Wednesday, January 9, 2019

13 43 49 53 99 | Brandon Mebane loses 7-week-old daugther on January 7, 2019, after Chargers picked up 13th win of 99th NFL season

After the Chargers picked up their 13th win, 33-year-old Brandon Mebane of the Los Angeles Chargers lost his 7-week-old child.

This is the 99th NFL season.

M is the 13th letter.

The little girl reportedly died January 3, or 1/3, last Thursday.

1/3/2019 = 1+3+20+19 = 43

Remember when it was announced Philip Rivers was having his 9th child, after the Chargers picked up their 9th win of the season?

She was born with trisomy 13.

If she was born November 12, she died on her 53rd day of her age.

This is the year of Super Bowl 53.

The shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis.

The little girl was born on the day leaving 49-days left in the year.

The news comes on a date with 49 numerology.

1/9/2019 = 1+9+20+19 = 49 (NFL = 49)

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