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33 119 | Planets decoded, new information on 'Saturn' as well as Jupiter and Geocentric +'33' and the '3' most recent planets

Let us examine the planets more carefully.

Planets = 7+3+1+5+5+2+1 = 24/33 (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto discovered on '33' dates)
Planets = 16+12+1+14+5+20+19 = 87

Planet = 7+3+1+5+5+2 = 23 (Globe)
Planet = 16+12+1+14+5+20 = 68


Pythagorean 24/33 (Let us not overlook 33)
Simple English 87
English 522
Jewish 316


Pythagorean 23
Simple English 68
English = 408
Jewish = 226 (Relationship with '93) (See Saturn below)


Pythagorean 40
Simple English 103
English 618
Jewish 798

Notice how Mercury and Zupus are a match.

The name Timocharis has Pythagorean Gematria of '52', connecting to 'earth' (Below)


Pythagorean 18/27/36/45 (Thirteen = 45)
Simple English 81
English 486
Jewish 1035


Pythagorean 25
Simple English 52 (Prophecy)
English 312
Jewish 194


Pythagorean 15/24 (War 42) (Mars, God of War)
Simple English 51
English 306
Jewish 201

Syrtis Major has the same gematria as 'planet'.

Syrtis = 1+7+9+2+9+1 = 29/47
Major = 4+1+1+6+9 = 21
Syrtis Major = 50/68 (Planet = 68)

The name Christian has gematria of '47' like 'authority' and 'agent'.  The last name connects to '13', an important number to the elites.

11/28/1964 = 11+28+19+64 = 122
11/28/1964 = 11+28+(1+9+6+4) = 59
11/28/1964 = 1+1+2+8+1+9+6+4 = 32
11/28/64 = 11+28+64 = 103 (103 > 13)


Pythagorean 36
Simple English 99 (Thirteen)
English 594
Jewish 1054

In history books, it is taught that this discovery by Galileo led to a feud within the Catholic Church about whether the earth was the center of the universe, or going around the sun with the rest of the planets.  Interesting how Galileo Galilei connects to 'Catholic'.

Notice how 'geocentric', the model that was thrown out with the discovery of Jupiter's moons, connects to the name Jupiter.

It is interesting to note how 'geocentric' also corresponds with 'sun'.  The issue is, is the sun the middle of the "solar system", or the earth?

Jupiter is also known as the 'Gas Giant', having a parallel to 'the sun'.

Gas = 7+1+1 = 9/18
Giant = 7+9+1+5+2 = 24
Gas Giant = 33/42 (The Sun = 24/33)

Galileo is credited with discovering the rings of Saturn, the sixth planet, coming after Jupiter, as well.  That discovery was also made in the year 1610, a lot like 1.61, the number for 'Phi'.  Phi = 33

2/15/1564 = 2+15+15+64 = 96 (Freemason) (Knowledge) (Satanism)
2/15/1564 = 2+15+(1+5+6+4) = 33 (Planets)
2/15/1564 = 2+1+5+1+5+6+4 = 24 (Planets)
2/15/64 = 2+15+64 = 81 (Died January 8, or 8/1) (Venus = 81)

Notice he died in '42.  The divisors of 42 sum to 96, like his birth numerology.

1/8/1642 = 1+8+16+42 = 67 (Freemasonry) (Blood Sacrifice) (Italy = 67) (Satanic)
1/8/1642+1+8+1+6+4+2 = 22
1/8/42 = 1+8+42 = 51 (Conspiracy)

He died 38-days before his 78th birthday.  Death = 38

Heliocentrism = 69/78

The name 'Solar System' also has gematria of '67'.

Solar = 1+6+3+1+9 = 20/29
System = 1+7+1+2+5+4 = 20/29/38
Solar System = 40/58/67 (Freemasonry = 58/67) (Secret Society = 58/76)

Solar = 19+15+12+1+18 = 65
System = 19+25+19+20+5+13 = 101
Solar System = 166 (Secret Society)


Pythagorean 21/30
Simple English 93 (Relationship with '226') (Planet 226)
English 558
Jewish 511

It is interesting to note that 'rings' has gematria of '67', connecting to where he did his work, and the date he died.

'Rings of Saturn' also connects back to '42', the year he died.

In light of how important these numbers are to the Zionist Jews who have been running the world since this time, it is no wonder he passed at age '77', just before turning '78'.

