Sunday, October 16, 2016

NFL Week 6 Preview, October 13-17, 2016 +Why Raiders over Chiefs & Colts over Texans are sure bets

Picks for Week 6

Broncos @ Chargers (Called this upset "by the numbers")
49ers @ Bills (Colin Kaepernick back after 49-weeks out)
Eagles @ Redskins (Close call, I give the Edge to 'Jay Gruden')
Browns @ Titans (No call, but this game will be a tribute to LeBron James)
Ravens @ Giants (Something about Giants playing Baltimore in Week 6?)
Panthers @ Saints (Cam is still a ?)
Jaguars @ Bears (Jaguars in the upset)
Rams @ Lions (33 tribute in 'Week Six'?)
Steelers @ Dolphins (Most risky pick)
Bengals @ Patriots (Upset special for Tom Brady in his first home game of the season)
Chiefs @ Raiders (Most confident in this pick)
Cowboys @ Packers (Things look good for Rodgers)
Falcons @ Seahawks (Tough call)
Colts @ Texans (The '112' ritual)
Jets @ Cardinals (Looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick gets shamed on MNF, in his hometown)

I'm looking for home teams to be 9-6 by the end of this week.
Week Six = 33/42/51/96
10/16/16 = 10+16+16 = 42 (The divisors of 42 sum to 96)

I like home teams to 6-9 or 9-6 this week regardless.  Again, Week 6 = 96

The first game of the week has been an indicator of things to come.  Notice the Broncos are 4-2 and the Chargers are 2-4.  We'll see how those numbers reflect with this week.

The Chargers also became 7-4 on TNF, defeating the Broncos 21-13, with the return of #13, for the Broncos, 74-days before his birthday.  San Diego = 74; Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74

This game was won October 13, the NAVY's birthday, who has a big base in San Diego.

Phillip Rivers also earned his 98th career win and 55th win at home.  Eli Manning = 98

Think about Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning.  (Draft Day debacle)

As for the Sunday Games, they have the following date numerology.

10/16/2016 = 10+16+20+16 = 62
10/16/2016 = 10+16+(2+0+1+6) = 35 (Super Bowl 35 rematch, Giants & Ravens)
10/16/2016 = 1+0+1+6+2+0+1+6 = 17
10/16/16 = 10+16+16 = 42 (Freemason) (Touchdown) (Hail Mary)

October 16 is the date that leaves 76-days left in the year

Week Six = 33/42

Six = 16/25

This is the Week that comes 112-days before the Super Bowl in Houston, February 5, 2017, a date that can be written 5/2.

The teams that are on byes this week are Tampa Bay and Minnesota.  I find it interesting Minnesota is sitting out this week, with the major parallels to the Super Bowl.

Buffalo will have attention on the game because Colin Kaepernick, who has the number one selling jersey in the NFL, is starting again, after not playing in an NFL game since November 8, 2015.

That is 49-weeks.

The date he became a 'backup', November 8, 2015, is interesting in numerology terms.

11/8/2015 = 11+8+20+15 = 54 (Backup = 54) (Bills = 54)

This game will be Kaepernick's 54th career game, and he has a chance to earn his 32nd win against 'Buffalo'.

The last game the 49ers played in, the game where Gabbert lost his starting job, the 49ers lost in a scoring combing to '54' points.

With regards to the '42' date numerology, Buffalo is on the 42nd parallel and '42' has a connection to the '49ers'.

Coming into the game, the 49ers and Bills have played 11 times, and the 49ers lead 6-5.

If the Bills won, they would improve to 4-2.

The Bills are from the 11th State.  When you sum 1 through 11, it totals 66, like 6-6?  NFL = 40+6+20 = 66 (Jewish Gematria)

The name Kaepernick = also has gematria of '66'.

Kaepernick = 2/11+1+5+7+5+9+5+9+3+2/11 = 48/57/66

If Kaepernick were to make the Bills 5-7, that would also make sense.

With regards to this being the 12th game between the two teams, both team names have 12 letters.

As for the QBs, there is an interesting synch.  The Bills QB, Tyrod Taylor, he turned 27, 74-days before the game.  '74' connects to Colin Kaepernick, who he is starting against.

It seems this game is all about Colin Kaepernick, but will he win or will he lose?

Tyrod Taylor is playing for his 11th win.  Will it be to make his Bills 6-6 all-time against the 49ers?

On this '42' week, the game come 58-days before Rex Ryan's birthday.

Ryan = 18+25+1+14 = 58

I give the edge to the Bills.  Improving to 4-2 makes a lot of sense under Rex Ryan.  As for the 49ers starting 1-5, that will be a reflection of their Super Bowl record, after hosting the Super Bowl.  'Fifteen' also looks like 1-5, and 'fifteen' has a connection to 'gold', what the 49ers are named after.

Next game.

Eagles = 22/31/49 (Notice they are 3-1)

This will be the 164th regular season game between the Eagles and Redskins, the 165th if you count the playoffs.  Notice the Redskins lead the series, 83-74.  If they earn their 84th win, it will come in the 84th season of the Philadelphia Eagles.

With regards to the over / under being at 44.5, remember, the divisors of '44' sum to '84'.

Kirk Cousins is playing for his 15th win, or his 18th loss.

Carson Wentz is playing for his 4th win or 2nd loss.

The next time the Eagles and Redskins play is December 11, 2016.

12/11/16 = 12+11+16 = 39 (That game is in Philly, on the 39th Parallel)

If the Redskins win this week, it will be their 85th win against the Eagles all-time.

The coach of the Redskins, Jay Gruden, might also find the '42' date numerology favorable.

He is playing for his 17th win or his 22nd loss.

Washington = 49 (Currently 49 years old)

This game comes 226-days from his birthday, or a total span of 227-days.

It also comes 139-days before his upcoming birthday.  Freemasonry = 139

Including the Houston Oilers days, the Browns lead the series 35-28 in the regular season, 35-29 all-time.  This weekend, the Titans have a chance to earn their 29th win all-time against the Browns, improving to 3-3, fittingly against Cleveland.

Titans = 2+9+2+1+5+1/10 = 20/29 (Football = 29) (Ohio = 29)

Marcus Mariota, who played his college ball in Oregon, the 33rd State, would get his 6th win.

Week Six = 33

The Titans used to be the 'Oilers'.  I suspect the Colts and Oilers will both be 3-3 by day's end.  They will meet the week following, both at 3-3 if that occurs.

Oilers = 6+9+3+5+9+1/10 = 33/42

At the same time, the Browns can earn their 36th win against the Titans in the regular season.  That could be a tribute to the 'Cavaliers'.  Remember, King James just won in his 13th season.  If Mariota, lost, it would be his 13th loss.

Browns = 91 (1 through 13 totaled, sums to 91)

Notice this will be the 64th game all-time between the two teams.  We just saw the Cleveland Cavs break the curse dating back to '64 for the city and pro sports, a drought lasting 52-years

Tennessee = 52/106 (Big numbers on Cavs championship) (Six = 52)

The date that Cleveland won the championship, was 119-days before this game.

I am reminded again of the Cavs with this distance of 119-days.

King James Bible = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119

The Cavs won the NBA Championship on the real King James Birthday, June 19.

The Browns being 1-5 could be a tribute to the '15-'16 season.

Then again, the Browns being 0-6 could be a tribute to LeBron's 6 straight NBA Finals trips.

