Monday, December 19, 2016

47 88 313 | 'Russian envoy assassinated', December 19, 2016, CNN headlines +More Trump & JFK parallels

So, I've been talking about this ongoing pattern between JFK's assassination, and what is being foreshadowed for Donald Trump.  Notice what is coded into this headline, '88' and '313'.

Trump = 88
It is slide 313 of the Zapruder film that shows JFK's head coming apart; John F. Kennedy = 131

Today's date has "presidential" numerology.

President = 47; 12/19/16 = 12+19+16 = 47

Also, notice the 'Do not forget Aleppo!' part.

'87' is an emphasized number in the opening credits of the TV show "Touch", which is very much about this subject.  I just noticed something new about '87', of if not knew, I had forgotten.  It has gematria of 58 and 139, just like 'Freemasonry'.


  1. JFK is Jimmy Carter. His wife Rosalyn is Jackie Kennedy. No joke.

    1. Now that is something I will have to look into further. I can definitely see the resemblance just thinking about it. How freaking weird...

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  3. Friends:

    "Russian envoy assassinated" = 263 in English Kabbalah #1
    "Black Magic's puppet " = 263 in English Kabbalah #1

    "Russian envoy assassinated" = 330 in English Kabbalah #3
    "a Black Magic is the New World Order" = 330 in English Kabbalah #1

    "Russian envoy assassinated" = 129 in Latin Reduction Gematria
    "A 'special interest' is a Black Magic" " = 129 in Latin Reduction Gematria (Trump was always talking about how "special interest'controls everything).

    As far as the '88' code (for Trump), it something else:

    "U.S. controlled by Black Magic"= 88 in Latin Reduction Gematria

    TRUMP will NOT be assassinated, they would've done it already, why wait for him to become a President, and more importantly, to let him become a President?! This is, again, a delusional idea (the same as keep chasing Hillary Clinton for President for months and wasting hundreds of articles with hundreds of "worthless codes"!).

    Zachary, please stop with this "Trump killing"; this sounds like a "brainwash", dear friend - it's NOT GONNA happen. I guarantee this one :) lol same way I guaranteed Trump would be the President, remember?! between 5:1 and 7:1 odds "clean up"...

    Last night we had another great WIN:
    7 in a row in our FREE Picks - great Gematria in French Soccer:

    Also, our 3 NHL Picks (not FREE), "ALL IN" last night:


    1. You didn't guarantee shit about Trump being President. You are a goddamn dumbass!

  4. The Masonic/Zionist Fake Jews/Jesuit Order/Illuminati 13 Families
    always creates the false "Villian" narrative (trying to take over the world.)
    "World Domination" in the English Reduction system equals 78=15
    (The reflection of 87)
    "World Domination" in the English Ordinal system equals 186=15
    "Vladimir Putin" in the English Ordinal system equals 168=15

    "Bombs Exploding" in the English Gematria system equals 1039
    "Cold War" in the English Reduction system equals 31
    "Sadam Hussein" in the English Ordinal system equals 133


  6. Trump assasination is a fantasy. more clicks for conspiracy websites.

  7. Anas al-Basha=79

    Are we supposed to remember the city or the clown??

    1. And for some reason "Do Not Forget Aleppo" has me thinking "Remember the Alamo" This assissination comes 77 days before the 181st Anniversary of the last day of the Alamo, 3/6/1836. The Alamo is fun because it started on 2/23/1836. Probably nothing, but interesting numbers.

    2. Heh heh -- good one!

      The "Clown of ALEPPO" kept making me think "BEPPO" for some reason.
      Looked it up & BEPPO was a SPACE MONKEY sent down with SUPERMAN to keep him company.

      He was always up to Super Power Space Monkey Shenanigans -- until he finally RODE A COMET back into space.

      "COMET" Pizza, anyone? Lol

    3. Re: The Alamo -- there probably IS a deliberate "mind tweak" there ...
      I just have a feeling that -- in their Native Language -- "rebels" would NOT phrase it in that exact way.

      After revisiting the Alamo as an adult, I took a spell of really researching the history of it -- from many different angles.
      After that, I came away convinced that too much of it reeked of Contrived Mythology.
      Finding out how that story is conveyed in Mexican textbooks revealed even more obfuscation.

      Now I just consider it a Texas Pageant Play -- a good cover for stealing a huge chunk of Mexico. :D

  8. This makes me think of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie that started WWI in Sarajevo with coordinates 43 51 29N 18 24 44E notice the 43 and 44 assassination=43 kill=44. The assassin (20 and 56/101/606/411/461) was Gavrilo Princip 88 r 56 sep. I am now seeing articles comparing the 2 incidents obviously the intent of this whole charade.

  9. When you're shot in the back would you automatically bend forwards?? No you'd arch back.

    also I see this on CNN this morning wow this whole operation could not be more obvious

  10. this needs to be seen
    20 years ago US fucked around in Russia elections

    1. We rig elections in every foreign country we have control over which is why the Russia allegetions are laughable, the hypocrisy is real in the U.S.

