Sunday, August 12, 2018

29 43 47 49 82 94 108 122 211 | Richard "Beebo" Russell, the Seattle plane thief, from Wasilla, Alaska

Read about the Seattle plane theft, joyride and crash of August 10, 2018 here:

As covered, the number 47 is significant to the story.

They have now released the full name of the man who supposedly stole the plane, and it doesn't surprise one bit.  His name is Richard Russell, or 47 / 211 (the 47th prime).

What else is funny is that he stole a plane owned by Horizon Air, which is owned by Alaska Airlines, which has the biggest hub at Sea-Tac, and he also grew up in Alaska...

Notice how the town name Wasilla, Alaska corresponds with the coordinates of Seattle.

There is also overlap with his name and the town he grew up in.

Ninety-Four = 147; Freemason = 147; Conspiracy = 147
*Washington = 49; Wasilla = 49; Scottish = 49

The town of Key West, where he was reportedly born, also fits the riddle.

Again, this happened on August 10, or 10/8, like 108.

Remember who has the logo with the instruments of geometry, and the compass set at an angle of 47-degrees...

This nickname "Beebo" is being used much in the media as well, and his age of 29 is routinely referenced.

Beebo is his high school football nickname.

It goes with his name as well... and 'Masonic'.

Even further, the name of the high school connects to Seattle, and Washington being the 42nd state.

And remember, 181 is the 42nd prime.  DB Cooper = 42; D.B. = 4.2.; Freemason = 42

Beyond the numbers, none of this story makes sense.  Watching the TV and listening to how amazing it is he was able to pull off the flight maneuvers that he did, and how well-trained pilots could not even achieve such feats, reminds of September 11, 2001 all over again.

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