10+22+65 = 97 (97th season of the NFL)

This will be Hue Jackson's last game before he turns 51 years old.  If the Browns win, they'll be 1-5, something like the reflect of 51.

Week Six = 33/42 (10/16/16 = 10+16+16 = 42) (LeBron James = 42)

King James = 35/44/53
10/16/2016 = 10+16+(2+0+1+6) = 35

Close call.

*The Giants play the Baltimore Ravens this week, and the Colts play in Houston, where the Super Bowl will be.  If the Super Bowl is Giants and Colts, this will have been a clue.  1958, 58-years ago, was the 'Greatest Game Ever Played', between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants.

This will be the 5th regular season game all-time between the two teams, and the 6th total, because they met once in Super Bowl 35, where the Ravens won 34-7.  Baltimore = 41; Super Bowl = 41

Notice, the Giants are 1-3 in the regular season, and 1-4 all-time.  If they win, they'll be 2-4, and the Ravens will be 4-2.  NYC = 42 (42 date numerology)  At the same time, the Ravens can improve to 4-2 on the season, on the date with '42' numerology, against the NYC team.  If the Ravens win, they'll improve to 5-1 all-time in the season of Super Bowl 51, and 4-1 in the regular season.  Super Bowl = 41; Baltimore = 41

Let us examine the starting QBs.

Eli Manning had 199 passing yards in his 199th career game last week.

199, the 46th prime  NYG = 46

He is looking for his 53rd win all-time at home.  That will be a milestone for Eli Manning.

This game comes 79-days before Eli's birthday, 11-weeks & 2-days.  Houston = 112; Champion = 79

This game also comes 92-days before Joe Flacco's birthday.  That is interesting because this is the Giants 92nd season NFL season.

Joe Flacco's stats coming into the game make me lean towards Eli and the Giants winning.

Notice Flacco has 88 career wins.  Will be be stuck at 88 after facing Eli?

Flacco has a chance to lose his 39th game on the road all-time, and his 34th in the regular season.

New York = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39
Giants = 25/34 (Ravens = 25/34)

Remember, if both teams end up 3-3, 'Week Six' sums to '33'.

Also, for one last kicker, '23' has been the number the last two week with the Giants.  First it was Beckham getting held to 23-yards, a career low.  Then it was falling to 2-3.  Now they face John Harbaugh, 23-days after his birthday.  If they beat the Ravens, they'll be 2-3 against them in the regular season.

This will be the 43rd game all-time between the Panthers and Saints.  The Panthers lead the series 23-19.  Who will be starting at QB for the Panthers is not decided.  Despite that, Vegas has given the edge to the visiting Panthers.

This game will come 91-days before Drew Brees's 38th birthday.  Panthers = 38

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 (91-days is 13-weeks)

Drew Brees = 45/54/99
Thirteen = 45/99
**The Saints are currently 1-3

Here are his stats, all-time and regular season.

This game will also come 74-days before Sean Payton's birthday.

Sean Payton is coaching for his 89th regular season win, or 41st loss.  41 is the 13th prime.

On the other sidelines, Ron Rivera is coaching 83-days before his birthday.  Football = 83

If his team wins, they'll be 2-4, something like '24', the amount of points they lost to in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, the only team they have defeated this year.

Twenty-Four = 50; San Francisco = 50

Rivera's next win will be his 49th in the regular season.

The Saints lost Will Smith on 4/9.

Again, if the Panthers win, it will be their 24th win all-time against the Saints.

I give the edge to Carolina, this is a tough call.

Illinois = 45 (Over / Under 45.5) 
This will be the 7th game all-time between the two teams, all meetings in the regular season.

The Bears currently lead the series 4-2 and are looking to improve to 4-2.  That said, if they lose, they'll fall to 4-3 against 'Jacksonville'.

Jay Cutler will be playing for his 37th home win in the regular season.  Chicago = 37

Last week, Andrew Luck earned his 37th career win against Chicago in the regular season.

Notice this will be his 139th game all-time, and his 137th in the regular season.

Freemasonry = 139
137, 33rd prime number

His opposing QB, Blake Bortles, will be going for his 10th win, or 25th loss.

Also, with regards to the Jaguars coach, he is party of the '42' club, which is favorable for this weekend.

This is a tough call.  I give the edge to the Jaguars but won't be surprised either way.

This will be the 84th game in the regular season between the Lions and Rams.  The Rams lead the series 43-39-1.  If the Rams get their 44th win in the 84th game, their will be mathematical alignment.  The divisors of 44 sum to 84.

The Rams would become 4-2 on the season, the Lions 2-4.

The QB of the Lions, Stafford, has a connection with his name to the date numerology of the game.

10/16/2016 = 10+16+(2+0+1+6) = 35 (Stafford)

Lions = 24/33/69 (2-4?) (3-3?)
Rams = 15/24/51 (Lions to become 2-4 against the Rams?)

Because 'Week Six' sums to '33', and the game is at home, I give the edge to the Lions (24/33).

Notice that '3' point spread.

This will be the 23rd regular season game, and 26th all-time between the Dolphins and Steelers.  Remember also, Football sums to

Pittsburgh is a big favorite on the road, and the Dolphins are heavy underdogs, in need of a win.

Spending more times on the spreads and the significance of them could prove lucrative.  We'll see what 'seven' for the Steelers might mean with a game in Florida by Sunday's end.

This game comes 81-days after Ryan Tannehill's birthday, the starting QB for the Dolphins.

Tannehill will be going for 31st career win; Steelers = 31

Does that mean he gets chewed up by the Steelers?

If Ryan Tannehill is to prevail, what he has going his way is the date numerology of the game, specifically the '42'.

If the Dolphins win, the Steelers will be 4-2, after 'Week Six' = 33/42

The number '153' is often paired with '42'.  Fish = 42; Miraculous = 42 (153 fish...)

From Big Ben's birthday, it is 228-days.  United States of America = 84/228

Remember, this is the Steelers 84th season, and this week #84 is wearing Kimbo Slice cleats in Miami, who died at age 42.  10/16/16 = 10+16+16 = 42

Kimbo Slice died June 6, or 6/6.  NFL = 40+6+20 = 66 (Jewish Gematria)

From his death to the game and tribute is '132'-days, or a span of 133-days.

The divisors of '44' sum to '84', like the Steelers 84th season.  Again, it is a Steelers player making the Kimbo Slice tribute.

Let us examine the QB stats:

This will be Big Ben's 175th regular season game, and 192nd game total.

Now Big Ben's 118th win is coming up.  For some reason, I think he has to save it until next week.

Here are Ryan's stats.

Notice his next win will be his 31st.  Steelers = 31

Then again, his next loss will be his 40th.  Forty = 84 (Steelers in 84th season)

I like the Dolphins in the upset.

This will be the 25th regular season game between the two franchises and 25th all-time.

Notice the Bengals trail the series 9-15, meaning their next game will either be their 10th win or 16th loss.

Nine = 24/42
Ten = 12/39 (Tom Brady is 39)
Fifteen = 38/65 
Sixteen = 33/42/96 (Cincinnati = 51/96) (Week Six = 33/42/96)

This game comes 74-days after Tom Brady's 39th birthday, August 3, 2016.

It is also a span of 75-days (Cincinnati Bengals = 75)

It comes 13-days before Andy Dalton's 29th birthday.

If the Bengals upset the Patriots, they will improve to '3-3', as one of the '3', '33' teams in the league.

