Tuesday, December 13, 2016

34 39 41 93 | The death of Alan Thicke, December 13, 2016, in relation to his son Robin Thicke

Growing Pains = 71/80/152 (Seventy-One = 144)

Kirkland Lake, Canada = 61/88/133

Alan Willis Thicke = 69/78/87/168 (New York City = 60/69/168)
AWT = 8/44

3/1/1947 = 3+1+19+47 = 70 (Dead just short of 70th birthday)
3/1/1947 = 3+1+1+9+4+7 = 25
3/1/47 = 3+1+47 = 51

12/13/2016 = 12+13+20+16 = 61 (Kirkland Lake, Canada) (God)
12/13/2016 = 12+13+(2+0+1+6) = 34 (Hockey = 34) (Murder = 34)
12/13/2016 = 1+2+1+3+2+0+1+6 = 16 (Sixteen = 33)
12/13/16 = 12+13+16 = 41
12/13 = 12+13 = 25

He has died 41-weeks after his 69th birthday.  Again, 41 is the 13th prime.

He has also died 78-days before his 70th birthday, or a span of 79.

Murder = 79

Also, let us not forget that records spin at 78 RPMs.

I love that he was reportedly playing hockey before collapsing and dying.  He is Canadian after all.  As shown above, the date numerology also corresponds with the gematria of 'hockey'.  Perhaps this is a clue for the ongoing NHL season?


His son Robin Thicke is currently 39-years old.

From Robin's 39th birthday to his father's death is 9-months and 3-days (278-days), or a span of 279.  To his upcoming 40th birthday, is 87-days, or a span of 88.

It is interesting that is his son is '39', in light of his 'New York' name connections.

New York = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39 (NY date of establishment)

Something tells me Alan's death is a Saturn ritual for his son's future success / life.  Notice they are '30' years apart.

Saturn = 21/30/93

Here's what CNN has to say on his death.

All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119


  1. The amount of celebrity "deaths" this year has reached comedic levels. The sheep just eat it up. All coincidence!

    1. not that I WANT it to happen but I'm looking at Bobby Bowden to punch out soon.

    2. It is almost like Soylent Green where there is mandatory death at a certain age - probably 69!

    3. It is just getting started. Wait till 2017. The Stars are falling from the Heavens.

    4. 3 years 8 months(38=Death) and 17 days(17=Kill) since Blurred Lines' release on 3/26/13.

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  2. Growing Pains = 912

    Dead at 69, on a date with 41 numerology, being born in 47 on a date with 51 numerology.

    I know not everything is part of NFL ritual, but it is interesting what team those numbers connect too. Just sayin'.

    1. This stuff is mind blowing with all the deaths in the past couple days. Good catch Matt. It's also Andrew lucks bday 9/12

    2. Yeah that's what I was implying.

    3. 912 like Andrew lucks birthday

    4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/12/13/europe/record-wave-north-atlantic/index.html

    5. Some interesting numbers from this article:

      Colossal-24 like the date it happened 2-4-2013
      Colossal wave-39 New York, Jason Seaver, Alan Thiche
      Sixty two foot-211(crisis hotline)
      Nineteen meter-66
      Sixty six-41
      WMO-51 (World Meteorological Organization)
      Tsunami-25 (February 5)
      2-5-2017 (Numerology: 17/24/44)
      Houston-31/112 (Could be at risk for a tsunami/colossal wave)

    6. Also, Alan Thiche's b-day 3-1-17 is 31 days after SB 51.
      Tsunami also equals 97 in EOG

  3. The address that the Growing Pains family lived at was 15 Robin Hood Lane...

    15 Robin Hood Lane = 69 (Thicke's age of death)
    15 like 51.... Probably a SB sacrifice.

    1. I was thinking the same
      Growing pains =912 Sumerian lucks birthday
      41 weeks after his birthday Super Bowl=41
      And a span of 41 days to the SB

    2. Oops
      41 days to conference championships

  4. Al-an Thicke
    An-drew Luck

    Kinda roll off the tongue the same way lol.

  5. Looking at the episode list for Growing Pains. It's interesting that episode 137 is titled "All The World Is A Stage" lol

    1. Lol I like episode 49 called "michaelgate" like deflategate that aired on 10/6/87 (106)
      10+6+87=122 (conference champ games on 1/22)

    2. On wiki there is no episode 51 skips right over it

    3. There actually a few productive programming titles but here's 2

      150th episode (51) "There must be a pony" aired 11/2 ...funny

      The show right after

      "The big fix" Aired 11/9 ..25 years to the day before trump selected.

  6. Do you guys remember the game earlier this year between the Colts and the Broncos. Right before Lucks final drive when he was strip sacked by Von Miller. Phil Simms said Lucky 7s right before the commercial. Maybe for him to win 7 now?