  11. This staged event is part of the ART EXHIBITION, it was supposed to make everyone go look up Archduke Ferdinand and also another attempt to get people who normally don't question the news to start to get it that shit is fake. Even my brother - Mr Skeptic - admitted finally that it looked like bullshit.
    This along with the "fake news" media stories makes me think we r being guided to a revelation that we r in the middle of an ARG.
    Augmented Reality Game

    Fictional universes tied together by movies/pop culture is my guess. Once u get over the emotional reaction to the news and really look at it becomes clearer and clearer to me anyway. I don't think doom is coming, I think they will predict doom jerk the publics emotions around forever predicting doom but it won't happen.

    1. Like that! I think, along with you, the WW III they are programming will be the most powerful bomb yet- the mass cognitive dissonance blowback. Cog diss isn't on the tips of any sheeple tongues. My Berlin friends are posting that they are "safe" on Fb. The level of programming and deception is so deep. I think they are purposely getting progressively sloppily until the point when even my dad will finally call me up and say, "there was no blood when they beheaded that dummies with turbans."

      And their world will cave in. All the money, time, etc they invrstrd in the church. I have been in gradual wake up mode, full on, for the past 15 years or so, peeling away layers, slowly.

      Going from "it will all all be over in the by and by" to, "wake the Fuck up, you stupid, gullible, red neck, who has been royally but Fuck your entire life and not one thing you believe has ever been true" could really put the CHAOS back into order out of chaos...

    2. So true -- even the initials say it for us -- ARG ... as in "ARGGHH -- You Mean NOTHING IS REAL?"

      It's also the most EFFICIENT way to DESTROY cultures & True History.
      Instead of THINKING & OBSERVING to determine what SHOULD or COULD "Be Real" -- the masses will COLLECTIVELY decide to BELIEVE IN NOTHING.

      When the slate has been wiped clean, The State can then begin TEACHING the populace THEIR "version" -- & ONLY provide people with the knowledge they're ALLOWED to have. (Actually, THAT'S already going on.)

      I think that's one of the reasons why they're revamping the Cold War with Russia -- because they need to create distrust between the populations.

      Sylvie Ivanovich -- @ the "newearth" channel -- (& others from former Soviet Bloc nations) -- have spoken a great deal about how, during the (openly) Communist years, ALL True History was completely suppressed & erased ... & replaced with totally false versions -- that were TAUGHT AS TRUTH in school.

      Nowdays the people in those countries are some of the Most Skeptical you'll find anywhere. They KNOW "how it's done" -- because they've lived through it & are now fighting to rediscover whatever Truth they can still find.

      Those who have that exact SAME "History Suppression & Revision" agenda planned for US -- do NOT want us to hear these warnings being sent ... especially from residents of "Foreign Nations" -- who KNOW & UNDERSTSND WHAT THEY'RE WITNESSING.

      The most EFFICIENT way to "SILENCE" these warnings is to INFUSE massive amounts of DISTRUST about "ALL VOICES FROM RUSSIA".

  12. if you watch the shooting video the painting right behind the russian ambassador is a cannon with 3 cannon balls.

    "cannonball" in the English Ordinal system equals 88
    "cannon" in the English Ordinal system equals 61
    61 = 16 = sixteen = 96 = freemason and atlantis or the supposed shooter "altintas"


      here is a link to the shooting with a clear cannon shot which is aimed right at the ambassador

      "sixteen" in the English Reduction system equals 33

    2. Good catch -- probably "shot" with "CANON" photography equipment! Lol

    3. Isn't it funny how it looks like it is pointing at him. I'm surprised they didn't claim the cannon as the murder weapon.

  13. Interesting stuff about 87. Remember 87 = 3*29, reduce it and you get 3*11. I think that number is definitely a masonic stamp and we need to keep looking for it.

    World Series Game 7 was 8-7

  14. In 1968 After Kennedy and MLK died the Race Riot's in Detroit Started. 313 is the Detroit Area Code. Maybe Trump makes his last stand in Motown.

    2016-1968= .. 48 ..

    Motor City" in the English Reduction system equals 48

    Donald Trump= 48

    Zapruder " in the English Reduction system equals 46

    Michigan & Sacrifice= 46

    Think of The Kiss (1976) Record "Destroyer". "Detroit Rock City" was The Third Single off that Album.

    Destroyer" in the English Reduction system equals 48 / 57

    Moon = 57

    Kiss Destroyer" in the English Reduction system equals 61 / 88

    Kiss Destroyer" in the English Ordinal system equals 187

    The Founder of Detoirt

    1. Kiss played Detroit rock city on the season finale of the voice. Isn't Detroit the "model city?" There's a guy with a good youtube channel from Detroit. Google illuminati Detroit. Says Detroit has a hell portal in one vid.

    2. That is interesting...I've seen a lot of "Michigan" encoding all over Trump this year. You might be onto something. Look at how he refers to falling like Gerald Ford in that "pussy grabber" video that was released before the election. Ford was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the other obvious connection to Motor City is just his name that he changed to Ford from, get this...King. His birth name was actually Leslie Lynch King but he completely changed his name when his mother re-married a Ford. Just interesting..

  15. DO NOT FORGET ALEPPO is 88 in Chaldean Gematria (similar to Pythagorean Gematria)

  16. "Victim was shot eleven times, nine bullets found in body".

    Amazing how someone still thinks these riddles are real.