Call me crazy, but the G G for Galileo Galilei, reminds me a bit of Judaism.  It also reminds me of how C C, Christopher Columbus or as I call him, Freemasonry Prophecy, was Jewish and paid for by the Catholic Church to sail the "new world".  New World = 42; New = 42

Have I ever mentioned that this gang is into "ass fuckery"?  Welcome to the part where we talk about Uranus.


Pythagorean 22/31
Simple English 94
English 564
Jewish 611

I've always thought the name Uranus was sick joke.  Now I'm even more convinced.

3/13/1781 = 3+13+17+81 = 114
3/13/1781 = 3+13+(1+7+8+1) = 33 (Planets)
3/13/1781 = 3+1+3+1+7+8+1 = 24 (Planets)
3/13/81 = 3+13+81 = 97 (Asshole = 79) (Man who named it, dead at 79)

Checkout the birthday on Johann.

1/19/1747 = 1+19+17+47 = 84 (All Seeing Eye = 119) (Star of David = 119) (Milky Way = 119)
1/19/1747 = 1+19+(1+7+4+7) = 39
1/19/1747 = 1+1+9+1+7+4+7 = 30
1/19/47 = 1+19+47 = 67 (Johann Elert Bode) (Freemasonry)

The name Johann sums to '26', the 'God' number, the 'lie' number.  He died in '26.

11/23/1826 = 11+23+18+26 = 78 (Heliocentrism)

He died in a span of 58-days before his 80th birthday, dying at '79', like 'murder', like 'asshole'.

Let us not forget NASA was established in '58.

Also, one last point about hid discovery of 'Messier 81'.

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

Of course he would discover Neptune, in 1781, emphasis on '81.

That number connects back to 'geocentric' and 'sun'.  Of course the discovery of Messier 81 further discredited the geocentric model.

Also, regarding 1774, that is the year the telescope was invented that supposedly discovered Uranus.


Pythagorean 32
Simple English 95
English 570
Jewish 450

Notice Neptune was discovered on New Year's Day of the French Republican Calendar.  It was discovered 47-years after the French Revolution concluded, in 1799, emphasis on '99.

9/23/1846 = 9+23+18+46 = 96 (Freemason) (Knowledge) (Satanism)
9/23/1846 = 9+23+(1+8+4+6) = 51 (Conspiracy)
9/23/1846 = 9+2+3+1+8+4+6 = 33 (Planets)
9/23/46 = 9+23+46 = 78 (Heliocentrism)
9/23 = 9+23 = 32 (Neptune)

Notice that the agreed to date of discovery, was a compromise between France and Britain.

His name also connects to 'Sun' and 'geocentric'.

John Couch Adams was born on the 156th-day of the year, the number connecting back to '33'; in this case, the number connected to 'planets'.  Thirty-Three = 156; February Second = 156; As Above, So Below = 156

6/5/1819 = 6+5+18+19 = 48
6/5/1819 = 6+5+1+8+1+9 = 30 (Saturn)
6/5/19 = 6+5+19 = 30 (Saturn)

1/21/1892 = 1+21+18+92 = 132
1/21/1892 = 1+21+(1+8+9+2) = 42 (Freemason)
1/21/1892 = 1+2+1+1+8+9+2 = 24 (Planets)
1/21/92 = 1+21+82 = 114

He died 137-days before his birthday; 137 is the 33rd prime.

Authority = 137

His date of birth also connects to 'Revelation', and his name connects to 'The Key of David', the instrument of prophecy in the book of Revelation.

The name 'Urbain' connects to 'planets'.

His last name, Le Verrier also connects to 'Freemasonry' and the year of establishment for NASA.

Notice his date of birth, March 11, 1811.  That date can be written 11/3.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113

3/11/1811 = 3+11+18+11 = 43
3/11/1811 = 3+11+(1+8+1+1) = 25 (Earth)
3/11/1811 = 3+1+1+1+8+1+1 = 16
3/11/11 = 3+11+11 = 25 (Earth)

He would die September 23, 31-years after the discovery of Neptune, to the day.  Again, that is New Year's Day on the French Republican Calendar and he was credited with the discovery of Neptune, on behalf of France.

