin hate this fuckin system divide and conquer already in play and where the fuck do these people even get those thoughts ..

  13. So funny how Trump said the primaries were rigged - which they were but only the Democrats were busted out - and he won. Then the national election is rigged and Trump supporters are in an UPROAR about rigged voting, Texas voting machine, ballot box stuffing, yada yada - and Trump wins. Silence on the rigging...crickets chirping. What's so funny is what a mockery this has made of people who were so passionate about him - absolutely everything they complained about and championed him for are a mockery of what they think they're getting. Mass Mocking indeed.