Sunday, October 16, 2016

24 39 167 | Colts fall to 2-4, losing @ Houston, SNF, October 16, 2016 +Remaining season schedule

2-4 is a lot like '24'.

Colts = 3+6+3+2+1/10 = 15/24

Indianapolis, on the 39th Parallel
9/12/1989 = 9+1+2+1+9+8+9 = 39 (Andrew Luck's birth numerology)

Notice that Baltimore lost today 23-27, and the Colts lost 23-26.  The Baltimore Colts are the original team, that played in the 'Greatest Game Ever Played'.

Greatest Game Ever Played = 99
23+27+23+26 = 99

Monday Night Football, the next primetime game, will feature the Jets on the road, who lost to the Baltimore Colts, in Super Bowl 3, 16-7, something like the "167" coded above.  We'll see what happens when the Jets play tonight.  They were the victors in Super Bowl, over the Colts.

For the Colts to finish at 9-7. they need to go 7-3 through their final 10 games.  That said, 8-8 very well could win the division, thus they would need to finish 6-4.

Notice Osweiler had 39 tosses.

SNF = 39; NRG = 39; Colts, from the 39th Parallel
*There were many Osweiler '39' stats on the screen in the first quarter, check it out if you recorded

Notice Gore with the prophecy yardage, in prophecy week six.  Six=52; Prophecy=52/106

You have to appreciate that the game winner was a 33-yard field goal.  Oilers = 33