Monday, October 24, 2016

16 43 50 68 | MNF preview, Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos, October 24, 2016 (Discussion Thread)

10/24/2016 = 10+24+20+16 = 70 (Game comes 70-days after Kubiak's birthday) (70 career losses)
10/24/2016 = 10+24+(2+0+1+6) = 43 (Champion) (Broncos, defending champions)
10/24/2016 = 1+0+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 16 (Sixteen = 33) (MNF = 33)
10/24/16 = 10+24+16 = 50 (Broncos won Super Bowl 50) (Texans hosting Super Bowl 51)

The coach of the Broncos, who is the former coach of the Texans, also ties into the '43' picture.

The game comes 70-days after Kubiak's August 15 birthday.

October 24 is the day that leaves 68-days left in the year.  'Denver' sums to '68'.

As for the all-time record between the two teams...

Notice the Broncos lead 3-2, meaning this will be the 6th time the two teams have played.

If the Texans win, that will make them 3-3 on MNF (33).

Notice the pattern of their past match ups...

Broncos win, Texans win, Broncos win, Texans win, Broncos win.... if the pattern continued, the Texans would win tonight, evening the series at 3-3, on 'MNF'.

The last time the Texans won at the Broncos was September 23, 2012.  That's the day leaving 99-days left in the year, reminding of JJ Watt, #99, who is out for the season.

Let us examine the records of the starting QBs.

This game comes 303-days after Siemian's 24th birthday and 63-days before his 25th birthday.

If Osweiler won, against his old team, he would be 10-4, 104-days before Super Bowl 51, in Houston Texas. 

This game comes 337-days after Brock's 25th birthday and 29-days before his 26th birthday.

Football = 29; Texans = 20/29

The coach of the Broncos, Gary Kubiak, the former coach of the Texans, is back to coach this game.  He sat out last week, by the numbers, for Thursday Night Football, as shown.

Notice Gary is looking for his 17th win with the Broncos in his 23rd game.  If he earns his 17th win tonight, Bill O'Brien will earn his 17th loss.  This game comes 70-days after his August 15th birthday, or a span of 71-days.  He could potentially earn his 71st career loss.

The coach of the Texans, Bill O'Brien, celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday, October 23, 2016.  His home stadium is hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

He is searching for his 23rd win.  Again, 83 is the 23rd prime.

Football = 83; Colorado = 83; Texans = 83

Notice this will be his 39th game.  NRG = 39; Peyton retiring at '39' last year.

Closing thought, if the Broncos win, home teams will be 8-6-1 this week.

Broncos = 86; Denver = 68 (Day that leaves 68-days left in the year)
If the Broncos loses, home teams will be 7-7, in Week 7.  Also, Kubiak will be stuck on 77-wins.

Here are their respective all-time records on MNF.

If Houston loses, they'll be 4-4, kind of like '44', the date numerology of Super Bowl 51.

Conspiracy = 51; Houston Texans = 51

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (Date of Super Bowl 51)

If the Texans become 5-3, it will be a tribute to Bill O'Brien.