Thursday, August 9, 2018

26 41 47 49 62 | Tom Brady encounters a bear in the Montana woods, July 4, 2018 +Joe Montana riddle?

A man called into TFR last night and gave me the heads up on this story.

He thinks it means the Patriots will play the Bears in the Super Bowl, as they did on January 26, 1986.

Instead, I think this is a nod to Tom Brady winning the 26th Super Bowl for the AFC, and eclipsing Joe Montana as the greatest QB of all-time.  If you're not aware, Tom Brady grew up in the Bay Area, and idolized Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers.

*Nick Saban tied Bear Bryant by winning #6 in Atlanta.  Brady could win #6 in same stadium.

Consider July 4, 2018, was a date with 49 numerology.

7/4/2018 = 7+4+20+18 = 49 (NFL = 49) (Super Bowl = 49) (America = 49)

And don't forget that Super Bowl 53 will be the 49th Super Bowl of the modern era.

As for this coming on July 4, or 4/7, like 47, recall the first Super Bowl was in the 47th season of the NFL.  And in this case, both Montana and Brady are considered living legends.

*Joe Montana is currently 62-years-old, the number that was the riddle with Brady and Jimmy G, who is now on the 49ers, Montana's old team.

And for one last point.  Montana is the 41st state, like how Brady will be 41-years-old when he appears in Super Bowl 53.

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