Thursday, November 8, 2018

37 51 58 117 | Jason Coffman, the obvious liar and supposed father of victim Cody Coffman in the November 7, 2018 mass shooting

His son, Cody Coffman, has the C.C. initials.  He also has the 'mass shooting' gematria.

The name of the father is 'Jason Coffman', a name summing to 117, going well with the coding all over the November 7 shooting date, or 11/7, like 117.

They're making a point that Cody Coffman was an umpire for little league...

*37 is the 12th prime and they're reporting 12-people were killed

More on the name gematria of the father and son are as follows:

47.  47.  61.

45. 58.  59.  63.

Jason mentioned he has an unborn daughter, 'Aurora', reminding of the Aurora Theater shooting hoax, which was also coded up and down with the number 58.

That shooting was blamed on James Eagan Holmes.

ALSO, regarding his son being a baseball umprie, and him sporting Dodgers gear, this does come days after the Dodgers lost in the World Series.

Notice how the Dodgers sync with Governor Jerry Brown.

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