Monday, October 17, 2016

33 38 58 79 | The death of Trinity Gay, Olympic Sprinter Tyson Gay's daughter, October 16, 2016

Okay, let's take a look at the numbers.

Tyson Gay = 36/45/126 (Tyson = 21/30/93) (Gay = 15/33)
Trinity Gay = 58/148 (Trinity = 43/115)

Tyson Gay, the father, was born August 9, 1982  August 9 is the day that leaves 144-days left in the calendar year.

8/9/1982 = 8+9+19+82 = 118 (Death = 118)
8/9/1982 = 8+9+1+9+8+2 = 37
8/9/92 = 8+9+92 = 109

The death of his daughter comes 68-days after his birthday, a span of 69-days.

Her dying at age '15' stands out for the following reasons.

Notice Tyson was 34-years old.  Murder = 34

With regards to the incident coming 68-days after his birthday, caskets go 6' deep and are often 8' long.

Lafayette High School = 91/100/199 (199, the 46th prime)
Lafayette, Kentucky = Lafayette, Kentucky = 61//79/205 (Lafayette = 32/95) (Kentucky = 29/47/110)

Notice that Lafayette, Kentucky has a gematria connection to 'murder'.  Murder = 79,%20Tyson%20Gay,%20Was%20Killed%20In%20An%20Horrific%20Way


  1. 1 year 2 months 23 days since the theater shooting in Lafeyette, LA by a 59 year old man.

    1. Yes, that is what Lafayette made me think of as well. Good eyes.

    2. The first day he was a 58 year old man, I still remember that too.

    3. She was FATALLY shot in LAFAYeTte.

      Trinity means 3
      Gay = 15/33
      She was 15 and Kentucky is the 15th state admitted to the Union

      2016 year of the monkey
      King Kong starring actress Fay Wray released in 1933
      Known as one of the first "scream queens"
      She died on 8.8.2004

  2. Zachary k Hubbard you truely right about the rigged NFL b/c dak Prescott threw 2 INT yesterday not 1" they is lying about that on his stats

    1. The first one was considered a fumble because they hit his hand

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  5. So, is this a hoax or 'legit' as far as the definition of 'legit' will go?

    1. It doesn't really matter if it's "legit" or not. Who cares? I just assume the news is bullshit the news "reports" on a fake reality they want us to believe is real.
      The question, IMO, is why the Overlords gave us this particular story and how it fits in with the overall "Guns and Gays in America" narrative that has been pretty much the theme of Obama's presidency.

    2. I agree about the guns, gays and overall plan, but I don't like to skip over anything, and would like to be able to determine, as best as I can, whats fake/hoax and what pure unadulterated murder....

  6. The post time of Trin (11.19pm) is looking a lot like 119 (All Seeing Eye, Master Plan)