Monday, December 19, 2016

47 88 313 | 'Russian envoy assassinated', December 19, 2016, CNN headlines +More Trump & JFK parallels

So, I've been talking about this ongoing pattern between JFK's assassination, and what is being foreshadowed for Donald Trump.  Notice what is coded into this headline, '88' and '313'.

Trump = 88
It is slide 313 of the Zapruder film that shows JFK's head coming apart; John F. Kennedy = 131

Today's date has "presidential" numerology.

President = 47; 12/19/16 = 12+19+16 = 47

Also, notice the 'Do not forget Aleppo!' part.

'87' is an emphasized number in the opening credits of the TV show "Touch", which is very much about this subject.  I just noticed something new about '87', of if not knew, I had forgotten.  It has gematria of 58 and 139, just like 'Freemasonry'.