Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reader Contribution | "I did it my way" says Obama, The Voice's Billy Gillman & Bernard Hopkins

What's going on with this class Frank Sinatra song?


  1. Hopkins lost 53 seconds into the 8th round (538).
    Houston = 538 in jewish gematria.
    The Electoral college has 538 Electors.

    538 must have some more deeper meaning, like the 318. We just need to figure out what it means.

    1. I searched it on Gematrix and here are some notable ones...
      Hillary, Barack Obama Number, USA Giants, Elisha Paradigm Shift

    2. 108 is Sedna asteriod/planet # code (non gematria)

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  2. Originally recorded
    December 30, 1968
    1 + 2 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 30
    12 + 30 + (1 + 9 + 6 + 8) = 66
    12 + 30 + 19 + 68 = 129
    12 + 30 + 68 = 110

    The song will turn 48 in ten days.

    Interesting to note:

    "My Way" is the song most frequently played at British funeral services".


    I remember reading that Frank hated singing My Way...

    "Although this work became Frank Sinatra's signature song, his daughter Tina Sinatra says the legendary singer came to hate the song. "He didn't like it. That song stuck and he couldn't get it off his shoe. He always thought that song was self-serving and self-indulgent."

    1. My Way
      Gematria Jewish 1731
      Gematria Reduction 24
      Gematria Summerian 522
      Gematria Ordinal 87
      Gematria English 1941

    2. Great info! Totally agree with Ol' Blue Eyes' assessment too -- it IS a song about self-indulgence!

      It's actually sad if that truly is the #1 funeral song in Britain ...
      As controlled as we are here in the states, it's MUCH worse for those in the UK.
      Almost every control measure put on US was first "tried out" on their population.

      They aren't allowed to do ANYTHING "Their Way".
      Which makes it a song of ironic delusion.

      Reminds me also of "BURGER KING's" ads to ... "Have It Your Way".
      (Hold the pickle, Hold the lettuce, Special orders don't upset us ..."


      BURGER = much like BURGHER (a GERMAN "mayor")

      KING = NOT ALWAYS husband of the QUEEN ...
      But -- ALWAYS a KING'S SON is a "PRINCE" ... & DAUGHTER is a "PRINCESS" ...

      Which brings us back to recent "FROZEN" references ...

      Also: the name REINCE PRIEBUS (Trump's advisor) always (All Ways) looks like "PRINCE" to me!

    3. from the 48yr anniversary of the song to the super bowl is 37 days or 5w 2days. there has been a lot of 37 coding on Andrew luck this yr and 5/2 is the super bowl date.

      "frank sinatra" in the English Reduction system equals 51. like super bowl 51

      "i did it my way" in the English Reduction system equals 61
      "sixty one" in the English Reduction system equals 41

      "sixty one" in the English Ordinal system equals 131
      super bowl" in the English Reduction system equals 41

      "super bowl" in the English Ordinal system equals 131

  3. Zach, Henry Heimlich just died at 96, 42 years after creating the Heimlich maneuver in 1974. He died in Cincinnati.

    1. Meaningful numbers all over the place with that one!

      More Germanic references too ...

    2. Like a fairytale Bavarian/Black Forest, Hansel and Gretel.
      I've been to Germany and they have some terrifying Christmas characters.

      I see that there were 24 main Concentration Camps in WW2 Europe.
      Mostly Germany, but also Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

      Most were used for Forced Labor.


      Its opposite is ADHD, scattered attention, unable to focus long.
      I have been diagnosed with this as a good deal of the public has.

      The cure is speed. Adderall, Ritalin, Crystal Meth, Cocaine
      Speed can cause big time paranoia and panic as side effect till u get used to it

      The card game Concentration is all about matching - where did I see that? - improves recall/memory skills.

      Mandela effect, inserting small changes/glitches that most won't notice until they do then they are told it was always that way.

      Start your engines
      Catch fire
      Light bulb lights up

      24 camps, 24 hours in a day

      Interesting how all these things could relate.

  4. This also reminds me of the Jay -Z song from The Blueprint 2, sampling Ol' Blue Eyes and shit.

    His opening commentary talks about how people are waiting for days to see him "like I'm a Beatle or some shit. That's real talk man!"

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    4. @Jayhawk

      Hov does not reach for the mASSES

      You got starch in your flow
      I flow too many ways
      Got an arch in my flow
      All songs are flow
      Rembrandt, Rilke
      I am art with the flow
      Even if I'm guilty
      You gotta pardon the flow
      Niggas takin' me lightly
      Had to darken the flow
      Way I put it together
      Tear 'em apart with the flow
      I'm too smart with the flow
      You just started to flow
      Stop it youngin'
      You 106 & Park with the flow

      Kiss my ass, while I relax on my yacht, docked next to my island.

    5. I've hastily dropped footballs in public stalls with more capacity for intelligent diatribe than you, Gay-ry.

  5. It all comes back to Trump and The Key of David just like the Track White Room by Cream (1968) was conditioning for yesterday's Assassination. Who is the Original American Crooner? Francis. And who is doing things "Their Way' now in Our Society ? Donald. Well at least they want you to think that Subconsciously .