Bengals = 24/33/60 (Week Six = 33/42/51) (Cincinnati = 51)
Orange = 33/60

If the Patriots lost, they would become 4-2, reminding of Tom Brady's Super Bowl record, 4-2.

Below are Tom Brady's regular season and career stats, respectively.

Notice that Brady can potentially earn his 52nd regular season loss.  Week Six, against the Bengals, is right for it.  This is one of those rare weeks it is good to wear orange.

Six = 19+9+24 = 52

Meanwhile, Andy Dalton is playing for his 52nd career win, all 51 coming in the regular season thus far.  Winning on the road in New England, this would be a turn around game for the Bengals.  Dalton also comes into the game with '33' career total losses.

Cincinnati Bengals = 156; Thirty-Three = 156

I like the Bengals in the upset.

If the Patriots do win, the Bengals will be 2-4 (Bengals = 24/33), and the Patriots will be 5-1, in the year of Super Bowl 51.  These are things to keep in mind.

This will be the 112th game all-time between the Chiefs and the Raiders.  Houston = 112

The Chiefs lead the series 58-51-2.  Keep in mind, Oakland = 58 (Freemasonry = 58)

In Week Six, I suspect the Raiders, who look like the class of the division, pick up their 52nd win in the regular season against the Chiefs.

Six = 19+9+24 = 52

In regards to Alex Smith's stats, he could earn his 58th loss in Oakland.

Oakland = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

Notice this will be Derek Carr's 38th game, and he is going for his 15th win.

Interestingly enough, this game comes a span of 163-days from Alex Smith's birthday, the opposing QB.  163, is the 38th prime.

The Raiders should improve to 5-1 in the year of Super Bowl 51.

For one last clue, checkout Raiders Coach Jack Del Rio, who is coaching his '22nd game' in Oakland.

This game comes 31-days after Pete Carroll's 65th birthday.  He has a chance to make his apprentice, Dan Quinn, 3-1 on the road this year.  Will it happen?

65 = 6+5 = 11
31, the 11th prime

Seattle Seahawks = 43/52/61

This game is in the 42nd State on '42-week'.  Seahawks = 24/33/42/51; Week Six = 33/42/51

Matt Ryan has a streak of 200 plus passing yards going a record 44-straight games heading into this one:

Georgia = 44

The Seahawks are 9-5 against the Falcons in the regular season and 10-5 if count the playoffs.  Notice the Falcons are going for their 6th win all-time in Week 6 of the 2016 season, it was is the 16th game all-time between the franchises.

This game will come 44-days before Russell Wilson's 28th birthday, that number.  Keep in mind Wilson played his college ball at Wisconsin, one of two states with a gematria of '44', the other being Georgia, where the Falcons are from.

From Matt Ryan's May 17 birthday (the 137th day of the year, the 33rd prime), to the game, is a span of 153-days, the Miraculous catch number, again, synching with '42'.

Let's compare stats between the QBs.

Wilson is playing for his 50th regular season win, or 20th loss.  He is also playing for his career 57th win, or 23rd loss.  If Wilson loses at home, it will be his 6th time in the regular season, in Week 6.

Matt Ryan is looking for win number 80, or loss number 58, in 'Washington'.
Washington = 49/58/130

What will 'Week Six' have for 'Matty Ice'?

Keep in mind it is also 112-weeks until the Super Bowl.

This game comes 35-days after Dann Quinn's September 11 birthday.  Dann Quinn was a former coordinator with the Seahawks.  He is looking for his 13th win as a head coach.

Dan Quinn = 40 (4-0 on the road to start the year, with #4 coming against his old team?)

Here's Pete's stats for comparison.

He is looking for his 97th career win, in the 97th season of the NFL.  Last time Seattle played, he earned 96 against the team he started his coaching career with.  Freemason = 96; Matty Ice = 96

Notice they won that game with a combined 44-points, as if it was pointing to this game.

If the Seahawks win, remember this.

Falcons = 25, 97 is the 25th prime (Fitting team to get 97th win against?)

The Falcons have won the last 2 match ups in Seattle.  Can they make it 3 straight?  That would make a 4-0 on the road record, with Dan Quinn the former Seattle assistant..  Then again, if they fall to 3-1 on the road, remember the game comes 31-days after Pete Carroll's birthday.  The Falcons would also fall to 4-2, in the 42nd state.  It would keep the NFC South picture more interesting with them losing.

Tough call.

This will be the 27th regular season game, and 34th game all-time between both teams.  Notice the Packers lead the series 14-12 in the regular season, and 17-16 all-time.

This game comes 47-days before Rodgers 33rd birthday.

Remember, Dak Prescott, the 135th overall pick, is in a battle for the starting QB job with Tony Romo.  I see how Aaron Rodgers, in the middle of this debate, fits into this equation.

Rodgers is playing for his 91st win, or his 47th loss, it would be his 33rd loss on the road.

Week Six = 33; G = 33 (Francis Bacon)

In the regular season, Rodgers is looking for his 84th win or 41st loss.

United States of America = 84 (America's Team.... Dallas)
Green Bay = 41

On the other side of the ball, this game comes 79-days after Dak Prescott's birthday.

By the game's end, Dak Prescott will either be 4-2, or 5-1.

Dak Prescott = 42/51/60

I expect the Packers to win.  Should they, they'll improve to 4-1.  Green Bay = 41; Rodgers = 41

Becoming 41 over 'Dallas' makes much sense.

Here is my favorite matchup of the week, coming 112-days before the Super Bowl, which is to be hosted in Houston, February 5, 2017.

Keep in mind, Andrew Luck, the Colts QB, played his high school ball in Houston, because his father played for the Houston Oilers.  By game's end, both the Texans and Colts should be '3-3'.

There's been a number of '33' tributes between Colts and Texans games in recent years.  'Week Six' is the right week for another.

Andrew Luck comes into the game with 111 passing TDs, meaning his next will be 112.

Andrew Luck's next win, will be the 41st win of his career, the 'Super Bowl' number.

The last time the Colts won a Super Bowl, was #41, where Prince performed.

Prince died on April 21, 2016, the 112th day of the year.  Houston = 112

His death comes a span of 179-days before this game, the 41st prime number.

41 is the 13th prime number, and this is Brock's 13th game, the QB of the Texans.

When he falls to 8-5, it will be a tribute to the rigged National Football League.  The Broncos he won the Super Bowl with last year were also compared to the '85 Bears.

Chuck Pagano, the coach of the Colts, will earn his 44th regular season win.  That is interesting because the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston is on a date with '44' numerology.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

The name Chuck Pagano also has a parallel to Houston.

The Cardinals should win this game, improving to '3-3', on the 33rd parallel, in 'Glendale', AZ, in 'Week Six'.

This is Monday Night Football.

MNF = 13+14+6 = 33

This game comes 112-days before the Super Bowl in Houston

With the win, the Cardinals record against the Jets will be 3-6 all-time, something like '36' for 'Cardinals'.

The Jets QB grew up in Chandler, AZ, not too far from the stadium.

The game comes 39-days before Ryan Fitzpatrick's birthday.  That's fitting, because New York and Arizona are the only two states with '39' gematria.

Notice Fitz is 33-years old right now.

This is going to be Fitz 111th game all-time as well.

He will either earn his 45th win, or 66th loss.  New York = 111; New York is 11th State

When you sum 1 through 11, it totals 66, thus the 66th loss in the 111th game might be fitting.
New York Jets = 48/57/66

Carson Palmer will be playing for his 86th all-time win, and 85th win in the regular season.