9/23/1877 = 9+23+18+77 = 127
9/23/1877 = 9+23+(1+8+7+7) = 55 (Sacrifice) (Satan)
9/23/1877 = 9+2+3+1+8+7+7 = 37
9/23/77 = 9+23+77 = 109


Pythagorean 21 
Simple English 84
English 504
Jewish 430

Just like Uranus and Neptune, Pluto was "discovered" on a date with '33' numerology.  Pluto was discovered on the 49th day of the year.  Revelation = 49 (1930 = 19+30 = 49)

2/18/1930 = 2+18+19+30 = 69 (Heliocentrism)
2/18/1930 = 2+18+(1+9+3+0) = 33 (Planets)
2/18/1930 = 2+1+8+1+9+3+0 = 24 (Planets)
2/18/30 = 2+18+30 = 50 (America) (United States of America = 84) (Pluto = 84)

It is interesting that a U.S. citizen discovered Pluto in light of the connections in gematria from Pluto to 'United States of America'.

The name 'Tombaugh' is identical to 'planets'.

Planets = 24/33/87

Las Cruces, NM is on the 106th Meridian (Prophecy) & 32nd Parallel

2/4/1906 = 2+4+19+06 = 31
2/4/1906 = 2+4+1+9+0+6 = 22
2/4/06 = 2+4+06 = 12

1/17/1997 = 1+17+19+97 = 134
1/17/1997 = 1+17+(1+9+9+7) = 44 (Space) (Kill)
1/17/1997 = 1+1+7+1+9+9+7 = 35 (NASA)
1/17/97 = 1+17+97 = 115

There's more to do here, but this reveals a lot already.

Let us close for now with the 'Milky Way', the 'galaxy' we live within.

It reminds me of a popular 'space series' as well.

There's one more thing about 'Milky Way'.

Milky = 4+9+3+2+7 = 25/34
Way = 5+1+7 = 13
Milky Way = 38/47 (Star Wars = 29/38/47)

Let us not forget Euclid's 47th problem.

Until next time.


  1. Good post geocentric v heliocentric Hard to track in this Revelation of the Method.

    Off topic though wanted to mention.

    235,000 "extremist" accounts suspended on Twitter.

    235-666 Illuminati Card

    Trump in Fredericksburg 8/20 as we know.

    Fredericksburg Virginia = 235

    And today in Esquire...

    Article in Esquire magazine telling some truth about Trump, his Jewish in-laws and the insistence of Judaism on Ivanka, and the back and forth leveraging of the 39 story building of 666 fifth avenue New York.

    666 mentioned Numerous times throughout article.

    Talks about scamming, jail time, "scripts" and making millions from doing nothing.

    This comment regarding trumps son in law Jared Kushner cozy appearance during a Trump speech...

    "Please do not condescend to me and pretend you don't understand the imagery of a six-sided star when juxtaposed with money and accusations of financial dishonesty."

    There is so much to decode in this article.

    "Jared Kushner's Second Act"

  2. Keep in mind Galileo is quoted as saying "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe." He also says "if I were to begin my studies again I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics." He really has a lot of interesting quotes.

  3. Plato and Pluto
    Neptune/Pen neut(ral)

    Why does everything else have a proper name except The sun and The moon?

    I'm sort of thinking of the Earth and Mars as being together, a set, Earth is blue green side and Mars is the red side together u get an RBG field. I'm thinking fields not countries, not continents, not planets, just magnetic fields, fields of attraction, etc
    Strawberry fields forever
    WC fields (WC is old slang for toilet,water closet)
    Sally Fields (u like me!)
    Field and Stream

    1. The son is called

      Sol-46, 160

      The moon ia called

      Luna-48, 261

    2. Thank u.
      Luna Sol sounds like some type of cleaning product.
      46=10 48=12, is Earth 47 I wonder?

    3. I think it Luna Sol probably smells like lemons.

    4. When your brain needs washing try new and improved lemony fresh Luna Sol. Now with 33% more freshness crystals.

  4. How did we miss this.

    Ryan lochte robbed at gun point
    El chapo JR kidnapped at gun point
    Gun control in America
    Cops killing with guns
    Guns killing cops

    1. Hilliary robbed the election according to trump

    2. Gun = 42; Rio = 42
      I think I mentioned the gun control piece in my video last night.


    4. They tell you andrew luck will be in the sb.

  5. The thing about the heliocentric model is that most of the people who came up with it are masons, so why would they lie about everything else, but tell the truth about our so-called universe? Doesn't add up.

    1. I do think they would lie, but at one point they also taught the earth was flat. Perhaps no one knows, so it instead of knowing, it is best to act as if you know, which is what has been done with the models we have been taught.

  6. VENUS is the planet "They" are REALLY focused on -- NOT Mars as they would have US believe. GEMATRIA & Venus' connections to Pythagorus & the Romans give their secret away.

