Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The "North Star", the best argument for a stationary earth (not-spinning), but is it a flawed argument?

Let's think about this together.  Jeff Young is trying to make me come around to the flat earth model.  So are a lot of other people.  It's an ongoing push.  He and the flat earth community ask, "How can we logically explain the existence of the 'North Star' and its seemingly fixed position on a spinning earth?  To the human eye, it never moves, it is always there, the brightest star in the sky."

The flat earth argument is as follows:

Notice the flat earth argument assumes that all stars are equidistant from earth.

Star = 58; Science = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; NASA established in '58

Then, the scientific community counters with this explanation of why Polaris is seemingly always in the same spot in the night sky.


If it is true, the scientific explanation makes sense.  If not, the flat earth community has an argument.  But there is where the problem lies.  Who can verify the mathematics of these calculations or prove otherwise?  Part of the reason for this post you're reading, is to emphasize why I do not invest the time on this topic, even though a lot of people constantly wish that I would.

As for verifying the mathematics, perhaps gematria can give us as much of an insight into the truth of these distance calculations as humanly possible at the moment.  Let's take a quick look at the gematria of the North Star aka Polaris.

Notice down below that the 'North Star' is reportedly '133 parsecs' from earth.  Notice down below that 'Polaris' also connects back to '33'.

Polaris = 36/45/90 (9) (Ninety = 33) (The Sun = 24/33)


Also take notice of the '433-light-years'.  433 light-years, eh?  Another 33?  We know the Freemason gang who worships '33' has given us science, and "Space", as we know it.  The '433' is no doubt a tribute to the Catholic Church (CC, 33) and the Jesuits within who have played their part in shaping this world to be what it is.  Remember in middle school when you learned about astronomers being beheaded by the Catholic Church?  Those history / science lessons were no coincidence.  The divide and conquer programming has been lifelong with us.  Anyway, notice below how '433' connects to 'Jesuit'.

United States of America = 84; Divide and Conquer = 84; Order Out of Chaos = 84; Pluto = 84

Do you recall my recent work on the three latest planets being discovered, all on dates with '33' numerology?



As for the flat-stationary vs spinning-spherical earth, I call the argument from both sides a draw.  If you really think about it, there is no definitive proof for either.  I feel what the flat earth community and NASA are both trying to accomplish the same thing, and that is getting others to beLIEve as they do, to conform to their worldview.  Believe = 33

Perhaps the world we live in is meant to be an infinite mystery, and what it is and how it came to be is not to be known by and living mortal?  Or perhaps as humanity, we have to work harder for the answers.  For those of you who are convinced in the flat earth arguments, what needs to happen for your cause, is the explanation of the physics of the flat earth.  What power in this world is causing the sun and moon to orbit, if not the scientific explanation?  Are their orbits simply due to the puppet strings of God?

I have not seen anyone in the flat earth community explain flat earth physics.  As out there as a lot of the scientific explanation we have are, I can understand the cycles of day and night and the seasons better with the spherical earth, than I can the flat earth.  Also, in the age of flight, I think it is mind blowing that no one has ever documented the edge of the earth if the earth truly is flat, as more and more people are believing.

Cliff notes:  Don't claim to know what you don't know.