  1. hey zach but if the number 33 is shown up so often do you think maybe its a lion 3-3 and ram 3-3 instead of 2-4 and 4-2? cause if New England loses for the upset it would be 4-2 and Bengals 3-3 like how colts will upset and go 3-3 and texans would end up 3-3 as well. what do you think zach?

  2. Seattle is 9-5 all time vs Atlanta in the regular season, a lose makes them 9-6(Atlanta=69) After their loss last week, the Broncos became 9-6 all time against the Falcons, of course, that counts their one postseason matchup. Seattle is currently 9-6 all time vs Atlanta if you include their one postseason loss. So it is hard to get an accurate read on this game, but I think Atlanta wins, they will cover the spread atleast.

    1. I think the Falcons will lose that game.

    2. After my decode, I like Falcons too. Let us not forget, Matty Ice = 96

  3. Redskins favored to win against Eagles? What are the chances eagles taking the win?

    1. I like the Eagles to win this week & next week to become 5-1.

    2. hopefully! but seems like Redskins in favor?

    3. Tough game to bet on with that 2.5 point spread. Washington is favored.

    4. You're right. I read it backward. Still think Washington wins. I keep expecting the Eagles to fall apart.

    5. With a strange 18-17 win, something odd. Those 2.5 point spread games are often weird.

    6. It very much is, this one and the Detroit/LA game I keep going back and forth with,..what Im trending towards now is the 3-3 type week, since we know Giants and Colts are going to win, making me lean that way; adding a Washington & Los Angeles loss?
      Tough calls.

    7. The Eagles have a Tackle injured/out and are at a divisional away game with the rookie qb..that narrative says Redskins win to me so far

    8. And the Skins are starting to find a flow on Offense.

    9. Also Nationals lost so yea we need a Washington team to win.

  4. Elliot Harrison =85 with the S exception, just like national football league, is a game analyst who just posted his picks for the week. The reason this stood out to me is because I saw it through social media and the cover picture was a Shillouete making the Masonic "shhh" hand sign. Then it said "shhh here's who's going to win every game this weekend. TOP SECRET." Of course his picks are bogus and meant to mislead betting men, but maybe there's something in the numbers of the projected scores of his picks. More like national football liars

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Zach, have you seen the new Pepsi Zero commercials? There is one with Odell Beckham and another with Antonio Brown. I still need to look more into the Brown commercial, but the Beckham ad called "Checkers" keeps adding to the Giants/Vikings narrative.


  7. Brock Alan Osweiler=75,183
    Brock Osweiler=65, 155
    Brock=22, 49
    Osweiler= 43, 106

    Brock's bday
    November 22, 1990
    from game to his bday is 37 days or a spam of 38, 1 month and 6 days, 5 weeks
    and 2 days;
    looks like something may happen to brock either good or bad im not sure
    ijury=34, 43 reflection may happen, and 97; I think one of these qb get injured

    Texans backup qb is tom salvage
    Tom salvage=31, 103; texans vs vikings was 13-31
    from bday to game is 173 days spam 174, 5 months and 20 days, 24 weeks 5days

    1. It's Tom Savage not salvage. just wanted to let you know unless it was a typo by you

    2. "seventeen" = 37 in English reduction.
      That connects to Brock's birthday to today's game (37 days).
      If Houston loses, it will be Bill O'Brien's 17th loss as coach of the Texans (he's 21-16). A little nugget that I haven't seen mentioned (maybe someone did and I missed it).

  8. I see Buffalo as patriotic america and SF as liberal america. The NFL reported lower ratings due to a boycott from Kaep's protest (laughable). Therefore I think the narrative is to appease rednecks and the bills d will tear Kaep apart.

  9. As above date numerology of 62, 42, 35, 17, I add in important numbers like the date written as 10/16 or 116 and 16/10 or 161.

    With 35 being so strong for GB last week, Garrett and Prescott being 35's in E.R. With Dallas, let's see below what to do.

    Rodgers 12-2-1983 with birth Numerology of 26, 35, 116, all matching Sunday.
    One one six = 48 E.R.
    There are 48 Days from tomorrow's game to his birthdate, including end date.
    Rodgers Game Date to his 33rd Birthdate, 1 month 16 days. 116.

    Clay Matthews = 42 E.R., third generation NFLer, of course he understands the script.

    Back to 116
    Mike McCarthy has an all time record of 115-63-1, he will definitely be getting this win 116 against Dallas.

    Jason Garrett stands at 46-44 all time.
    He loses against Green Bay on the 44th Parallel (44N X 88W)
    In 'Wisconsin' = 44 E.R.

    If 44 was in his wins column, I wouldn't be as sure. There's more, but not needed to back this up.

    1. Green Bay v. Dallas breakdown above, which I hope people could follow. We will just watch each week and see how GB makes it to the S.B. vs. New England. You'll laugh at me, I'll laugh at the Colts an Giants picks, it will be great. We will all follow different triggers and indicators. In the end, it still won't matter.

    2. The glass is half full.
      The glass is half empty.
      The glass is broken.
      What about my glass?
      Fuck the glass.

  10. Zach in the football data says redskins vs eagle met 162xand rredskins lead 84-73-5 idk may wanna check ..

  11. Also Cleveland vs Tennessee the way it reads on screen here Cleveland 63 total games Tennessee is actually leading the series

  12. I'd check your work on the giants match zach, from what im seeing its actually blindingly obvious that Joe Flacco beats Eli..

    His birthday comes 92 days after. John Harbaugh his coach is looking for his 92nd win all time.
    If you included the end date its 93 days and Eli would pick up his 93rd loss. Ninety three = 62. (Matching the date numerology)

    Joe would pick up his 89th win. Eighty Nine = 62 and is the 24th prime, would send the giants 2-4. (Mcadoo 24)

    Its also Flaccos 79th away match, 79 days before Eli's birthday. Ravens = 79. 79th prime is 22. Flacco 22. He'd also pick up his 39th road win in New York = 39.

    From Eli's birthday is exactly 41 weeks. Baltimore = 41 -Forty one = 46. Eli's 46th home loss for the NYG = 46? In his 98th match - Eli Manning = 98.... If im reading the correctly it seems Eli's being set up to fall on his number in front of home support which is what they often like to do.... Also ravens to go 4-1 regular season in the h2h? I think the clues in elis birthday with this one.

    Harbaughs 149th game all time which is the 35th prime again connecting to the date numerology of 35.

    Only think im finding for the Giants is through Harbaughs birthday. 23 days after. Twenty three = 55? Flacco's 55th loss? NYG To take it 2-3 h2h? 23?

    Seems far more stronger for the Ravens upset though, if someone can contribute something ive missed id be grateful. Ive got that feeling that theres a very obvious red flag that im missing!

    When you work with these numbers every day it can definitely fry your brain a little bit haha.

    1. If you include the end date to harbaughs birthday it becomes 24 which would support Flacco's 89th win. 24th prime is 89.

      This is probably the worst kind of situation i find myself in when decoding events. If we leave out the end date it points to a ravens loss, if we include the end date it confirms ravens win. So frustrating! If were including the end date here im 95% certain ravens upset the giants. The alignment through the birthdays is too good.

      Just to add Mcadoo would pick up his 4th loss. Four = 24 for another 24 alignment.

    2. First, I decided to pass on this matchup. Your analysis look very convincing until I realized you were including playoff games. Since this is not a playoff game, can you really count those numbers for a regular season game?