    VENUS is Earth's "Sister Planet" ... & it is both The EVENING STAR & The MORNING STAR. ALL "Ancient Cultures" revered & documented it.

    1) PYTHAGORUS is credited by Pliny the Elder as being "1st to realize that The Evening Star & The Morning Star were the same object -- the planet Venus.

    2) The ROMANS named the Morning aspect "LUCIFER" -- Light Bringer (as in Masonic tradition) & the Evening aspect "Vesper" (recall "Vester Flanagan" -- the on-air VA shooter?) They named it Venus after their goddess of Love, Fertility & Feminity. (Think about the current "Rise" of Female Leaders ...).

    3) The symbol is that of "Female" -- the "hand MIRROR", or Sun atop a Cross ... 1/2 of Prince's symbol ... & in Western Alchemy it symbolizes COPPER.

    4) Venus' path -- as observed from Earth -- is called the PENTAGRAM of Venus.

    5) Rotation: every 243 days -- "the LONGEST of ANY planet" (?!) -- it also Rotates in a Direction OPPOSITE to the other planets (?!)

    6) Venus has NO "natural satellites" (moons) -- another "oddity".

    7) It is the HOTTEST planest -- "despite Mercury being closer to the Sun" -- which makes no sense, but is blamed on a "Runaway Greenhouse Effect" ... because the atmosphere is -- *96%* carbon dioxide (!!)

    8) NUMBERS: although the Rotation is every 243 days, Venus ORBITS the Sun every 224.7 days. Earth orbits 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus, giving it an "Orbital Resonance" of 13:8. It "always lies within about -- *47* degrees of the Sun".

    9) Venus Transits are when it Appears to Move Backwards -- occuring at cycles of every 243 years. Each transit has 2 dates which occur *8* years apart.
    Most Recently: June 8, 2004 & June 5 & 6, 2012
    Prior: Dec 1874 & Dec 1882 ... Next: Dec 2117 & Dec 2125
    (No explanation why past & future are DEC ... & Most Recent was JUNE ...but interesting that while THEY had US freaking out that 12/21/12 was The End -- the REAL astronomical date of Importance was barely noticed by the masses ...!)

    VENUS ... & the Number 8 ... are KEYS we need to learn more about.

    SUPERIOR POST -- thanks for the info!! ;D :D

    1. You always post such interesting info, thank u.
      It's so weird to me how the Romans basically copied all the Greeks gods just gave them a different name.

      I wonder if Rome ever actually existed, probably not the way they told us. Maybe Rome was basically a game of The Sims/theater/a novel and passed off as history by the Greeks, or vice versa.

    2. Myths nothing more, ancient sci fi, story telling.
      Everything is designed to ignore the creator.
      We still have no records of our true beginnings.

    3. The other day I watched The Thing from 1982 John Carpenter movie and in the bonus thing he talked about how they shot most of the outdoor scenes supposed to be Antarctica in Juno Alaska and Stewart, British Columbia which is said to be Snow capital of the world.
      Snow can also refer to that visual static when your tv channel goes out.
      Anyway, I've been wondering if Antarctica is a hoax as well. I've never been, don't know anyone who has I've only ever seen pictures of snow and rigged looking outposts. It could all just be Canada.
      That name, Ant Arc Tica,like a blend of Antenna and Arc.
      HAARP looks like a whole bunch of antennas.

    4. The movie seems to be a study of a an isolated group, lose contact with mainland, slowly losing it, effects of paranoia and extreme stress in all that blank white snow. It reminded me a lot of the Shining.

      Plus the only woman in movie is the voice on Kurt Russel's Chess Master computer game. He loses the game, calls the computer a bitch and destroys it by pouring a glass of whiskey into the machine. Then the alien crap happens. Hmm

      Whiskey = W in phonetic alphabet
      The 23 effect Robert Anton Wilson
      Earth supposedly tilted 23 degrees

      There was alot of talk about blood groups, testing the blood was the only way to tell who was infected.
      Foreshadowing AIDs.

      B is like an ass/boobs and A is the penis/pen/tower and O is the ring.
      OBAma has all three in his name

    5. Awesome extra knowledge as always That Mfsyy and Prunella!

    6. Those are REALLY interesting thoughts about "Rome" ... it all DOES seem "scripted" the more I think about it.

      There's even recent PROOF of EXACTLY such an occurrence -- where Fiction BECAME "Fact".
      Sir Walter Scott's writings of the late 1700s & early 1800s made him known as the "Inventor of the Historical Novel". Today, even "scholars" acknowledge that he alone CREATED what's widely accepted as "Scotland's History". (All roads may once have led to Rome ... but NOW it seems they ALWAYS lead to Scotland! Lol)

      Prior to his writings, there was NO "History" of Scotland ... NONE.
      The indigenous people (possibly the Picts) had been wiped out to the point of Extinction, & those that remained were from other cultures.

