Monday, October 24, 2016

33 62 | Jay-Z to have benefit concert for Hillary Clinton, November 8, 2016

12-years ago and 8-years, it was 'P-Diddy'.

I wonder if Beyonce will be there?


  1. ZACH!! I was looking up more about Pete Burns on Wikipedia, turns out one of the sub-genres of music that Dead or Alive fell into was called, no shit, "HI-NRG"!! NRG??!! WHAT?

    From Wikipedia:
    In the mid-1980s, Hi-NRG producers in the dance and pop charts included Ian Levine and trio Stock Aitken Waterman, both of whom worked with many different artists. Stock Aitken Waterman had two of the most successful Hi-NRG singles ever with their productions of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" (UK #1, Can. #1, & US #11 in 1985) and Bananarama's "Venus" (US #1, Can. #1, & UK #8 in 1986).
    LEVINE? WATERMAN? They strike again!

    1. That was 30 years ago. Who knows how long it had been since he'd had any contact with them. That's quite an extrapolation.

    2. Yes, an obvious Jewish troll plant.

    3. He thinks he's giving us poor deluded crazies a dose of "realism."


    4. Yep -- Adam's recent "Don't hate me because my ancestors were Jewish" rant was priceless ... & so transparent. If you look back far enough, most everybody has some relative who was Jewish, so that's a mute point. Unfortunately though, Adam failed to get the Gematria gene -- this topic really seems to confuse him.

      Take Pru's advice (10/22 -- AT&T Buys Time Warner ...) & expand your research. You'll discover that ISOPSEPHY was practiced by the ancient Greeks & that every ancient culture understood these methods.

      Of course, if you aren't here to learn, it won't matter & your snarky comments will prove your true intent..

  2. Have you notice zach that both teams in the world series named starts with the the letter C. Like 33

  3. On the tv show, super girl, Monday episode 10/24/16 super girl meet the president which to be a woman president. Is that a sign?

  4. Started doing a rough breakdown of game 1 of the world series;
    Jon Lester of the cubs vs Corey Kluber of the indians.
    Jon Lester's initials are J (10) L (12) a lot like 112 in the 112th world series.

    I tried finding Lester's playoff record it looked like it was 8-6 to me when i added up the wins and losses, not sure it's accurate though. If that's the case he may lose to become 8-7 as a tribute to Clinton.

    On the other hand;
    The date num is 10/25/2016 = 71/44/17/51

    The date num of 71 is favorable to the cubs, been 71 years since their last world series appearance.
    The cubs manager's name 'Maddon'=51

    Lester=34 with S-exception
    he's starting against the 'Indians' 34 R

    The game is in 'Cleveland' 33 R ('Game one'=33)
    The game comes 167 days before Kluber's next birthday, 167 is the 39th prime (Jon=39)
    The game also comes 199 days after Kluber's birthday, 199 is the 46th prime. (Chicago=46, Chicago cubs=46)
    'Terrence Jon Francona'=199

    The game comes 106 days before Joe Maddon's birthday (106=prophecy)
    Jon Lester is pitching 293 days after his birthday, 293 is the 62nd prime, Joe Maddon is 62 years old.

    Also 'Joseph John Maddon'=72 (Francona=72)

    Terry Francona is pitching 187 days after his birthday, 187 is the homicide code number in CA, could signal the loss in this game.
    'Terrence Jon Francona'=91
    'Chicago cubs'=91
    'Francona'=36, is looking for playoff win #36 against 'Joe Maddon'=36
    If Francona loses he'd be 7-3 with the Indians in the playoffs, his opposing manager's first name 'Joseph'=73

    I'm leaning cubs for game 1, it likely will be a back and forth series to get it to game 7 though.

  5. Last nights final score


    1. That's 3 repeating. Not the same as 33. Anymore than 1/4 (.25) is the same as 25. The 3s go on forever.

    2. Three Repeating=151, 906, 505

      The Threes Go On Forever=248, 1488, 1474

      The First Man Was an Idiot=248, 1488

    3. Good eyes Stephen. I was thinking of baseball when I saw the score.
      9 innings
      MLB = 27 (2+7 = 9)
      Indians and Cubs, 9-9 all time.
      I say whoever wins Game 1, wins Game 2 as well, to get the record to 9-11, or 11-9.

    4. Didn't think of that, if it doesn't go 7, I am thinking Cubs in 5 to match their last WS win 4-1.

  6. As of 5 hrs ago, they finally decided the date would be 11/4 -- but the location STILL hasn't been determined.
    Of course they want people to go ahead & GET their tickets NOW, NOW, NOW!!

    Info came from -- the link to "Get your tickets now" connects to The tickets -- they say -- are FREE.

    What venue, I wonder, can handle a FULL-CAPACITY CROWD with only ONE WEEK'S NOTICE? (Hell, even dr. appts. have to be made weeks -- or months -- in advance.)

    I assume the city leaders will "expect a rowdy crowd" -- so that means extra security too.

    This all sounds too OVERTLY slap-dash for there not to be some agenda attached. It is -- after all -- CLEVELAND.
    Could somebody be hoping to incite riots when the "venue" suddenly falls through -- right as fans are clamoring to get in? Or will Jay-Z suddenly "get the flu" once they're all locked inside?

    All I know is -- people with any sense at all will avoid this potential set-up like the plague.
    The "REICHSTAG FIRE" & "The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire" are templates that have been used before.
    BTW: The Supper Club Fire (5/28/77) is also known as the "CINCINNATI Supper Club Fire" -- because it occurred 2 miles from there in Southgate, KY ... & most of the 165 killed were from OHIO.

    Just a cautious thought ...