      I have the Giants winning, but don't like the spread or the payout, so no bet. Just don't see Baltimore winning in NY with the regular season numbers against them.

    3. I think so, from what ive observed over the past year. Weather its a play off game or a regular season game it still all goes down on your coaching/playing record as a game played.

      I also have Panthers over the Saints, the exact same numbers show it that match up as well. Its looking like the 24 is the main number in play this game week...

    4. Do you have an opinion on Philadelphia/Washington and LA/Detroit? Those two games are driving me crazy.

    5. Even if you just include regular season matches.

      I still have Joe picking up his 79th win against Eli 79 days before Elis birthday.

      That would be his 31st win on the road in his 127th regular season game. 31 = 127th prime.

      Thirty one = 134

      Would be his coaches 134th regular season game.

      If you could share your numbers connecting a giants win please do, personally i dont see anything for them in this match up.

    6. Dakota Panthers and Ravens are the only two ive done so far. I'll look at doing more tomorrow.

      I've had it all on doing the 4 ATP and WTA tennis tournaments that finish tomorrow, ive i do get a chance to look at them games ill share my opinion on here.

    7. My numbers for the Giants are weak compared to yours for the Ravens.
      Ravens = 79
      Ben McAdoo born July 9th or 7/9.
      Holy shit! I am betting the Ravens. Even if they lose, that is one hell of a connection.
      Collaboration is great!
      Now, I have to re-examine a few of my pics. At least there is still time.

    8. Good luck,

      For me the biggest connection is with Elis birthday, i think thats whats writing this particular script

    9. and I believe the end date is the true number of days

    10. i believe it is as well however it clearly isn't the only method used. Too much has aligned using the number of days in between an event in the time ive been doing this for it to be coincidence...

      I always do the end date as well as the number of days on every decode i do. However sometimes like for this instance there's the opposite connection for each parallel. Doesn't happen to often though. :)

    11. Here's what I have so far on the Giants.
      Date numerology of 17. Eli = 17.
      112 days until Super Bowl. Ben McAdoo has birth numerology of 112. Beckham drafted Round 1 Pick 12 (112). Manning's next birthday is 11 weeks 2 days away (112).
      Eli is going for his 100th win. McAdoo's birthday is 100 days away. One Hundred = 108, and Eli is going for his 108th overall win.
      This is Eli's 200th overall start. Joseph Vincent Flacco = 200.
      Eli is going for his 53rd overall home win. Eli Manning = 53.
      Eli is going for his 52nd regular home win. Ravens = 52.
      McAdoo's next birthday is 266/267 days away. Harbaugh was born on the 266/267 day of the year.

    12. Harbaugh's previous birthday was 3 weeks 3 days ago. If Baltimore loses, both teams would go to 3-3.
      If Flacco loses it would be his 39th overall road loss. New York = 39.

    13. Jmontz do you have a blog? I like to follow tennis and like your tennis picks

    14. Also I noticed Eli home record is 52-45 overall in his 200th game he can get 108th win & 53rd matches gameday numerology & (188) 99-89 Eli regular season record he win Sunday it reads (189) 100-89 merge it drop both 0’s you'll get 189. How fitting flacco gets his 50th regular lost as Eli gets his 100th & 52 = SIX as Eli gets his 52nd home win regular season. As both teams will be 3-3 after Sunday as NFL = 66, October 16 & NFL week 6th = 66.
      The Big Apple = 56, apple = 50/23 & Ravens are up 1-3 in series regular season but playoffs or SB 1-4 & Giants win it reads 2-3(23) so how fitting that flacco get his 50th lost in the place they call “Apple”
      NFL week 6 = 56, so this is 5th regular season & 6th overall meeting. Last game Dec 23, 2012 - 1393 days, 199 weeks.
      L l l w l pattern. Those scores are foreshadowing 1st game 23-24 how record gonna look after Sunday when Giants win, SB 34-7, flacco getting his 34th lost away in regular season the last game score was 33-14, being they both gonna be 3-3 after Giants win. I believe the 570 stands matches NFL week 6th = 57.
      SIXTY SIX = 149/41-59 - John Harbaugh = 59. Harbaugh record overall is (148) 90-58 & this is Harbaugh 149th game & he gonna get his 59th lost. Matches 66 = 149/59. 54 = 126/54. 251 - 54th Prime, 126 matches 676th win, From game date till bady = 99 matches 676 also but if you include end date it's 100 days matches Eli 100th win. 676th prime = 5051 seen as 551, 551 = 108, matches lost 149,
      35th prime = 149. Eli is 35, Eli bday numerology is 23,

    15. Giants (W-L-T): 675-570-33
      676 = 288/99-126
      571 = 260/107-116
      Ravens (W-L-T): 176-148-1
      177 = 283/103-121
      149 = 234/108

      MetLife Stadium = 157/58-67
      East Rutherford, New Jersey = 302/113-122
      Coordinates 40°48′49″N 74°4′28″W
      New York Giants = 181/64-73
      Ben McAdoo = 72/36
      Eli Manning = 98/53
      Elisha Nelson Manning = 205/88-106
      Baltimore Ravens = 174/66-75
      John Harbaugh = 113/59
      Joe Flacco = 70/34
      Joseph Vincent Flacco = 200/83-92

      Harbaugh bday: 9/23/1962 = 32 (Age: 54)
      9+23+19+62 = 113
      9+23+19+6+2 = 59

      From game date till bady = 23

      Qb "Joe" = 30/12 in English Reduction,

      Joe bday: 1/16/1985 = 31 (Age: 31)
      Again if you split the master numbers you get

      But check this out... maybe you could write his bday

      1+16+19+85 = 121
      1+16+19+8+5 = 49

      From game date 10/16 to bday 1/16 leaves 274 days

      His Completion Percentage = 63.9%

      Flacco = 40/22 in English Ordinal

      Could also be written as 4 backwards...

      John Harbaugh would pick up his 54th loss tonight if they were to lose.
      54 = 126/54. 251 - 54th Prime

      McAdoo get 3rd win.
      3 = 56/29
      3rd = 59/32

      5th match in the regular season between the sides.
      5 = 42/24 + 5th prime = 11. 11 = 27/63.
      63 = 54. 251 - 54th Prime which matches Harbaugh getting his 54th lost Sunday.
      27 = 46/55. 46th prime - 199. 55th prime - 257.

      6th match in the regular season between the sides.
      6 = 52/16-25 + 6th prime = 13th prime. 13 = 99/45.
      99 = 57. 57th prime = 269.
      45 = 54. All cycles back to 54th lost for John Harbaugh.

      McAdoo bday: 7/9/1977 = 40 (Age: 39)
      7+9+19+77 = 112
      7+9+19+7+7 = 49

      From game date till bady = 99

      Qb "Eli" = 17/26 in English Reduction,

      Eli bday: 1/3/1981 = 23 (Age: 31)
      Again if you split the master numbers you get

      But check this out... maybe you could write his bday

      1+3+19+81 = 104
      1+3+19+8+1 = 32

      From game date 10/16 to bday 1/3 leaves 287 days

      His Completion Percentage = 63.6%

      Manning = 72/36 in English Ordinal

      Could also be written as 27 backwards...

      6 = 16/25.
      Meaning McAdoo 6th game coached

      149 = 108. 149th lost for Ravens &
      Harbaugh 149th game coached matches above also.