      Scott collected Highland folk tales & songs, & wove bits of them into (mostly) FICTIONAL poems & novels. Over time (& with the help of his celebrity status), his "stories" became more & more accepted as Based (mostly) On FACT ... the flip side of how they started out.

      Nowdays he's revered by the Scottish as their "True Historian", & NO ONE seems to be able to discern how much is Fact & how much is Fiction.

      So YES -- it IS 100% plausible that "The Romans" could be rooted in FICTIONAL stories carried forth from the Greeks ... or maybe even from further back.

      I suspect that ALL of our "History" has been Crafted this way. Most "Tales of the Old West" barely jive with the facts of day-to-day life during that era, yet this "exciting" FICTION is consistently used to OVERRIDE "other thIngs" that we aren't supposed to wonder about. Such as the fact that there STILL hasn't been any ACCURATE history written about the Native Americans. As for the thousands of distinct tribes that once lived EAST of the Mississippi River -- it's as if they never even existed (just like the Picts). And yet -- there are loads of "data" about the Pilgrims ... from that very same era.

      It's not like no one could write back then (in Fact -- THEIR literacy rates were MUCH better than today's!) -- or that no one was interested. Instead, those early accounts have been destroyed, sequestered or suppressed ... because they contained TRUTH that was "Incongruent with the Scripted Version of History".

      Isn't it puzzling how "historians" can CLAIM to be SO "Accurate" about dates & events from hundreds (& even thousands) of years ago? They're supposedly capable of pointing to broken statues or well-worn coins & saying -- with Absolute Certainty -- "This is Nero" ... or Caesar, etc. What are they basing these claims on? Texts rewritten & "fixed" by monks -- hundreds of years later? Guesswork? A Vatican/Masonic/etc. playbook? C'mon ...

      Even though it may seem like I drifted off-topic, the truth is that suddenly I began seeing scads of "proof" that your assertions about "The Romans" ARE VALID -- so I just had to roll with it, lol! ;D :D

  7. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune: S,U,N.

    Using the first letter only of each of the original 9 planets is intriguing.
    M, V, E, M, J, S, U, N, P=1755/133
    Guardian Angles=133 Guardian Angels=133 Sacred Wisdom=133 Everything=133 Mysteries=133 Little Horn=133 Seven Years=133 North Star=133 Double Cross=133 Government=133 Masonic Cipher=133 Forty Days=133 The Pharisees=133 Terminator=133 Chemical Trails=133

    Planet Nine, P.N.
    Planet Nine=320/660 Kronos=320 Nine=42 Five=42/720 Golden Ratio=720 Discovery=720 Illuminati=720

    M, V, E, M, J, S, U, N, P.N=1795/882
    Numerology=882 Fifty Stars=882 They say that there are 50 gates to Saturn.

    Great gematria alignments you've unearthed here, so gratefully!

    1. Great thoughts you have added, thank you!

  8. Hey Zach, this particular blog entry is rather incredible. It's a lot of information. Any chance you might post a video on it? Again, keep up the great work!!!!

    1. I will do a video, thank you for suggestion!

  9. The video you posted on the LA floods and HAARP was top notch!

  10. Holy Cow! What a Post. I want be in on the "Gematria Roundtable" mentioned on the Jeff Young Show.

  11. Replies
    1. I prefer Goofy -- 145/82/758

    2. How can you tell we're on Pluto?

      From the BARK, dummies!

    3. Roses are red
      Violets are Pluto
      I think that dog has rabies
      Or else it's sniffing glue, yo

  12. The bible never mentions the planets. Either the pages are missing or they somehow a projected image just like the rest of this reality.

  13. Epic and useful post, thanks Zach.

  14. Where's Mike Manning? Oh, that's right, this isn't about sports. Good work as always Zachary

    1. He trolls everywhere. Don't encourage him.

  15. Brilliant ,Thanks, this adds so much to the bueller code.

  16. Brilliant ,Thanks, this adds so much to the bueller code.

  17. Zach did you ever watch "Secrets in Plain Sight"? I know it was recommended to you by someone a while ago. Curious to hear your opinion.