    Crooner" in the English Reduction system equals 43

    Crooner" in the English Ordinal system equals 88

    Trump = 88

    Civil War= 43

    88-43= .. 45 .. (45th President)

    The Dude That Wrote The Track for Frank is..

    Paul Albert Anka" in the English Reduction system equals 45

    Paul Albert Anka" in the English Ordinal system equals 135

    May 14th ,1998 The Day Frank Sinatra Died is the 135th Day of the Year.

    That 48 Years since the song has been written will make a lot more sense if you read what I posted yesterday.


    1. Add "Ra" To Paul Albert's Last Name and you get..

      Anka-RA The City in Turkey the Assassination of Andrei Karlov took place. "RA" is the Egyptian Sun God.

      Ra" in the English Reduction system equals 10

      In 10 Days "My Way" Turns 48 Years Old. Thx Cheryl for your work.

      Ra" in the English Reduction system equals 10

      2016-1968= .. 48 ..

      Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 48

      Key of David" in the English Reduction system equals 48



    2. Great connections all around!

      Finding the Paul Anka -- My Way -- Ankara, Turkey --
      tie-ins was brilliant!

      Funny -- when trying to type in Paul Anka's name, my auto-correct keeps wanting to replace it with --
      PAUL IVANKA ... like Trump's daughter! Lol

  6. Has anyone noticed Hurricane Mathew a category 5 storm has super bowl coding ?

    Matthew formed from a tropical wave that pushed off the African coast in late September. That tropical wave was dubbed Invest 97L just southwest of the Cape Verde Islands on Sept. 25.

  7. That's from the weather channel.
    Now go to wiki and take a closer look at the number. Also take a look at the path it affected.
    Then tie in all the places with recent events

  8. Numbers...

    NRG field in Houston. I suspect another Black out event but probably more sinister.

    Trump tweets on 9/30/16
    New Yorker article

    Mar lago could be under water ( Trump property)

    His 10 year old son Barron could lead our cyber security.

    Trump reluctant to do intelligence briefings could be the excuse for the second 9/11 type

    I really do not think Trump will be assasinatec but blamed as incompetent.

    Think of how that video surfaced of him post 9/11. The fact that Gulliani will not join his cabinet. Gulliani was the 9/11 poster child.

    I can't forget that headlines " The Price America will pay for guarding Trump Properties"
    That was on CNN last month.

    1. Excellent insights --
      I think you're really on to something by recalling that "Guarding Trump's Properties" headline.

      That headline also reminds me of the Nicholas Cage movie "Guarding Tess" -- about the kidnapping of a former president's widow.

    2. Holy fuck, Mfsyy

      They're going to kidnap Trump!
      He has a plane similar to Air Force 1 made by Boeing.
      Then he complained that 4 billion is way too much for the presidential plane. Trump is #44 and 45 like on his jerUSAlem RED hat.
      Now I'm thinking that Harrison ford movie where he the president was the target. If recall they were Russian. Trumps plane goes missing like flight 370? Or he's trapped in Tower like in DIE HARD Bruce Willis.

      Not being funny, it makes perfect sense. Pence is sacrificed ?
      Putin says it was not Russia " prove it USA"
      Obama became friends with Trump recently vows to keep the country safe
      All citizens are suspects , Marshall law? Michelle said today that Barbara bush helped her through the eight years in office and she intends to do the same for Melania ... Is Melania a Russian spy? She it up? Especially since she said she would remain at HOME in NY=39 with Barron at Trump TOWER of Babel. Let's say Trump flies home after the SB, instead of to the White House, plane never makes it or he get kidnapped wanting to be home with wife and son. Pence flies to DC gets taken out too. State of panic Obama is called back in or who takes over ?.. Snowden is suspect #1 Russia is asked to give him up and Obama and Putin are to negotiate giving Obama cart Blanche of the White House????

      All I did was put together the last 12 months of news into this story.
      Harrison ford had a plane crash recently and a sex scandal.


  9. Frank Sinatra=51
    Bernard is 51 years old 24 years older then Joe Smith
    My Way=24
    HBO Boxing=51
    Frank Sinatra born in 1915
    Bernard Hopkins was knocked out of the ring and the Commentators emphasized that it was the fist time since Rocky Marciano vs Joe Louis that someone had been knocked out of thhe ring.That fight of course was in 1951.
    Bernard Hopkins was born on 1/15

    1. On directv the channel was even on 501

      And CNN had front page news of a tree falling and the same time of the fight which killed 1 and injured 5 ..it happend in Whittier ca..named after John Greenleaf Whittier

      John Greenleaf Whittier=115

    2. On john Greenleaf whittiers birthday 12/17

    3. The interlocking symmetry of these stories is undeniable -- & appears to be never-ending!

      In a strange way though -- for those willing to do the research -- it's more educational than school ever was!

    4. Yes sir it is

      The park where the tree fell is crawling distance from the Whittier police department where mason lodge #323 is just another block from that..