      Another nugget - 23 Days from Harbaugh birthday.
      Another nugget - 99 Days from McAdoo birthday.

      99 = 57. 57th prime = 269. It matches above.
      23 = 55. 55th prime - 257. 2 = 13. Could mean 1-3 record goes to 2-3.

      99 = 523th prime. 523 = 117
      23 = 83rd prime. 83rd prime = 431. 431 prime = 3001.
      Drop 0’s. 31 = 53 = 16th Prime = 6.

      My pick is Giants win!

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. Good luck man.

      I think your going to deep into the numbers though, on the surface Eli's birthday corresponds with Joe's win pretty perfectly.

    18. Bit of an update on this one.

      The two games im sure will come in is panthers and raiders and both of these teams have a strong 52 connection.

      That being said Eli could get his 52nd regular season win today as well. Week Six = 52. Maybe thats the number in play this gameweek.

      For me now this match is a no bet especially with the giants odds. I wont be surprised either way but i feel Eli's birthday is still pointing to Flaccos win.

      Ill be interested to see how this one pans out. If Ravens win i think we'll see the number 13 in play. Either the giants lose on 13 points or theres a 13 point spread.

  13. I dont think its final that Jay Cutler is playing?

  14. So wass the take on panthers vs saints

  15. NFL PICKS (10/16/2016) Million Man March Day (21st anniversary this Sunday)...

    Carolina (if Cam Newton plays, black panther tribute to MMM)
    Jacksonville (the Bears must be sacrificed again for the Cubs)
    Green Bay (the Big G beats the little 42, Dak Prescott)
    Indy (I would bet the house and the farm on this one)
    Giants (just too much numerology for the Ravens)
    Washington (site of the Million March March - a slick tribute)
    New England (there is no way Tom Brady is losing his homecoming game)
    Tennessee (the Browns must pay for the Cleveland World Series)
    Seattle (no strong story here, just 33/42 numerology at work against Atlanta, need to do more work on this one)
    Kansas (ESPN hyping Carr, kiss of death, and Chiefs own Raiders)
    Dolphins (Pittsburgh will somehow lose this, numbers don't like the Steelers for this one)
    LA Rams (Rams will win to make up for Dodgers loss in playoffs, lots of numbers for Rams, Lions are in trouble here)
    San Fran (my favorite, 1st game, 1st upset, Colin Kap will rub it in the face of the flag wavers on the anniversary of the Million Man March, big payday too!)

    Those are my picks after running the numbers and doing the analysis.

    1. We share the Panthers, Packers, Titans, Seahawks, Chiefs, Dolphins, Rams and Bills!! That would be cool if all 8 hit too

  16. I dont see Steelers losing to Dolphons regardless of numbers tbh

  17. Found some big clues for Oakland to beat Kansas City.

    Del Rio is coaching his 22nd game with Oakland and can give Reid his 22nd loss with KC. Reid's next birthday is 22 weeks away. Oakland = 22. Carr = 22. Carr's previous birthday was 202 days ago (22). October Sixteenth = 202. Chiefs come in with a 2-2 record as well.

    1. Oakland to me, is the easiest read for a win this weekend. They would be my first bet if I was in Vegas.

  18. Roethlisberger has 128 wins, not 126. That is throwing off the prime connection to 31. His next win will be 129.

    1. Also he is wearing Jose Fernandez number 16 on one of the cleats if that helps your decoding since you mentioned Kimbo

  19. Here are my picks. I went heavy on the 2-4 4-2 numbers:

    Eagles over Redskins
    Dolphins over Steelers
    Bears over Jaguars
    Titans over Browns
    Bengals over Patriots
    49ers over Bills
    Ravens over Giants
    Rams over Lions
    Panthers over Saints
    Chiefs over Raiders
    Packers over Cowboys
    Seahawks over Falcons
    Texans over Colts
    Jets over Cardinals

    Based off these picks I only have 4 teams that will be 3-3

    433 is the 84th prime number and 84 is a divisor of 44

    With these picks HOME WINS will be 48 and HOME LOSS will be 44

    the 44th coming on Monday night

    The overall HW HL numbers will look like this

    week 1 - 7-9
    week 2 - 10-6
    week 3 - 9-7
    week 4 - 8-7
    week 5 - 7-7
    week 6 - 7-8
    Total = 48 - 44

    1. Raiders are a Home Team and Colts are an Away team so if those two do win it will still be 48-44 at the end of Monday Night. I just don't think Colts will ever win in Houston this year, not now or in the super bowl. We've seen a lot line up for teams and they still lose and I know I am kinda going against the grain with this one and I mean no disrespect

    2. I got Raiders and Colts this week.

    3. Numbers game ,you have been pretty inaccurate on most of your picks

    4. Et, How do you know I am pretty inaccurate? Oh that's right, I am the only person here who actually commits to making Picks for all games before game time each week. Nobody else here does it except me on a weekly basis.

      SO either put up or shut up

    5. Tomorrow, football Sunday, 10/16/16, there are 76 days left in the year.

      How about either 7-6 home and away or vice versa?

      There are 13 games tomorrow and it might fit that pattern.

    6. Numbers game don't get mad I wasn't being disrespectful ,I see your weekly picks every week

    7. Mathew Rhodes! The only other person here who has all his picks posted up committing to one team over the other!! Nice!! I like it!

      For the 76 days on Sunday I have a ratio of 6H-7A based off my picks above.

      This could be my 3rd straight week of utter failure which will be funny to me... and Et, I think it will be funny for that person too

    8. Huge shout out to Zach for updating this Post and Making picks for all the Games at the top!! I like it!!

      Like I always say.. if you're not winning you're learning!

    9. Wish I had the time to break down every game.

    10. NumbersGame you have hit less than 40% of your tips this season

    11. Whudup mate!! You've been following my picks aye... interesting interesting. And it appears you took time to calculate my win/loss percentage as well. That can either mean 1) you spent time each week writing down my picks and then working on the win loss factor or 2) you spent your Saturday searching the blog for all my picks and then worked out the win loss percentage. Either way, I'd suggest taking that time you spent on me and put it towards yourself by making your own picks. And then share them with us!!

    12. i read the comments on Zach's articles and have seen your predictions. spent maximum 5 minutes on you, dont flatter yourself champ. less than 40 is an estimate but I can consistently recall you hitting no more than half of your picks, most of the time less than half.

    13. you were 4/12 last sunday if i recall correctly. so it should be noted to take your tips with a grain of salt for all the other readers.

    14. Aye Mate, so you admit it.. you did spend time on me.

      Mate, maybe you and the "other readers" can learn to make your own picks and participate in the activities other then coming here and looking to "score" free picks...

      In fact Mate, I hope a lazy fucker already took my picks today and put money on them and I hope they are all losing picks. That's what you get for not taking what is taught here and trying to apply it yourself for your own good.

      Mate, all I do is simply share what I did with my own work, win or lose, with everybody else on here who has done work and are sharing it.

    15. no one is knocking you for that. you seem to be very enthusiastic about your research which is good, it should just be noted that you are wrong 70-80% of the time. thats all.

    16. your attitude towards others betting on your tips is deplorable, and not in the spirit of what is happening here.

    17. numbersgame, no need to get angry, I remember a couple weeks ago you went like 4-10 and admitted how bad ur picks were....I wasnt trolling them cuz I'm not any better, nor is anyone trolling, just stating facts that u verified, no harm, good luck

    18. or perhaps you armchair decoders could offer your insight to further this research. pointing out someone's future telling deficiencies is like trying to be the most athletic person in the quadriplegic ward - fucking pointless.

