Monday, October 24, 2016

22 59 | Obamacare premiums set to rise 22% on average in 2017 (Hello slavery)

Obamacare = 59; Slave = 59


  1. I feel like we're a second or third world country with good technology sometimes, with shit like this. Insurance run healthcare sucks, government run healthcare sucks, so in the USA we'll just have the worst of both worlds and make it fascist, corporatist healthcare where people die that shouldn't, and trading your child to the ER because they are coughing up blood at 9 pm on a Sunday and everywhere else is closed will end up costing you $600+ WITH INSURANCE. I don't think anything pisses me off more than Western Medicine; police state and propaganda are a very close second!

    1. Amen!! Our medical system is the number 1 killer. They never cure a damn thing and they charge people a small fortune for nothing. I stay the hell away from doctors. It's all such BS. They don't know anything about actually healing anyone. Forcing this BS insurance on people is criminal. Of course, most people haven't figured out how to take care of themselves and get off the death plan of "modern medicine" they think they need insurance. I'm with pisses me off more than anything. If forced medical care gets any worse, I will seriously have to in EXIT the US...or go into hiding! Lying to me about shooting hoaxes is one thing...harming my children through forced medical treatments is another thing entirely!

    2. "Obamacare premiums to soar" = 271 in English Kabbalah #3,
      271 is the 58th PRIME Number,

      '58' means - "to be black or dark /for Obama/, to sadden, gloomy, unhappy, Rest /leaving office soon/" - right on the money, what else can I say?

      Check more for the Kabbalah and other correct Calculators here:

      We are putting the full list of Hebrew (and Kabbalah) and Latin Gematria Glossary very soon - up to Number 2,000 explained in full, but it takes more time for that, so keep checking at often - ONLY to REVEAL the real meanings of words (NOT the Freemasonry ones-setup with the SIMPLE ENGLISH GEMATRIA that you are using now, it limits your powers).

  2. 'Twenty two' = 39 R (like New York 39) just a subtle story for the start of Hillary's term likely.

  3. I already pay almost $600/month for the family. Pay or we charge you a penalty... even when I make payments on taxes to the Feds I get charged $120, just to make a payment a month! Fuckin ass holes

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