  7. Anyone ever look into the TV show "Luck" that aired back in 2011? It lasted 106 days, and was about horses...

  8. We have a tv mom and tv dad die in the last 19 days.Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke.
    That's "2" parents in the last "19" days.(219)
    Florence Henderson Alan Thicke=129
    Nine twelve=129
    Growing pains=912

    1. Flo was an Indiana death connecting to Brady. Thicke connects to Luck and New York City.

  9. From his death to the Superbowl is..

    -7 weeks 5 days
    -1 month 23 days
    -54 days

    75, 123, 54

    Indianapolis Colts = 75
    Indianapolis = 123
    Superbowl Date: 2+5+20+17 = 44
    Champions = 44
    Forty-Four = 54

    1. If luck wins the last 3 reg season games he will have 44 reg season wins than 3 more in the Super Bowl
      Colts in their 33 season in Indy
      Indy = 25/52

    2. 3 more in the playoffs to make the Super Bowl *

    3. Yea gary since you are so right faggot

  10. Remember that raunchy VMA performance with Thicke's son Robin & MILEY CYRUS?

    Miley Cyrus who is DOLLY PARTON'S goddaughter ...
    Dolly Parton -- who was giving a benefit concert tonight to raise money for fire vicsims ...
    The same pair who was singing "Jolene" on "The Voice" -- while Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge were burning.

    1. Went back to find out which song Robin Thicke came out to when he performed with Miley at the VMAs, and it was called "Good Girl".
      Good Girl= 51
      Robin Thicke was born on 3/10/1977, like 31.
      From 2/5 - 3/10 is a span of 33 days or 1 month 5 days (51).
      Alan Thicke's birthday is on 3/1, like 31.
      The span of days from 2/5 - 3/1 is 24 days or 3 weeks and 3 days (like 33) or a total span of 25 days (like 2/5).

    2. I was struck by Robin Thicke's black and white stripped suit during that VMA performance. Reminded me of Beetlejuice.

      His big song is Blurred Lines.

      Blue + red = blurred

      Purple Haze

      Blurring the lines between what is "real" and what is "fiction/art."

      A TV dad is everyone's dad because he is equally available to all simply by watching his show.

      Television gets a lot of hate but it is what unites us as a common frame of reference.

    3. Lot of interesting stuff here --

      Miley & Robin's song Good Girl = 51 ...

      Alan died 15 days after the TN fire -- Mirror of 51

      As I recall Robin's song caught a lot of flack for sounding so much like another song.
      Wasn't it one of Prince's?

      That VMA suit of Thicke's WAS just like the Beetlejuice one -- even down to the tight pants! Ew -- NOT sexy!

      Good point about TV being our frame of reference -- a lot of things would be harder to get across if we weren't able to make comparisons with TV & movie situations & characters.

      And TV has opened up lots of minds -- especially among those who never would've read anyway.

    4. Another familiar face from television has died. Dr. Bombay from Bewitched.

  11. this article has a picture of a guy with a #45 trump packers jersey:


    1. Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin, so not surprising. I personally doubt it's a super bowl riddle, because of that.

  12. If you think both colts and vikings get to playoffs, there are two possible parlay scenarios centered around next week and colts vs vikings game.

    IF colts WIN, cowboys must WIN and redskins must LOSE for vikings to get to poffs.

    IF vikings WIN, texans and titans must LOSE for colts to get to poffs.

    So I bet two parlays.
    no 1: colts&cowboys&panthers
    no 2: vikings&chiefs&jaguars

    Thanks guys.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If colts win all remaining 3 games, texans can win jags next week and lose remaining 2 --> colts to poffs.

    3. So of course texans can lose to jags, but they dont HAVE to for colts to get to poffs.

    4. This week would be perfect 7 ritual week.
      Browns 13!streak will end.

    5. I think the Bucs can pull an upset

  13. Sorry guys, made one mistake.

    Redskins dont HAVE to lose if colts win against vikings. Redskins HAVE to finish the remaining games 1-2 OR 0-3. So they might have one win remaining in their season (could come next week but probably not). The rest what i wrote is locked.

  14. Today's the 4 year anniversary of Sandy Hoax, the amount of people who still think it was real is telling, i'm with Jeff Young at this point just get an island, people are too naive and sheeplike to ever change in large numbers.

    1. @cantstopgeorge, I'm getting to the point where I agree with you and jeff, people are just to stupid to get it

  15. Alan was 25,490 days old or 70 years 10 days and his end date would be March 11th or '3/11' using the 13 Moon Calendar. Using the same method, Robin was 14,523 days old or 39 years 327 days (11 months 19 days) with an end date of January 31 or '1/31'. The cultural icon, James Dean was exactly 9,000 day old when he died. Using the 13MC, his end fell on 'Halloween' or '10/31'. Check out the dates, like January 31st is 7/22 (13MC). http://www.lawoftime.org/thirteenmoon/tutorial.html

    1. I forgot to add that James Dean was 24 years '7 months 22' days when he died. That equals 24 years 264 days (9 months 12 days) (264 = Kill) on the 13MC.