    19. I can't believe Hilary Clinton is trolling me on here... super bizarre

    20. Hey eskimo queer.. a couple weeks ago I went 11-5, last week is when I went 4-10. My over record is 27-27 right now

      again, like Jayhawk points out... this is all fucking pointless. Stop trolling

  20. if eli manning get to start 6 straight games he gets to break a record, this will be his sixth straight start. probably a win!

  21. Zach if giants lose are you still sticking with them for the Super Bowl?

  22. Zach is this a 10-5 home wins super bowl tribute or a 9-6 home wins Freemasonry weekend

    1. which makes me think of a lot of 4-2 and 2-4 teams since

      freemasonry = 42/96

    2. damn auto correct late at night - not freemasonry

      *freemason* = 42 and 96

  23. Bout to head out to see Ben Aflecks new movie, "Accountant" ... a savant who has a great affinity for numbers, makes his living being the accountant for several criminal organizations; being chased by a 'Treasury' agent...oughta be some great messages in this one!

  24. @NumbersGame

    DUDE, if you are an old school football watcher,you should no better than that. Thats like an entire sunday of upsets an backwards happenings.
    real fans would wise up if that weekend happened.
    4-2,2-4 isnt that important.

    1. I mean -know better-
      no edit tabs dammit...and frankly, I wish there were post update link reminders because comments get lost around here lol

    2. Im not a football fan nor do I have any emotional attachment to football teams. I guess that will either work against me or for me.

      It's Saturday Ram, where are your picks??? And don't be selfish! I don't wanna see you brag about how many you got right after the games are over

      And by the way, the NFL can make every single team go 3-3 in week 6 and STILL majority of America wouldn't be non the wiser... REAL fans will BELIEVE ANYTHING the NFL feeds them.

    3. dude, I'm not a 12 year old lying for attention. I'm in a few pickems and if I say I did something,then I did it.

    4. Ram, where are these lost comments you keep speaking of? You seem to find everything just fine.

  25. Zach is this a 10-5 home wins super bowl tribute or a 9-6 home wins Freemasonry weekend

  26. "I'm looking for home teams to be 9-6 by the end of this week.
    Week Six = 33/42/51/96
    10/16/16 = 10+16+16 = 42 (The divisors of 42 sum to 96)

    I like home teams to 6-9 or 9-6 this week regardless. Again, Week 6 = 96""

    This is very interesting because if it did end up 9-6, the overall Home wins will be 50 = America (Americans game) and Homes Loss will be 42 (Monday is the start of the 42nd week in the year and 42 being the number at play this week along with 24) so that all will be very fitting in deed!!!

    My only issue with this though is:

    Week One = 33, 78, 645-----(7h-9a)
    Week Two = 30, 102, 1290----(10h-6a)
    Week Three = 46, 100, 838----(9h-7a)
    Week Four = 41, 104, 986-----(8h-7a)
    Week Five = 41, 59, 86, 950--(7h-7a)

    So why not use those numbers in affect through all the weeks? Why just week six would the idea of "week six" come into play? That is where I get confused... Why do only certain things count one week but don't count the next..

    Week 7 will also have 15 games just like week 6 and week 4

    Week seven = 37, 55, 109

    1. Also, for week five is was looking at an 8-6, 6-8 combo all that week and seeing week five = 86.. it actually went 7-7 last week instead

  27. Found some solid clues for Atlanta to beat Seattle:
    Ryan is going for his 80th overall win. Century Link Field = 80. Matthew Thomas Ryan = 80. Eighty = 38. An Atlanta win would give Carroll his 38th loss with Seattle.
    Ryan making his 137th start. 137 is the 33rd prime. Matty Ice = 33. Ryan's next birthday is 30 weeks 3 days away (33). Quinn's next birthday is 330 days away. Week Six = 33. Wilson has 33 home wins, a number he would be stuck on with a loss.

    1. I love it when the 'Hawks lose at home. A lot lines up for Matty Ice and Co.

  28. and as a narrative the Falcons head coach was a Seattle defensive coach previously = a narrative advantage

  29. Found some more Cleveland alignment:
    If Cleveland wins, Mularkey's record would be 4-11. Cleveland Browns = 1014 (114), the inverse of 4-11. Jackson would get his 9th win. Nine = 114.
    Cleveland going for win 36 in the series. Jackson's birthday was 360 days ago.
    Kessler making his 4th start. Four = 360. Four = 24, Tennessee would fall to 2-4 with a loss.
    Kessler's next birthday is 208 days away. Browns = 28.

    1. Good stuff Jeremy, my balls are too small to bet on them though lol

    2. Six = 52
      Tennessee = 52
      52-year drought in Cleveland
      California = 52

    3. I've got the browns first win of the season coming next week at cincinnati with a tribute to the cavs.
      That game is on 10/23, cleveland cavs = 123.
      10/23 leaves 69 days remaining.
      Cleveland cavaliers = 69.
      The browns would be 1-6. Sixteen = 33 and 96. 33 links with Cleveland and cincinnati = 96.

    4. Chargers, patriots, titans, bears, bills and seahawks are the only home teams I have winning.
      I hadn't based anything on home or away but a 6-9 record would fit nice this week 112 days before the superbowl in Houston (112) Texas (69).

    5. Even if Jeremy and Zack love the Browns this week, I will still pass!!

  30. Jamaal wilkes of the 80s lakers wore number 52... he went to University of California, Los Angeles, ucla, and then played for Lakers

  31. Hey Zach, I play fantasy football and my Vikings defense are on bye.I don't know which defense to play, what defense do you recommend I play this week?

  32. Sorry buffalo defense are already taken, so the defenses that are left are Bengals, titans, packers, jags, bears, redskins, cowboys, dolphins, giants, 49ers, Bucs, Browns, saints, and the colts and I have Oakland

    1. titans for one week against browns maybe...? redskins could disrupt rookie qb missing a offensive tackle...oakland is still known for weak Defense

    2. I was in same situation and picked up titans d against the browns.

  33. yeaaaah! what is up fellas.

    giants over ravens
    colts over texans
    packers over cowboys
    seahawks over falcons
    lions over rams
    upset pick: bengals over patriots
    upset pick: 49ers over bills

    1. 3 home losses and 4 home wins

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. chiefs over raiders
      afc west
      1,2 raiders broncos 4-2
      3 chiefs 3-2
      4 chargers 2-4

    6. Nice!! Im definitely hoping for the upset picks those will be cool if they hit

    7. numbersgame, looks like the house is going to have a solid day. maybe niners keep is close and just win the points. wonder what uniforms each team will use.

  34. espn just said if redskins win it ties to Hilary Clinton becoming the next president

    1. i also like redskins 3-2 redskins to beat the 3-1 eagles.
      nfc east
      1. cowboys 4-2
      2. eagles 3-2
      3,4. giants, redskins 3-3

    2. Whoa! That is an interesting video!! Using a comedian to joke about throwing games for political connections by numbers? That's a great find.

  35. Replies
    1. i like the dolphins to win that game, steelers 4-2 and dolphins would be 2-4, a. brown will wear cleats with k. slice and j. fernandez. steelers will put over the dolphins.