    5. Seriously? Haha -- that's TOO perfect -- isn't it?

      The timing of the "Fallen Tree" was excellent -- right when Cut DOWN Christmas Trees were Going UP everywhere.

      The Upside Down paradigm -- complete with a Revenge of Nature theme!

      I'd joked about the INDESTRUCTIBLE CHRISTMAS TREE in the BERLIN TERROR TRUCK photo -- equating it with the "Killer Christmas Trees" in the Original Saturday Night Live.
      But after hearing about this other "actual" (lol) Killer Tree ... I'm wondering if those silly MASONIC pranksters might've been using that theme for "real" (lol).

      In Whittier, apparently close proximity to "The Police" does NOT "guarantee your safety" ... lol!

      It seems that originally -- LIVE TREES were used at Christmas ... & later TRANSPLANTED outdoors to go on LIVING.
      Not sure how or when the practice of CUTTING DOWN -- ie. "KILLING" trees became the norm ...

      But it sure sounds like a practice designed to upset the DRUIDS -- the originators of associating EVERGREENS with the Holiday Season.
      Apparently the Christians came along & co-opted the use of EVERGREENS -- saying they represented the Eternal Life Of Jesus ...
      Blatantly railroading over (yet another) "pagan" custom.

    6. What is your name in all4truth??

      I'm actually kind of scared cause some weird shit been happening at work n it's again a block away from a lodge and 115 runs throgh my family especially my dad who syncs up perfectly with john green lraf Whittier and yes I'm from Whittier

    7. Also it was 5 days after frank Sinatras 101st birthday .(511)

    8. I wouldn't worry because the hoaxes, drills & even the planned "events" only involve those who are in on it. Everyone else is kept far away.

      Keep your mind open though & all your senses alert -- if something does happen near you, you might be the only person around who sees through the bullshit.

      BUT -- even if you happen to witness something strange -- don't expect to be able to tell anyone ... or think that doing so would change anything (because it won't).

      Last year there was a faux "murder" right next door to me. I knew nothing added up right -- but in the end it didn't matter. Like "smoke" -- over time the whole matter just dissapated. Despite a highly publicized "manhunt & arrest" -- all traces of the "event" disappeared. No funeral. No investigation. No trial. Nothing.

      Whatever the motivation was -- the plan was executed & completed. "Outsiders" (like me) were never brought into it. And honestly -- it was a relief.

      Maybe the "dead" guy was undercover ... or maybe he swapped some info for a new life & identity. Or maybe there was a murder -- & it was nothing like what it appeared. When it was all said & done though -- that was one "loop" I was happy to be left out of.

      So I think you & yours are safe. I really do.
      Besides -- you've already had the symbolic Tree Fall that made national news. That's probably all that's going to happen. It was their part of the script -- & now it's done. These events seem to strike & then move on to another locale.

      As for all4truth -- I confess -- I haven't been on there yet! :D

  10. Anyone looked at the numerology of 1/22/2017, the date of the AFC Championship game?

    1+22+20+17 = 60 (Indianapolis)
    1+22+2+0+1+7 = 33 (33rd season in Indy)
    1+2+2+2+0+1+7 = 15 (Colts)
    1+22+17 = 40 (Andrew Luck)

    1. good catch, Riven1 also pointed out to me if the colts win out including the super bowl, they'd be 13-7 on the season, 137 is the 33rd prime number.

    2. Ha! Nice. Now get ready to be trolled by the retards.

    3. The 1984 Super Bowl was on 1/22 33 years prior to the upcoming AFC championship game.
      Since 1985 the Raiders have been in Oakland, and 2017 would be their 22nd year since moving back to Oakland from LA.
      Derek Carr Birth Numerology: 141, 51, 33, 122
      Khalil Mack was born 2/22!
      Amari Cooper is 22 years old.

    4. Its will also have been 15 years since 2002 the Tuck Rule game against New England.

  11. Hey running at 75 percent in NFL , follow me on twitter @The_NFLprophet

  12. Great point D2K

    Vegas Raiders year to cash IN
    Or does the Jesuit K Mara win it For the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS.

    That Brooklyn Jew still running shit from the grave. AL DAVIS none before and none to come!

    Just WIN baby .

  13. @D2K

    The Colts vs Giants circle jerking is on a cult level between 6 minions and a fake satanist shill.

  14. Matt hasslbeck just gave the Titans the kids of death or omen

    10-6 and win the AFC south.

    Jags have b.s coach
    Houston has the back up.

    We all know is fixed and we all know anyone can coach or QB and get a win, but n the surface this favors the Titans.

  15. Possibly connecting with Paul Anka who is Canadian/American born in Ottawa. Father was Syrian/American, Mother was Canadian/Lebanese. Also Elvis had huge success with this song too. May have connections with Alan Thicke also Canadian???

  16. "I did it my way"=1866 in Jewish Gematria and so is "My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I am the Antichrist"

  17. zacc a pussy tryin to pick on richie even tho he follows that false religion christianity. only thing zacc n rfg chosen fag r right is christianity is a joke but too bad they frauds since they pic colts in sb lmao

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  20. The offical funeral song for the final curtain call of the United Fake States of America. The show must go on however