    2. Alan died '9 months 12' days after his 69th birthday.

  16. 7 days (the start of a week cycle) before the Winter Solstice. Sacrifices at this time are for the Sun, or as you said Zach, his son.

  17. So the colts lost in 2014 AFC like 41
    Missed the playoffs in 2015 like 51
    Why 2016?

  18. He also wrote the themes for "Different Strokes" and "Facts of life". He produced the show "Fernwood 2 Night" which aired as a summer show from July 4, 1977 to September 30, 1977, 88 days. From September 30th to December 13 is 74 days or 1776 hours. Also opened the Toronto Skydome June 3, 1989, between June 3 to December 13th is 193 days which is 44th prime. Lots to look at with him.

  19. 97 season was 45th 3-13
    98 season was 46th 3-13 15th in Indy

    10 years was the 2006-07 championship
    10 years from 06 is 2016 championship?

    Current team is 6-7
    07 team was 12-4

    Luck drafted in 2012 4 years for first SB?
    Peyton drafted in 98 9years for first SB

    Now the colts last SB 44 was 4 years after the 07 season, so maybe the rolls reverse.

    Luck wins in his 4th season then waits 9 years for his second SB?

    2009 colts were 14-2 and lost to saints.

  20. Alright people, look at colts' logo.
    Yes, it is a horse shoe. But it is also greek letter omega (capital) upside down.

    Omega is used as a symbol for many things, but the following I find interesting. Wikibullsitpedia says capital omega symbolises:

    Year or date of death

    You can find this in "omega" page under "other uses".

    Thanks guys.

    1. Good observation.
      So which team would represent the Alpha? Symbolically an A or ox.

    2. Good question. Don't know, no team seems to pop up.

      Maybe there is no alpha, since omega is flipped upside down, becoming its own opposite (aka alpha) this season.

  21. The next 3 weeks, we should see aome really bad acting.
    I already see reports of Jim Harbaugh to the Rams.

    If Colts lose , I'm saying he goes to Indy.

  22. Other omega uses listed:

    - The symbol of the resistance movement against the Vietnam-era draft in the United States

    - Used to refer to the lowest-ranked wolf in a pack

    - In eschatology, the symbol for the end of everything

    - In molecular biology, the symbol is used as shorthand to signify a genetic construct introduced by a two-point crossover

    Someone might say look for "two point crossover" "to end everything" by a tem that is "the lowest ranked wolf in the pack".

    Anybody want to share light on the story with vietnam war draft resistance movement? Anything relevant there?

    1. O-hio ? Terror attack , Buckeyes national championship ? Cavs won , Indians lost

  23. 97 harbaugh on the Colts
    98 Harbaugh on the Ravens

    20 years ago... Hmmm

    20=107 like 17 ?

  24. From wiki regarding vietnam draft resistance movement (omega):

    "During the Vietnam War, 30,000 of the 210,000 Americans accused of dodging the draft left the country."


    Man who headed the movement, David Harris, sentenced to 15 months in prison.

    "In 1986, Harris published The League: The Rise and Decline of the NFL. This book focuses on the battle between Pete Rozelle and Al Davis over the 1982 move of the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles. The book also covers several of the National Football League's other controversies of that era."

    "On October 27, 2004, Harris published a book that drew on rare interviews with American, Iranian, and European participants in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, titled The Crisis: The President, the Prophet, and the Shah—1979 and the Coming of Militant Islam. In it, Harris tells the story of the 444 days from an insider's perspective."

  25. Great and refreshing info iivarii!

  26. Thanks man. Let's see if it has any relevance.

  27. Alan Thicke = 39

    His Son Robin is 39 this Year. Kanye is Also 39.

    West Thicke" in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    West Thicke" in the English Reduction system equals 42 / 51

    Kanye Robin " in the English Reduction system equals 51

    Ever Heard The Cure Song "39" From The (2000) Record "Bloodflowers"? The lyrics are all about Fire and it was released on Lupercalia 16 Years Ago.


  28. 39 means what ? Books of revelation ?
    Same book the Zionist gave everyone.
    When and how do we interpret numbers and their ENERGY values? That's the table we NEED.

    1. Robin, Alan, Kanye all Musicians. Alan Dead @ 69.

      Revelation Music" in the English Reduction system equals 69

      Alan had a Heart Attack Playing Hockey.

      Heart Hockey" in the English Reduction system equals 56

      Heart Hockey" in the English Ordinal system equals 119