  36. also if both the giants and colts win in week six with the Vikings on bye does that mean that it will be giants over colts in the super bowl or is the colts over Vikings still a possibility

    1. No. It could be falcons, patriots, colts, giants or vikings. Stop trying to bet. You will lose your money.

    2. Colts are a for sure to go the superbowl

    3. James P -

      we're making money off this. in fact, i've financed some substantial bets on the super bowl with profits based off of the work this community collectively puts together.

  37. Hey one thing you didnt catch, is kaepernick play in the first game of the season against the rams. He only came in for less than the final two minutes

  38. before the game transpires, as a. luck steps onto the houston turf, he will have completed 131 passes.

  39. last night,Jets-Dennis Byrd died in car crash.. Bills/Jets = 9 , Byrd wore number 90,..1990 the Bills and Giants made playoffs, both were 13-3 that season..just throwing stuff

  40. Our FREE Pick-winning streak is now 8 days in a row - a total of 14 consecutive winners:

  41. this song is on madden 17 called Giant by Banks & Steelz

  42. Former NY Jets DE Dennis Byrd (born 5 October 1966 in Oklahoma, wore #90) died on 15 October 2016 in a head-on crash while in his 2004 Hummer H2, while travelling on Oklahoma Highway 88 - there was a 12 year old and a 17 year old in the Hummer with Byrd and they both survived. He was drafted to the NFL in 1989, and retired injured. During game against KC Chiefs on 29 November 1992, injured his neck running into a teammate and never playee again and KC Chiefs won the game 23-7. They made a movie about his life and Peter Berg (born 11 March 1964 in NY) played Byrd, and Berg started his acting career in 1988

  43. Right.

    Im only on 5 games this week as i haven't had time to look at them all and i cba to try and cram in some decoding as ill probably make mistakes.


    There the five im going with this weekend, next week im going to do a whole decode on all the matches as ill have lots of spare time.

    Giants v Ravens is the most intriguing match up in the numbers... Im going to side very slightly with Giants and Mannings 52nd win. But i wont be at all surprised if ravens upset the party.

  44. Funny story. Thanks to Jeremy white!! Last week i had placed a teaser bet with my bookie, Had already won the first game with BYU, i dropped the Bengals in as my second part of the teaser. I get on here and read Jeremy's write up about a Good Ole Gematria sandwich showing the Cowboys destroying the Bengals and it was very convincing so i hurried up right before the kickoff and cancelled my Bengals bet and switched in the Cowboys instead. My Book was pissed off to say the least, He yelled at me Hey Mother Fucker a bet is a bet, im never again cancelling one side to switch to the other you fucking here me bitch!! I laughed my ass off ass Dallas led 28-0 so thanks Jeremy saved me a 150.00 loser on that one!!!

  45. I dont think Zach included this, but Andrew Luck comes into tonights game with 131 completed passes on the season. Raiders, Falcons, Colts underdog parlay is gonna make bank today!

    1. that's documented in another post and comment section where we're looking for him to go 6/6 on his first drive with I don't remember how many yards but it lines up oh so perfectly the way it was presented as a possibility.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Morgan Burnett #42 is a captain for the Packers today. The sum of all three captains = 142. "Forty-Two" = 142.

    Today's date 10+16+16= 42. Dak Prescott = 42. Dallas will almost surely fall to 4-2.

  47. Andy dalton could pick up his 25th road win today in the 25th match up between the Patriots + Bengals

  48. Colts playing in Houston, while Baltimore where the colts were from are playing the Giants.

    1. If Giants were to lose maybe a foreshadow of what's to come in the SB

  49. Ravens with a 23 yard field goal during first drive. Zach, there is that 23 number sith the Giants again

    1. Good catch, 23-days from Harbaugh's birthday.
      Harbaugh = 39; New York = 39

    2. My sister is a Ravens fan and I've been trying to tell her about the scripting in sports. Is there any chance they make the playoffs so I can prove to her

    3. Ravens with 10 points at half looks favorable for Giants.

      Ten = 39

    4. Flacco 23 attempts at the half.

    5. 10-7, like Eli's 107 passing yards at the half.

    6. Giants score with 2:30 left in half.
      23 again!

    7. Eli's 23rd completion a 75 yd TD to Odel. Eli #10, odel #13.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Will we see a Colts-Ravens playoff game Baltimore Colts Baltimore Ravens

    10. True NYC they will probably play in the wildcard in indy

  50. Kaepernick arrived to the stadium wearing a Muhammad Ali t-shirt

    1. Did you see aaron williams run blindly past that receiver? Thats one for the proof of rigging highlight reel.

  51. Andrew Luck td ameritrade commercial of him playing chess. Just like the pepsi Odell Beckham one.!!

    1. I need to find it on YouTube! The Beckham commercial coded to championship

    2. Yeah thanks for your work on that. It's what keyd me in. It was about him doing charity work and the scene had nothing to do with the message. Very symbolic.


      There is this commerical also. If you read the description,Sully is wearing Houston Texans attire

  52. Bears and rams will fuck up my parlay lolz

  53. Gotta love how they highlighted #57 limping off the field for the Giants lol.

  54. at the half saints lead panthers 24-10= 34

    newton has 12-22 for 162yds 1td 1 int

    brees 18-26 for 258 yds 2td

    stewart 7 car for 43yds

    ingram 9 car for 36

    olsen 3 rec for 51 yds

    cooks 4 rec for 107yds 1td

  55. so many flags against steelers, plus big ben hurt

  56. Roethlisberger is hurt might be serious.

  57. Jose' Fernandez #16 Miami playing today 16th, brown wearing cleats as tribute *

  58. I can tell you the Falcons are gonna win their game. A sports writer said the Seahawks are 9-6 against the Falcons. That can't be a mistake. The series is actually 9-5. As a sports writer, he should know these things.

  59. Rams,same sorry team as last year but move to LA and somehow become good...yeah,whatever

    1. 3-3 would be average lol. As long as Fisher is calling stupid plays they're not going anywhere.

  60. Giants lose forsure, Eli gets win 53 on next game with numerology of 53

  61. In the giants game they were down 13-10. Then Eli throws a 75 yd TD to Beckham. #10 to #13 just like the score

    1. Then next play Ravens hit a big pass to Wallace #17 to get inside the 5. #17 like the giants score

    2. That was also Eli's 23rd completion.

  62. Odell and the net thing is so f-ing gay.

  63. Drew Bree's just threw the worst int of his career.

  64. Odell did a triple jump celebration when he scored a touchdown. His checkers commercial the guy does a "triple jump" of the checkers. Good signs for the giants to do a "triple jump" in the playoffs

  65. Jeremy whats your Dallas vs gbay thoughts

    1. I think Dallas wins or at least stays within the spread. There is good alignment on both sides. I think the narrative of should Romo start when he gets back because Dak is playing so well will get some more fuel

    2. I'm staying away from betting. This game is too close. 116 syncs on both sides

    3. The real question is when is dak going to throw an INT!

  66. Had a feeling bills were gonna go ape shit on 49ers, put Kap in his place lol

  67. Gano missed the easy extra point. Would've tied the game 31-31. If carolina loses its because of that fucking sellout.

  68. OBJ..of course he's in a bunch of commercial so he makes the great play at the end


    1. I THOUGHT ODELL'S HIP WAS HURTING? This unbelievably scripted.

  70. "Kaepernick" with 66 rush yds. Lesean Mccoy an average of 7.4 rush yds.

  71. You're doing amazing. Subbed to your blog.

  72. Odell with the triple jump celebration parallel to the commercial triple jump to king me.